So, what did everyone think of Dark Matter’s third episode?  Questions? Concerns?  Theories?  Got it all figured out?  Who wiped their memories?  Why? What’s behind the big metal door?  What’s the significance of FOUR’s ring?  Who killed the boy?

Check out my weekly episode debrief with TheTVJunkies’ Bridget Liszewski for some additional hints:

This episode was written by former Stargate Executive Producer Martin Gero who has been busy of late, working on his new show, Blindspot, which premieres September 21st on NBC.  While our first episode focused on the mystery surrounding our crew and the second episode was more an action-driven entry, episode 3 delves into our characters, shifting alliances, burgeoning shipboard paranoia.

1) I hope you’re all enjoying a hearty breakfast.

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!

There’s nothing I like more than a good bookend and the scene of our Android, standing on the bridge playing the role of cruise director, offers just that.  It does a nice job of visually conveying a pervasive sense of loneliness – her, standing alone, then cutting to our crew who, though enjoying a communal meal, are seemingly equally alone with their own thoughts.

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!
Setting up the mess table scene.

Until THREE breaks the silence – allowing them all a much-needed cathartic release.  Ultimately, THREE is odd man out, left alone with his thoughts – and everyone else’s leftovers.

2) You wanna play a game or something?

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!

Perhaps no one is feeling more lonely than FIVE who, already feeling like an outsider, can’t convince anyone to spend some time with her.  SIX is exhausted, ONE is busy reading and FOUR – well, he’s got other things on his mind.  By the way, ONE references the book he is reading as “a classic”, but we never get a good look at the cover.  Like most everything else in this show, this seemingly innocuous element will come back later in the season – but for now, I’d like you all to guess at the title.  Guess correctly and I’ll send you a copy of the book!

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!
Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) also takes the time to read a classic.

FIVE finds herself back in the ship’s vents, exploring its maze-like labyrinth.  Her search strangely, inexplicably (?) takes her to a small utility room in the ship’s underbelly where she makes a horrifying discovery: a dead body!  Dum dum DAAA!

3) Did you want to organize a funeral; prepare parting remarks?

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!

A scan of the body reveals he was a young boy, coincidentally (?) around FIVE’s age, who died of a single gunshot wound.  ONE immediately jumps to the conclusion that one of them may have been responsible.  TWO dismisses not so much the notion but the very prospect of considering the possibility.  She sees the futility in and suggests they move on.  This, of course, does not sit well with ONE who finds her decision, and seeming lack of compassion, objectionable.

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!
Running thru the infirmary scene.

The dead boy is played by a terrific young actor named Gage Munroe.  Wait!  How do I know he’s terrific?  Because I watched him deliver a great performance – beyond just playing dead on an infirmary table and gurney.  When?  Well, suffice it to say we’ll be exploring this particular mystery in an upcoming episode.

4) Have fun playing with your stick.

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!

Not to be so easily dissuaded, THREE drops in on FOUR, seeing in him a like-minded soul guided by self-interest.  And he’s correct.  Up to a certain point.  FOUR may be as mercenary as THREE, but he’s much more even-keeled, logic-driven over emotionally motivated.  THREE makes his pitch and FOUR politely hears him out, before turning him down – with the understanding that HE feels the time isn’t right.  He’s not saying no, just no for now.

I can’t move on from this scene without mentioning two things.  The first is Anthony Lemke’s ad-lib “Okay, have fun playing with your stick!” that almost had me burst out laughing at the monitors the second is Alex Mallari Jr.’s incredible dedication to his role, specifically his mastery of the various weapons in that training room.  Over the course of the season, you’ll note, he uses them all – with seeming deadly precision.  Chalk it up to Alex’s hard work, dexterity, and skill.

5) What if some of our memories were…what if they weren’t all gone?

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!
Setting up the shot.

