July 5, 2015: Comic Con!  Dark Matter Links!  Mailbag!

Going to San Diego Comic Con?  So is Dark Matter!  In addition to our Thursday night (7:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., Room 6BCF) panel in which Melissa O’Neil (TWO), Anthony Lemke (THREE), Jodelle Ferland (FIVE), Roger Cross (SIX), and Exec Producers Jay Firestone, Vanessa Piazza and I spill on the show’s first season, we’ll also be doing an autograph signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth (2615) on Thursday at 5 p.m. and again on Friday at 3 p.m.  If you’re in the neighborhood, drop by and say hi.

I look forward to catching up with all our new friends:


Some great Dark Matter-related links for you to check out…


“Bravo! The fourth episode of Dark Matter was the total package. It had humor, drama, action, and suspense. The Raza crew finally made it to the space station for much needed refueling and repairs, but their efforts to remain under the radar were an epic fail on “Episode 4” of Dark Matter. Spoiler alert!”


“Dark Matter continues to move smoothly forward working as a mystery/thriller/science fiction series with an infinite path of possibilities. All the actors are hitting their stride and Zoie Palmer is a joy to watch as The Android. Her almost childlike approach to the crew and their issues is a delight. ”


“After a somewhat claustrophobic episode that focused on the Android and the Raza ship, ‘Episode Four’ takes us to a place that had been mentioned for a while now: the Space Station. In this episode, our characters learn that they might not be as free to walk around as normal citizens as they thought.”


“We’re back at Square One.” Indeed you are, Two, but viewers—and every member of the Raza—have some important pieces to the puzzle. If only they’d trust each other enough to share what they’ve learned.”


“Episode 4 breaks with the first three episodes by introducing the larger world I which the show is set. All six human characters as well as The Android (Zoie Palmer) developed a lot more colour this week by having fun and acting mischievous as the ship they travel docks at a space station.”


“All in all another successful episode, the character interaction was superb, particularly between One and Three, the writing was sharp and the mysteries continue to deepen and intrigue. I normally give a show four episodes to convince me to stick around, well we’re that far in now and I’m going nowhere.”

Loving these viewer video reviews:

GeekonReview review last Friday’s Defiance, Killjoys, and Dark Matter:


QuickTV’s Best & Worst TV Shows of 2015 (so far!):



daithi82 writes: “Since the show started off as a graphic novel are there any plans for any tie ins through other media such as webcomics, mini episodes or anything like that? Assuming the show gets picked up for a second series obviously.”

Answer: I’d love to see alt .media tie-ins although, if the show does get picked up for a second season, I’dbe too busy writing/producing to be involved. 🙁

Sylvia writes: “My memory is fading…but – did not 5 have a brother?  And they lived in a palace…  Perhaps the kid on the table is her brother?”

Answer: In episode #101, FIVE recalled a brother – but told TWO the recollection wasn’t hers.  In episode #103, TWO posits the theory that FIVE has all of their memories downloaded into her subconscious.  A recent episode strongly hints at the owner of said memory.  As for the dead kid…we’ll find out his connection to FIVE sooner than later.

no1zoiepalmerfan writes: ” In the credits it has the actors who play ONE thru FIVE listed first then it says “with Roger Cross and Zoie Palmer”. Does that mean Roger and Zoie are considered recurring?”

Answer: Despite the credit placements, it’s a true ensemble show.

Ponytail writes: “I can’t remember what they did with his body. Is he still on board?”

Answer: TWO said they needed to jettison the body before they got to the next space station.  Since last episode (#104) took place on a space station, it’s safe to assume the body was long gone by the time they docked.

Belouchi writes: “Aussi qu est ce qu’il se passe avec la serie transporteur, c etait pas mal???”

Answer: Je ne said rien au sujet de transporteur. 🙁

antisocialbutterflie: “My understanding of the underlying science behind mag boots is that the magnets need to be able to disengage and reengage, i.e., electromagnets. If this were the case, shouldn’t the pulse that knocked out the Android have also disengaged the mag boots and sent her floating into space?”

Answer: Yes, if they’re electromagnets that would be correct.

Furioso writes: “I ask because I’ve noticed a big push for Killjoys on both networks and on social media (even billboards) but practically nothing for Dark Matter. […]  What I want to know is why no love for Dark Matter? Is this something that bugs you? Or are you used to it from all those years on Stargate?”

