Things are going to be a little crazy over the next couple of days as we prepare for San Diego Comic Con so this blog is going to get a little…erratic.  In addition to prep, Akemi and I are entertaining a guest for the next couple of days…a lodger if you will…

July 6, 2015: The Lodger!  And Countdown To Sdcc!
Anthony Lemke slings the original Bubba.
July 6, 2015: The Lodger!  And Countdown To Sdcc!
Wonder which version is heavier.
July 6, 2015: The Lodger!  And Countdown To Sdcc!
Shooting from the hip with the original Lulu.

Anthony Lemke, Dark Matter’s THREE, is in town to take some meetings, reconnect with old friends – but mainly to meet the inspiration for a couple of his character’s guns: Bubba and Lulu.

A couple of days back, I mentioned how the ladies in Costumes had put up special dog-themed episode-specific photos in the Dark Matter wardrobe department. We saw a space dog for episode 1, a miner dog for episode 2, a spacesuit dog for episode 3, a gambling dog for episode 4 and for episode 5 we have…

July 6, 2015: The Lodger!  And Countdown To Sdcc!
Episode 5: Zombie dog?

A couple of Dark Matter-related links for you to check out:

Marc Bendavid (ONE) talks about the big revelations in episode #104:

“Q:Who would win in an arm wrestling contest between you and Jay Firestone?

A: Jay obviously. The guy is so determined. When he sets his mind to something, he’s unstoppable.”

“It’s the idea that secrets are kept, but eventually when they come out there’s hell to pay,” Mallozzi previews. He also has some information on how Four will deal with his newfound knowledge of his past, what Two’s actions say about her as well as the ongoing theme of isolation that the show will continue to explore as the season progresses. ”

I did a fun little fan/viewer Q&A here:

17 thoughts on “July 6, 2015: The lodger! And countdown to SDCC!

  1. no spoilers…I don’t think – all already in public domain

    duhhhhh, had to read the zetaboards Q&A to get the my BIG clue.
    Plus, Joe reminding that it was only a dream…not necessarily that Five had a brother.

    Five’s dream – regard a brother and the palace
    Perhaps – due to Four who we now know is from royalty and who would have access to a palace
    Four is capable to remove eyes as recalled by Five in her dream.


  2. I was wondering how they were going to do Zombie dog and still be cute. Good choice! Love the Lulu/Bubba pictures! Anthony seems like a nice guy but I’m not sure how much the pups are enjoying the photo op.

  3. I finally watched it last night. WOW!! That was my favorite episode so far. And Two (Portia) finally did some smiling. I’ll write more later. I have so much to do before I head out to do my mid-morning and mid-afternoon pet sits.

    And it is now Tuesday the 7th so it’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAS DAY!!!

  4. Heh, Bubba seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, but Lulu does NOT look impressed at being brandished!

  5. I see you’re watching Daredevil. This binge-watch is a special, mouth-breathing time and it’s unfortunate other parts of your life will break it up into smaller pieces. I totally owe that guy I saw at my Costco who looks like Fisk an apology.

  6. It’s Das’ birthday?? How can that be possible? That woman doesn’t age! Well, if it is, happy birthday, Das!

    That scary zombie puppy isn’t that scary. Now, if it was a cat…

  7. @Tom: Does pre-crazying San Diego actually involve… anything? 🙂 Sounds like a light workload to me. The best kind!

  8. I’m glad Anthony is there. Maybe it will cheer up Lulu to get a new boyfriend. Ivon is sooooo last year.

  9. Hey great Q & A! You are really good at fielding questions, We’ve given you enough practice over the years. 🙂 So, does Anthony do any light housework when visiting? Does he cook? I think you should have every member of the cast (and crew) over to your house. That would be fun!

  10. Tell Anthony he is my favorite. 😆 Just don’t tell any of the others, okay?

  11. Bubba looks like “hey, put me down or Akemi will kill you for me.” Lulu is like, “Hey, only Ivon is allowed to do that to me!”

    Phew, that episode was just wild. First it was all nice, more bonding. Very lovely sisterly stuff going on between Portia and The Kid. (I’m sorry, I know they want their number designations but I’m having the hardest time remembering it that way). Then the kick-ass whooping every one was getting. You know I love my action moments. Ryo learning of his alleged past (since we don’t know if it is really him or a version of the original Ryo just like the Jace stuff). What I like about the introduction of, in this case Jace, the actors get to stretch their acting legs by playing two versions of the same character like a doppelganger thing. I am getting from The Andrroid that she seems lonely even though maybe she shouldn’t be. Or at least showing some sort of emotion. It’s very subtle and if that is what you are going for, or if that is how I’m interpreting it, then Zoie is doing a wonderful job; I’m sure that is a very difficult line to walk on as a actor.

    I did enjoy that there was not a happy or tidy ending to the episode. They ended up worse off than they were when they entered the space station. Also, we learn more about Ryo.

    Having followed your blog over all these years, I see some of the things you’ve done or experienced or places you’ve visited influencing your writing of Dark Matter and for me, it has been so enjoyable. Like the gambling (Vegas), the marketplace (like your trip to Japan), the doctor’s office with a long wait, These are just ones I’m remembering off the top of my head. I hope that you are well-received at SDCC and that the trip will pay off with even more viewers to the show.

  12. Pretty sure I’d count the silverware after that guy leaves…



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