A nice bonding moment between FIVE and SIX (did I mention how much I love these two together) in which she gives voice to what we already kind of suspect. Something lead her to that room; that body.  The kid was her age.  She probably knew him.  She feels bad because she DOESN’T feel bad – or, maybe, should feel worse.  SIX attempts to console her and talks about fresh starts (a recurring theme throughout this episode and the series as a whole).  In the comfort and connection of the moment, FIVE suggests that, maybe, all of their memories aren’t exactly gone.  Damn, it’s so hard to keep secrets on a spaceship!

6) She has all our memories in her head and you knew it!

June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!
You do NOT want to get on SIX’s bad side.

As I was saying: secrets.  The worst part about them is when they get out.  And such is the case here when an angry SIX barges onto the bridge and accuses TWO of keeping the truth from them: that FIVE has everyone’s memories hidden away in her subconscious.  TWO calmly informs him that she wanted to confirm it as fact first before sharing the information.  SIX is far from convinced however…

Let’s check out some Dark Matter reviews:

“This is a promising new show and one that already keeps the interest level high and has the viewer trying to guess where the series will go from this excellent beginning.”

“The Understatement of the Year award, from last night’s episode of Dark Matter, goes to One – “We may have lost our memories, but I think it’s pretty safe to say we didn’t lose our personalities.” And as we get to know them, seven distinct, conflicting, mistrusting, potentially deceitful personalities are emerging. Isn’t it great?”

“This show has proven that it has a strong grasp of who these characters are and this episode does an outstanding job of further developing them. Already we’re beginning to see character growth as their shared experiences are having an effect on all of them.”

And these Dark Matter interviews:

Actor Anthony Lemke, Dark Matter’s THREE, chats with The Action Elite:

“I believe really strongly in folks with creative minds and active imaginations and I think science fiction or fantasy speaks to those people. I think it’s a positive thing to be an adult and maintain a youthful imagination and creativity moving forward. Plus, I think we are actively engaged in shaping the future. People who make sci-fi and people who read sci-fi and are part of that community and directly involved in shaping what our future looks like.”

Actress Melissa O’Neil, Dark Matter’s TWO, chats with the Calgary Herald:

“He saw the breakdown for this character and said, ‘You have to audition,’” says O’Neil, in an interview from her home in Toronto. “I was in the middle of callbacks and had the chance to take over a leading part on a Broadway show for a few months or keep auditioning for a TV show. (My agent) really encouraged me to take a chance. He said, ‘You’ve already played that part in Toronto. Do something new.’ And I’m so glad I did. Because it’s been such a ride.”

38 thoughts on “June 29, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 103!

  1. Well, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out who has erased their memories. Such a mystery! But alas, I haven’t been able to figure it out. Perhaps in the next episode it will be revealed? or not until season 2? Anyway, I am enjoying the show! You have not disappointed! 🙂

  2. Just when I thought I had things figured out you go and drop another mind bending twist on us. I already suspected that some or all of the characters weren’t who their rap sheets made them out to be but that last scene left me stunned. Now I’m wondering if the lack of memories among the crew is down to something much stranger than originally hinted at. And what was up with that discussion between Two and the Android? It says a lot for the quality of a show when a week feels like an eternity to wait for a new episode.

    A general question I have though. Since the show started off as a graphic novel are there any plans for any tie ins through other media such as webcomics, mini episodes or anything like that? Assuming the show gets picked up for a second series obviously.

  3. I don’t know the answers to any of those questions! I still figure it’s the rumoured lizard people behind the Big Metal Door! 🙂 I think the big question is how many MORE skeletons in the closet (literally) are aboard that ship!?

    I’m loving all the characters in the show, but I particularly like THREE and Anthony’s portrayal of the character is spot on. He’s fun and funny as heck, and yet as serious as a heart attack.

    Quick update on my new house construction – here’s a pic from yesterday! Today is already further along, the footings are poured and there’s a ton more fill there.