Answer: I’ve already talked about the great job the gang at SyFy PR and Marketing have done supporting the show, from their first kick-ass trailer to a continued online push.  At the end of the day, you can’t worry about what’s going on with other shows, you just need to focus on making the best show possible and doing your best to get the word out.  So help us get the word out!

Scott writes: “Also, random off-topic question, but does Space have access to the previews of the next episode of DM, or is that Syfy-exclusive? Because Space keeps showing previews of the next episode of Killjoys, but there’s never any previews for the next episode of DM.”

Answer: No, they should be able to air previews.  Not sure why they aren’t.

Tam Dixon writes: “What kind of place would you look for in Toronto?”

Answer: Ideally, somewhere downtown within walking distance of a grocery store (for Akemi) and park (for the dogs).

JeffW writes: “And how are Bubba and Lulu doing? Have they re-adjusted to life in Vancouver?”

Answer: They’re doing well.  Lulu is enjoying the sun – but has seemed down.  Bubba, meanwhile, is plain slowing down.  Old age. 🙁

Ponytail writes: “How come ONE and THREE don’t just tell what really happened?”

Answer: THREE doesn’t tell because he sees an opportunity in keeping ONE’s secret and ONE isn’t telling perhaps because he fears the reaction he’d get from the rest of the crew.  As THREE points out, it does make him the lead suspect in their communal memory wipe.

2cats writes: “1) Why did Six go to the clinic when the Raza has a med-bay? Couldn’t the Android run the table diagnostic and treat him?”

Answer: The ship’s med-bay isn’t equipped with what is needed to generate a skin graft.

“2) How did One and Three escape the chairs if only the chest wires were loosened? Their hands and feet were tied separately.”

Answer: Presumably, with a little more maneuvering room, the same way they loosened the chest constraints.

“3) Was it difficult filming the face-to-face between One and Jace?”

Answer: Difficult, no.  A little complicated and time consuming?  Yes.

“4) Was that a mini-electric car motoring by in the background?”

Answer: Why, yes, it was.  Station security.

“5 Was that Akemi playing the coughing lady in the clinic, wearing the brown boots?”

Answer: Nope.  She’s holding out for a larger role.  Season 2 maybe?

Mike A. writes: “In the tease at the end of episode three, Jayce was on Cygni-4, and in this episode, they were all on Shaofu-2, correct? ”

Answer: Correct.

2cats writes: “I assume, now that the crew is broke, the David Hewlett character will soon make an appearance. He’s their agent – right?”

Answer: It seems like a good bet we will be seeing Tabor Calchek very soon…

DP writes: “Would someone who was a sociopath because of childhood experiences still be so if he/she had amnesia? Would a born psychopath still have the skills to manipulate people and pretend to be normal if he/she had amnesia?”

Answer: Very interesting that you would ask those particular questions.  Maybe we’ll find out.

16 thoughts on “July 5, 2015: Comic Con! Dark Matter links! Mailbag!

  1. @Joe:

    While driving in San Diego on a customer visit last week, a local radio station was running a contest for Comic Con tickets. I briefly thought, “Hey! I should enter, win the tickets, and go see Joe!” And then I remembered that I had to get Jackie to her co-op, visit some customers in northern California and Seattle, and then scoot on home to Illinois before Friday. So, sadly I won’t be seeing you there, but I hope you enjoy Comic Con. We’re expecting pictures! 😉

    Sorry to hear that Bubba is slowing down. Our husky, Lucy, is starting to slow down a little as well. I’ve noticed it mostly on the stairs at night when we go to bed…she’s a bit slower going up the stairs now (arthritis?), but she still loves to run in the yard. I expect she’ll be going for a while longer yet (and I’m praying that Bubba will be also).

    Are you still looking to expand your doggie family?

  2. Dang, missed the mailbag (which is totally different from a male bag…something best not discussed here)…

    Anyhoo…it’s been a busy weekend! A ‘good’ busy, not a ‘bad’ busy. In a nutshell, I didn’t have anything urgent to do and neither did Mr. Das, so we basically had a ‘date weekend’. I won’t go into the gory details, but it did involve the leisurely sipping of a post-breakfast mimosa on the veranda of a historic hotel, the purchase of several bars of pricey chocolate, catching up on some reading, and lots of fireworks. 😉

    Before I get back to my reading I just want to say how much I loved #104! Best part? The flying cattle prod! LOL…nearly peed my pants over that one! 😀


  3. Episode 104 good! We were three to watch DM and we have 3 different explanations for the collective amnesia.

    And… I can understand why you said that you mist the money you had for SG series !

