One more day to San Diego Comic Con!  I’m packing light so I can come back heavy.

If you’re in the SDCC neighborhood, come see us: Jodelle Ferland, Melissa O’Neil, Roger Cross, Anthony Lemke, and Executive Producer’s Jay Firestone and Vanessa Piazza for autograph signings at the Dark Horse Comics booth (2615) on Thursday at 5 p.m. and again on Friday at 3 p.m., and our Dark Matter panel on Thursday night (7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., Room 6BCF.  Secret will be spilled; no prisoners will be taken!

July 7, 2015: Recommended Reads!  Dark Matter Happenings!  Ruby Rose!  Uk Ratings!  Dark Horse Comics!

If you’re a fan of science fiction and aren’t reading Alastair Reynolds – WHY THE HECK NOT?!!  He is one of a handful of contemporary SF authors who should be required reading.  His books are narratively rich, wondrously engaging hard scifi epics possessed of astounding scope and creative depth.  Sound familiar?  Yes, if you love the works of Iain M. Banks (his Culture books in particular), then you’ll love Alastair Reyolds – and vice versa.

Slow Bullets, his latest release, tells the tale of Scur, a conscripted soldier who, left for dead following a vicious post-armistice ambush, awakens on a prisoner transport vessel.  Something has happened to ship, an accident that has claimed the lives of many in their stasis chambers, but released many more, allies and enemies, who must broker an uneasy truce if they are to survive and find out exactly what happened to them.

At a modest 192 pages, Slow Bullets is a great introduction to Reynolds’ masterful storytelling, and the perfect gateway book for those looking to discover their new favorite SF author.

July 7, 2015: Recommended Reads!  Dark Matter Happenings!  Ruby Rose!  Uk Ratings!  Dark Horse Comics!

Speaking of gateway books, I described Frostborn, the first instalment in author Lou Anders’ Throne & Bones series, as a terrific introduction to the fantasy genre for young readers – or older readers looking to raise future Tokien enthusiasts. The second book, Nightborn, does a great job of building on what has come before, expanding the world and its characters in a bold, dynamic adventure. Familiar faces, Karn the gamer and Thianna the giantess, are joined by (or “run afoul of” to be more precise) two new additions to the series, dark elves Tanthal and Deestra (aspiring elite agent of the Underhand!).  A deeper world, increasingly more complex characters, and a twisty-turny quest for the Horn of Osius make for a highly enjoyable, fast-paced read.

Speaking of books, my very favorite children’s book series is about to be getting the small screen treatment compliments of Netflix.  A Series of Unfortunate Events is a devilishly dark and wickedly humorous series focusing on the treks and travails of the Baudelaire children, three hard-luck but incredibly resourceful orphans.

Here’s hoping this version will allow us to forget the hugely disappointing big screen adaptation hated by fans of the book series and considered non-objectionable by those who didn’t know any better.

No word on a release date.

While you’re here, may I direct your attention to a few Dark Matter-related links:

A first look at Ruby Rose as the android, Wendy, in Dark Matter Episode 7:

July 7, 2015: Recommended Reads!  Dark Matter Happenings!  Ruby Rose!  Uk Ratings!  Dark Horse Comics!

Pretty badass looking, no?

U.K. scifi fans love us!

“Pulling off a rare feat, the space opera series actually grew its audience in its second week, drawing a consolidated audience of 393K viewers. All told, Dark Matter posted gains of around 17K viewers or just under 5% on the series premiere’s 376K viewers.

The (albeit marginal) ratings growth is significant, as it makes Dark Matter the first new series launch on Syfy UK in the past year to actually grow its audience from the premiere.”

Big things happening on the Dark Horse Comics front, publishers of the Dark Matter comic:

“In a deal a year in the making, comic book powerhouse Dark Horse (The Mask, Hellboy) is getting into the television business with Universal Cable Productions.”

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Das.  Happy Birthday, Birthday Gal!

23 thoughts on “July 7, 2015: Recommended reads! Dark Matter happenings! Ruby Rose! UK Ratings! Dark Horse Comics!

  1. Hi Joseph,
    I Just today have been able to vie the first three episodes of Dark Matter and I must say I really like it..:) I like how the viewer is just As clueless As the characters, discovering secrets just as they are. The concept of bad guys being good guys.: ) Thank you For this adventure.