  4. “He saw the breakdown for this character and said, ‘You have to audition,’” says O’Neil, in an interview from her home in Toronto. “I was in the middle of callbacks and had the chance to take over a leading part on a Broadway show for a few months or keep auditioning for a TV show. (My agent) really encouraged me to take a chance. He said, ‘You’ve already played that part in Toronto. Do something new.’ And I’m so glad I did. Because it’s been such a ride.”

    –We are glad you took a chance too…uh, Two.

  5. Figured out? Hmm… The guy on the space station was the real what’s-his-name, traveling under the radar of his bounty via his aged disguise. Some of the real Raza mercs highjacked a weapons shipment plus, inadvertently, teenaged stowaways and the trunks that carried their jazzy wardrobes. Those mercs are currently hiding behind The Big Door.

    Those mercs, in order to get the price off their heads, arranged for their clones plus the clone of an absent member or members to be put into cryosleep so their clones could be captured on their way to the mining planet with the incriminating weapons on them. These weapons were a necessary prize to keep curiosity about “where the valuable and incriminating stuff is” to a minimum and avoid too much exploration into The Big Door while the ship was being held in evidence.

    Before going behind The Big Door, the jazzy wardrobes were discovered. FIVE was the stowaway discovered, but her companion caught a stray bullet during her escape through maintenance shafts. FIVE negotiated to have her memory wiped so she’d awaken in the pods with the others without the memory of her companion’s fatal injury or of the real Raza crew’s presence. In order to get the manhunt overwith in time, the Raza crew agreed to her terms.

    FOUR is not a clone. His clone grew too many skin tags and would have given the plan away so the other Raza crew stuck FOUR in a pod to be captured with the clones. FOUR’s memory had to be wiped so FOUR wouldn’t divulge that the others were clones. He had little time to leave clues for himself.

    I have no idea what the ring is for.

  6. My memory is fading…but – did not 5 have a brother?
    And they lived in a palace…
    Perhaps the kid on the table is her brother?

  7. I also think the boy is Five’s brother. I’m thinking it is possible that she killed him accidentally and the others committed necessary acts so unspeakably horrible for likely very good reasons. But they are still haunted. And so, they wish they could just forget all the terrible things they have done, self-initiate a memory wipe, and hope for that oft mentioned ‘fresh start’.

    The book…just because One says it’s a classic doesn’t mean it’s a classic for us. It could be a contemporary for us and a classic from his perspective. I’m currently guessing it is something by John Scalzi such as The Last Colony or Old Man’s War, a Game of Thrones book, something by Lou Anders, perhaps the collection in which you have a story, or even a Harry Potter book.

  8. As far as what’s behind that door…

    More people in stasis?
    Observation lab full of scientists who are watching their experiment (our team) unfold on the ship?
    The 2015 Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps performing their production “Above and Beyond”?
    A Harley.

  9. I have a question. In the credits it has the actors who play ONE thru FIVE listed first then it says “with Roger Cross and Zoie Palmer”. Does that mean Roger and Zoie are considered recurring?

  10. And that David Hewlett erased their memories. I think the Android downloaded their memories to The Kid so their memories wouldn’t be lost in full. That’s my working theory.

    Four’s ring opens the door.

    Now that you shared the contrast between the Android and the crew, it reminded me of Farscape where Pilot is alone piloting Moya and the crew is eating together.

  11. baterista said: “LATIN FOR THE NOVICE, Joseph Mallozzi, Ph.D.
    *mike drop*”

    Heh, I thought that for a bit too, but wasn’t that a hard cover edition? Whatever this book is, it’s not all that thick, and it was soft-covered. I tried looking for cover art, but it looks kind of blank.

  12. Okay, I’m trying to Zapruder the heck out of that scene with the book on my PVR and the cover is not blank, but appears black and yellow/gold, with a short title, and a filigree triangular decoration above and below the title. Of course, it’s *just* too blurry to make out the title.