  4. gee….have to express sympathies to:

    Akemi – your team did not give up. Persistence and indomitable spirit!
    There is enough chocolate in Vancouver to help with the pain.

    Joe – please do something nice. If her anguish leading up to the championship match is any indication. She needs hugs, chocolate, bling, and more hugs.

    Zobot – she needs a personal designation. And, LOTS of hugs.

    And, would you speed up the time lapse?
    Another WHOLE painful week for the next epi.

  5. Good mailbag and Thank you! I found DP’s question very interesting. I believe a psychopath would stay a psychopath, if a portion of their memory were lost. It will be interesting to watch.

    Sorry to hear about Lulu and Bubba. I hope it’s just temporary and they feel better soon!

    Going for a condo or a house?

    How is Akemi doing after the big loss?

  6. I do wish I could go to CC, but it’s just not going to work out this year. I’m thinking about next year. I do know someone down there who usually goes, so I’ll see if maybe she is going to stop by.

    The new house is coming along pretty well, by the way – basement walls are all in so now it’s just the floor (I think) and then they start doing framing on top of that. Exciting times!

    I’m sure the dogs can feel the difference with Jelly being gone. They had a long time to get used to her presence. It will take some time while they miss her, I’m sure. Also, I was wondering if the smoke from the forest fires might be bothering them a bit. I was looking at pictures on the CBC site today and it looks pretty hazy out there.

  7. I certainly wish I could come and visit this event and see the “team.” It would be a thrill to have my copies of Dark Matter autographed by there creators. However, duty and work make such a quick trip impossible. Wish you and the crew a fun, fulfilling and entertaining time.

    gforce: good luck with the new home. I know when I went back to Minneapolis the smoke from the Canadian fires are casting a cottony vail on the sky and a hint of smoke in the air. But, some beautiful colors at sun set/rise.

  8. Thanks Joe! Really wish I could come and visit, but it’s too far away from where I live. Wish you and the cast all the best while you’re there though. 🙂

  9. @ Akemi – Your Japan Soccer team was great, but the USA was greater on this day. If you need a hug . . . hold Bubba until you feel better. I’m just glad the teams were wearing clothes. If this was the Olympics, they would of made girls run around in tiny “sport” bikinis! Nice to see a girls team dressed appropriately for a change! And they need to work on that trophy. It’s rinky dink. It should be BIGGER!! Like the Stanley Cup!!

  10. Joe thanks for another mailbag! I can’t believe they would just shoot that boy’s body out into space. So now he is just space debris? I’m gonna cry. Someone needs to cry for that boy.

    I thought DP’s question was very interesting too! Really makes you think!

  11. Is the Stanley Cup the ice hockey trophy? That one! It should be big like that one!

  12. Regarding your consideration of places in Toronto, when the Pan Am games are finished, there will be a bunch of “condos” available at the Athlete’s Village, that sound as if they would be perfect for you.

  13. @DP Funny you should ask that question as I was recently talking to someone about sociopaths and if their psychopathy is inherited or not. There isn’t one gene, but several genes, and yes, it does seem to be inherited. Like a predisposition. For example, you can be predisposed to get breast cancer. If you have the gene and it gets activated by external sources. Here is a good article about sociopaths and genetics.


    I know of two people who meet the criteria listed in that article. I’ll hold my tongue about one, but I will speak freely about my half-brother. My half-brother has deep psychopathy similar to what we call sociopaths. His father was a nut case (if you want to know what specifically, message me or email me and I’ll share). This person was never in my half-brother’s life and until my half-brother was 16, my half-brother thought my father was his father. We were all raised the same way. But the elaborate lies my brother has told to manipulate people just floors me. After his most elaborate lie about a decade ago, I told him I was done. I didn’t want to be involved in his chaos of his life anymore. He has been in jail. He was one story he told me. He called me collect from the psychiatric unit of a Georgia hospital. He went into elaborate detail about him trying to take his own life. What he shared moved me to tears. Fast forward about 2 months, I ask him how he is doing (he’s out of the hospital by then). He asks me what am I talking about so I refresh his memory of our conversation. He turns around and tells me that, oh he was lying about the situation. He needed a place to live for awhile and he knew his phone calls were being monitored so he said that just so he could have some place to sleep and eat. After a second elaborate lie at a future time about a different thing, I told him that was it. Goodbye until he got real psychiatric help, at which point his psychiatrist could call me. I told him I was done with him. I was tired of his chaos. I haven’t talked to him since.

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