  2. Speaking of ratings. I think it’s amazing that your show like doubles its audience with DVR viewing factored in on Syfy. That has to be a positive at the very least. Though It’s a shame that these people can’t watch live, it’d be great to see Dark Matter pull more than a million live.

  3. “scifi epics possessed of astounding scope and creative depth. Sound familiar? ”

    Yeah, I was about to say “Joseph Mallozzi” actually. 🙂

    Have fun in San Diego. Without us. 🙁 also, as it bears repeating, happy birthday, dasndanger!! (Notice I used your full name on such an auspicious occasion!)

  4. Hi Joseph,

    Just wanted to say that I really miss Stargate Universe and I personally think it was a big success. I thought where the story was going was fantastic.
    Looking around quiet a few places I have noticed the following for Stargate Universe to return in some form has gotten stronger as the gap between 2011 and the present increases, more people look back and change there minds and realize that actually this show and everything about it is pretty awesome.
    I still hope that one day it will be continued in some form, it is too good a concept for it to just pause at Gauntlet. Destiny has a mission to complete she must go on.
    As a long time Stargate fan I have watched all the series inc the first movie,
    I am very disappointed and worried at what Roland Emmerich is doing by trying to reboot his movie era and in turn the franchise. As I think you have stated before Stargate is not Star Trek (which is so true). There is too much quality core story to just get rid off. Why on Earth MGM thinks this is gonna work, who knows. For the most part it will alienate the core Stargate viewership with the aim of acquiring a larger and new younger audience. I am 18 years myself and I don’t like the sound of the new movie plans.

    Until the day that SGU returns either in a continued TV series/ Movies/ or Books (My Wish) I am really enjoying your new “Dark Matter” series. The great writing that was present in your previous works on Stargate TV Series is highly noticeable and contributes to the early success of Dark Matter. The characters are really interesting too, The Android is a favorite of mine, whenever she is there the crew is safer for it.

    I look forward to the new episode of Dark Matter!

  5. Happy birthday das, my fellow New Jerseyan!!

    And thank you Joe for answering my recently posted various questions.
    I said tilt, not shift! There are so many great lines in this series — I love it!


  6. I’ve been trying to keep up with the show, and I do have some questions, but my mom got sick in May, and she has slowly been getting weaker over these past few weeks.

    On July 4th in the evening I tried to have her watch the fireworks on PBS, which was a tape delay for us. She loves Frank Sinatra, and they had a nice presentation about him, including Robert Davi singing “New York, New York”. I asked if she could could hear him singing, and she smiled. He made it a nice moment in an increasing sad situation for her.

    She’s now suffered a small stroke, and I’m afraid her time is coming soon.

    I have been thinking about the show and hoping it’s doing well, and I know in time I’ll be back to enjoy it. Hope you have a blast at SDCC.

  7. Happy Birthday to Das! Of course for me it is now the 8th, but I do get credit for saying it on yesterday’s comments. LOL. What did ya do? Cake? Quiet night?

    @Paloosa I am so sorry to hear this. Wish there was something I could say to magically make things better, but I’m glad she has you there helping her, being with her. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    Have fun at SDCC! It’s on my bucket list and my friend Rob may be able to help me out some day to get a pass, but I think I may need to try to survive Dragon*Con and then see about SDCC. Need to work my way up.

    I was hopeful about going to Space City Con July 24-26 in Houston. Robert Picardo is going to be there. A lot of ST Voyager cast will be there. A few odd add in’s including one OUAT actor, Elias Toufexis, Gigi Edgley (Chianna from Farscape), an actor from Black Sails (which was weird because I didn’t know the actors from Black Sails were doing the convention circuit, Marshall Teague who I had a wonderful talk with at the Babylon 5 reunion, a GoT actor, Manu Bennett, and another person you know very well, Joe — Cas Anvar.

    Now I *MAY* be able to get there on Sunday if no one calls (I do have two early morning ones) and I certainly will try. I am walking dogs again, but I’m trying to do too much too soon and it’s cramping up a lot. I don’t know how I would be able to handle NRG Stadium (the place where the old Astrodome complex that includes the stadium where the Texans play football). Huge, huge place that will require a lot of walking and standing.