    I may keep trying. 🙂

  13. First off, let me say that I am extremely glad Melissa O’Neil took a chance and stayed with the audition. Her agent was absolutely right. You can always go back to Broadway shows. I love her character TWO. She is fantastic! Perfect choice!

    Ok, now that you are bringing up the dead boy, I’ll share my thoughts too. How could they all be so cold when they find his body?? He could be one of them’s son. (pardon my bad grammar. If you want to rephrase that – go for it. My brain’s not working.) It could be THREE’s son! It could be FOUR’s son! I think the little boy is FIVE’s brother. Since ONE and TWO are married, and FIVE is their daughter, that means the boy is their son! And they don’t want to give him a funeral or no nice goodbye remarks?!! Can’t the Android at least check his DNA against everyone else and put my mind at ease? Then give him a decent burial! Every (once) living thing deserves that. Even if he turns out to be the boy from hell.

    I can’t remember what they did with his body. Is he still on board?

    I’ll be back. I’m not done. I’m just getting distracted by a feisty beagle…

  14. “Have fun playing with your stick!”

    I lol’d at that, too. 🙂 In fact, when I first heard it I decided that line would be my only post after I was finished watching…but by the time I finished watching so much else had happened I totally forgot to post it!

    My status here as resident pervert is seriously at risk. 😛


  15. salut Mr. Mallozzi,

    Felicitation pour darkmatter, super excellente serie, j’adore, Je vous souhaite autant de saison que SG1. Bon mon cher, ca fait vraiment longtemps que jai pas poster dans votre blog, depuis la malheureuse nouvelle de l annulation de SGA. Je voulais juste savoir s il vous plait plus sur vos plan de reactiver SGA et aussi quelle sont vos future projet du genre Dark matter. Merci

    Aussi qu est ce qu’il se passe avec la serie transporteur, c etait pas mal???

  16. Since they are standing there looking at the boy and the android tells them how he died, (shot in kidney) that means he was shot in the back. I think FIVE did it to protect…. someone. (don’t have that figured out yet). But FIVE knows him.

    I think the ship wiped their memories. They are not bad people, they have been framed. The ship is taking them to where it wants to go. Maybe the Android is controlling the ship.

    I think the book is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    FOUR is super cool! Alex is so good.
    THREE is a hoot!

    @ gforce – Wow! Looks like your house will be sitting in a beautiful spot!

  17. I loved the episode, but I did have one question that popped in my head during the episode. My understanding of the underlying science behind mag boots is that the magnets need to be able to disengage and reengage, i.e., electromagnets. If this were the case, shouldn’t the pulse that knocked out the Android have also disengaged the mag boots and sent her floating into space? For the record, appropriate answers to this question include “NERD!” and “It’s sci-fi; stop overthinking it.”

  18. The book ONE is reading looks like the complete 4 parts of the comic Dark Matter.

  19. Five has all those memories in her head. A bit of a “life boat” is she not? How does she keep herself sane? For One, he is obviously not reading “The Prince.”

  20. Hmm. Lord of The Flies? Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde? The Picture of Dorian Gray? Crime and Punishment? The Count of Monte Cristo? Hopefully not A Clockwork Orange! 😉

  21. I missed the mailbag so I’m going to have to wait until the next round but I have a question. Do SyFy and Space have a vested interest in having Killjoys succeed over Dark Matter? I ask because I’ve noticed a big push for Killjoys on both networks and on social media (even billboards) but practically nothing for Dark Matter.

    According to wiki, Killjoys is produced by Temple Street Productions, Bell Media (broadcast owner of Space) and Universal Cable Productions (owned and operated by NBCUniversal that also owns SyFY). Dark Matter is produced by Prodigy Pictures Inc. with no network co-production.

    Does this mean DM has to perform way better than KJ to get a second season? Or even Defiance that is another Universal Cable show? 12 Monkeys, another series produced by NBCUniversal got picked up for season 2 with low ratings.