  8. Happy Birthday big Das!!!!

    Have fun at comic con Joe. Is Anthony going with you? You taking “the guns” Lulu and Bubba?

    @ paloosa – So sorry about your mom. I can relate. My mom is getting out of rehabilitation Wednesday after spending 3 weeks there. She went in there for weakness caused from a bout of severe pain which they never discovered the cause of. It will be good to get both my parents in one place again. They are 90 years old each. Praying for your mom and you.

  9. Joe how is Akemi doing…you know… since… the… um… you know… the… shhhhh…. (the loss).

  10. I had the pleasure of meeting Alastair Reynolds at a book signing last year. Not only is he a great author but he’s also a really nice guy!

    I looking forward to seeing Ruby Rose. I can’t remember if I asked before, does she use her native Australian accent or does she put on a North American accent? Or am I just gonna have to bloody well wait and see?

    Happy birthday das!

  11. @JeffW About your dog and her arthritis, I got turned onto this product from one of my clients and my other client’s dog was having a really rough time just jumping up on the bed, so I tried them on him. I warned the owner it might take 4-6 weeks before he sees an effect, but within 3 days I saw a big difference in him (had energy of a puppy again). When my client returned home, he thought it had been a long time since the dog was like that.

    Here is a picture of the bag. They have other things in them, but they are chews that the dog loves (no pills to make them swallow). It can be expensive though when you have a bigger dog.

  12. Happy birthday das!

    Joe, I just caught up with Episode 3 last night (my cable was out the week it premiered due to the storms we had here), and I noticed the “aquarium” in the mess. How is that done? Green screen? Playback? It’s VERY cool!

  13. Ooo, maybe we can convince all the Ruby Rose/OITNB fans to watch Dark Matter and make sure it stays on air. 😉

    I find myself pining for each episode. A week is too long to wait – how will I survive hiatus?! (I am assuming it will get picked up. It must!)

    Also, please feel free to travel to Kansas City or St Louis’ Comic cons next year. I’d love to see you/the cast. The midwest could use some Dark Matter rep! 🙂

  14. Thanks for rec on Alastair Reynolds, haven’t read any of his work yet but will try him soon. Any advice on which book to read first?

    Good luck to everyone at SDCC, hope you all have a great time! The show just keeps getting better and better. I’ve got my brother in NC watching now–he’s a huge Firefly fan and now he’s loving DM!

    @paloosa-So very sorry to hear about your mom. I know how difficult this can be, physically and mentally. Are you keeping a journal of your time with your mom? I found writing a few things down every day helped me cope, especially the little moments of grace that happen even in the midst of loss and sorrow. Saying prayers for you and your mom.

    @ponytail-Glad to hear your mom is getting out of rehab. Good for both your parents, age 90, wow! Hope you inherit those genes. 🙂

  15. Das: Happy Birthday! Did you do something fun? I pictured wine, great food and a walk on the beach for you.

    paloosa: So sorry about your mom. You’ll both be in my prayers.

    Ponytail: So glad your mom is getting out. Your dad will be so happy! Although, he’s going to have to shave/dress again. 😉

    That is great news about “Unfortunate Events”. The trailer looks delightfully creepy.

    “Nightborn’s” release date is pushed back to August. 🙁

    I’ve heard that “Sense8” has a season 2! When will you hear about DM?

    Hope you have fun in San Diego!

  16. Just wanted to add this here.

    Dark Matter Ep 3 grew from 1.06 million to 1.85 million with Live+3 DVR viewing alone. It also got a 0.4. With 3 days worth of viewing, that’s a decent jump. Now imagine that after 7 days.

    I think the main problem you’re facing is that your audience isn’t watching your show live Joe.

  17. @Paloosa: so sorry to hear about your mom. I know from experience these are difficult times. Best of thoughts coming your way.

  18. Huh. I missed a day. 😛 Hey, thanks, Joe!

    How I spent my day? LOL…you do not want to know. 😛

    Suffice to say that it involved a sleepless night, a lot of stress, a cancelled appointment, a bellyache (I think I got ‘glutened’ at a restaurant the day before), more stress, heat, work stress (mistakes, oversights, etc), brain death, mood swings, and an earlier-than-usual collapse into bed. I really hate birthdays. 😛


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