    What I want to know is why no love for Dark Matter? Is this something that bugs you? Or are you used to it from all those years on Stargate?

  22. Sorry for not posting in a while…WiFi and time have both been in short supply on the Route 66 trip I’m doing with my daughter.

    On Five’s book, I did watch Episode 103 (at the Big Texan in Amarillo), but I didn’t have a DVR on the road, so I can’t rewind the scene. But if I must engage in conjecture, how about the book form of Southern Gothic? 😀

  23. I must say I am pleasantly happy with Dark Matter so far.

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the time and emotional effort to invest in a show when it may not last at least 5 years or even get a second season pickup. I walked away from SyFy completely after losing SGA and then SGU. I just could not get excited about anything SyFy tried. I felt they did not even deserve to call themselves SyFy (I hated the name change too).

    And then along came Dark Matter. I admit I did not read the comics. And I was hesitant to watch the show but gave in and DVR’d it…watched it several days after the premiere.

    First episode, I thought, “Interesting.” Second show, “Hum, my curiosity is building.”

    And then along comes the 3rd episode….I realized I had been sucked in for the ride, and this may sound strange, but when I laughed out loud as soon as Three said, :’Ah, shit’, I knew I was hooked. And that ending shot at the bar……I did not see that one coming and I thought, “Ah, shit!”…LOL.

    My favorite characters, in order, so far are: the Android, Five, Three, pretty boy One (I’d like a kiss from him.), Six, Four and Two.

    And the book One is reading? H.G. Wells, The Sleeper Awakes.

    And if SyFy doesn’t give Dark Matter a second, third and many more seasons…..I’ll remove them completely from my cable systems lineup…..simple as that. I have a smart TV, I have the power. 😉

  24. I particularly liked at the end of the episode when Three was welding shut the vent cover in his room, to prevent Five from getting in again. That was funny. Where do you find a welding device like that on a ship anyway? Well, I guess maybe you need one for repairs…

  25. The combination of book shortness, darkness, potential Dark Matter tie-ins, and the gall the predict a classic would lead me to think The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

  26. First, Dark Matter is as superb as I hoped it would be. It’s great on so many levels. Secondly, as a guess to the book ONE is reading I’m going to say Macbeth. I’m hoping that you referring to the book as ‘a classic’ actually means classic in our sense.

  27. I’m with PBMom: “I think David Hewlett is behind the door. The Great and Powerful Oz.” As for the book, hmm, I’ll go with WATERSHIP DOWN.

  28. yeah, “THE BOOK” probably is the DARK MATTER complete collection version. – How else is going to figure out what happens next?

    But other choices…
    VALLEY OF THE DOLLS [a STAR TREK classic favourite!]

  29. I like the FIVE and SIX dynamic. FIVE is gonna be so sad when SIX dies at the end of this season.

    As for the book . . . my money is on How To Win Friends And Influence People. Oh, or maybe Catch 22!

    A question, Joe: Are you only allowed one “shit” per episode? When did SyFy start allowing swearing? I’m all for it, BTW.

  30. Something I spotted and am a bit bothered by. Android bothered to run the full scan of the boy. I assume in this future-time DNA testing or at least a comparative matching would be possible. She didn’t say if the boy was a direct relative of any others, or if they originated from the same planet.

    Even now, archaeologists can determine location separate from DNA, by using nutrition information, eating habits (wear on teeth and stomach contents), and radioactive markers from nuclear tests.

    Android could have said if there was any indication that the boy had any sort of relationship to the others. Was he related to or traveled with another? I’m guessing he may be related to Five, and they were both stow aways. That or they were brought onboard as refugees. Mercenaries don’t usually have a soft spot for refugees though unless there was more to that story.

    Or … they are all clones created by the ship (or Android) because the old crew was assumed lost. Blindly replacing the crew instead of just picking essential personnel could/would help morale if there wasn’t an error in their creation leaving them without personal memories.

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