Whoa.  I seriously need to decompress.  I’ve been going at full throttle for almost a year now from the moment Jay called me up to tell me the show was a go.  I went from spinning story ideas to breaking them to writing scripts to prepping the show to producing the show to overseeing elements of post-production.  With my return to Vancouver, I assumed things would slow down a little. but it’s been quite the opposite.  In addition to weighing in on the music and soundscape, I’ve been all over this blog, twitter, and Facebook, trying to get the word out about the show. Not to mention the fact that, not wanting to be caught unprepared if/when the announcement comes, I’ve gone ahead and arced out season 2, come up with the 13 stories (in various stages of detail), and gone ahead and broken our opening two parter.

Back in the day (oh, going back a couple of weeks and far beyond), this little lady used to be my stress-buster:

June 21, 2015: Dark Matter Links!  Comic Book Recommendations!  And The Need To De-stress!

I’d prop her up onto my chest and, as Akemi would, we’d “gaze lovingly into each others eyes.  Fifteen minutes…thirty minutes…forty-five minutes…”.  Bubba is more of a momma’s boy and Lulu is a little more aloof so I find myself endlessly perusing senior pug rescues or flagging down owners so that I can stop and say hi to their elderly dogs.

As crazy as it sounds, and despite the fact that Jelly couldn’t really get around the last few years of her life, the house now feels quite empty without her.  This can go one of two ways: I sell the house and move OR I keep the house and adopt a few senior pugs (yes, “few” implies more than “a couple”).  Much will depend on whether or not the show goes for a second season.

Reading usually relaxes me.  And I truly have to make time for the many, MANY books I’ve been meaning to get around to, among the them Alastair Reynolds’ Slow Bullets, John Scalzi’s The End of All Things, “Claire North”‘s Touch, and these…

June 21, 2015: Dark Matter Links!  Comic Book Recommendations!  And The Need To De-stress!

Started on them and, for you comic book fans, would highly recommend you check out the following:

June 21, 2015: Dark Matter Links!  Comic Book Recommendations!  And The Need To De-stress!


June 21, 2015: Dark Matter Links!  Comic Book Recommendations!  And The Need To De-stress!

ODYC: http://www.excaliburccg.com/odyc-1-from-image-comics-retells-the-tale-in-psychedelic-fashion/ 

June 21, 2015: Dark Matter Links!  Comic Book Recommendations!  And The Need To De-stress!

ALEX + ADAhttp://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3329937/comic-book-review-alex-ada-12-high-point-sleeper-hit/

June 21, 2015: Dark Matter Links!  Comic Book Recommendations!  And The Need To De-stress!

The Discipleshttp://www.comicbookresources.com/comic-previews/the-disciples-1-black-mask-2015

June 21, 2015: Dark Matter Links!  Comic Book Recommendations!  And The Need To De-stress!


Hey, all!  Remember to post your questions for Dark Matter Executive Producer Jay Firestone!  He’ll be dropping by this blog for a Q&A soon!

Your daily dose of Dark Matter links:


“Most people have a “5 star” rating, I however like a more authentic grading scale. I like when things are so good that I involuntarily thrust my clenched fist into the air in excitement. A.k.a a “hype-fist”. So I give this show, a 5 out of 5 on the Hype Fist Meter.”


“One of the great draws of science fiction is simply the visual bliss it can bring to one’s mind and life, and in both Dark Matter and Killjoys, the art of camerawork, VFX, set-design, and costuming are all top notch. These shows are why HD TV and Tumblr were invented.”


“As the second half of SyFy Channel’s pilot episode of Dark Matter is completed, I’m left pondering one of the deeper questions in life: how much of our personality is based on our life experiences, and how much is ingrained in our very makeup?”


“Dark Matter has some serious science fiction auspices behind it, you could even say that Dark Matter has been a show years in the making. Creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie worked together on Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and SGU before bringing the team back together for one more ride to create a gorgeous, epic comic-book. Wait, what?! That’s right Dark Matter began its illustrious voyage to the small screen as a comic book mini series that debuted back in 2012. If you’re looking for full-on submersion in the Dark Matter canon look no further.”


“So, is it better to find out who you were and be disappointed or to know nothing? And among the five who discovered a criminal past, whose reaction is the right one? One’s denial? Two’s determination to not let a file dictate her identity? Three’s shrug and good humor ? Four’s conscious choice to ignore it all? Six’s simple happiness at being able to fly?”


“I was inspired by the types of shows and the types of stuff I read, like I said a cable show in terms of the structure and the pacing, and then kind of a narrative style. I worked on Stargate for many years, so there’s that. Then I’m a big fan of sort of the Japanese influences, and anime, and comic books, and I think you’ll find all those elements in Dark Matter.”

27 thoughts on “June 21, 2015: Dark Matter links! Comic book recommendations! And the need to de-stress!

  1. That empty house feeling may not go away any time soon. When I had to put to sleep my last dog it was three years before I could get up enough courage to get another dog. I did not want to go through that again – losing a beloved friend. My house was so cold and quiet for every day of those three years. I’m sorry Joe, but you are such an awesome doggie daddy, it would be a shame if you did not allow another or more dogs into your household. A dog would truly win the lottery to be able to come live with you. Sell your house but you would still be instinctively looking at your feet for your best friend.

    I’m enjoying all the great comments and reviews about Dark Matter! Come on second season! Please have some of the guys singing together in the second season. But wait a minute. What would they sing? Don’t know how Elvis would fit into the space future.

  2. Great series, Dark Matter! I am so happy that the science channel showed orphan black and DM on Sunday nite. Been watching through a haze of pain but it’s taped so will start again tomorrow. Was really nice to see Tory isn’t it. Brain fart can’t remember her name right now. Geez I hate that when it happens…

    Came home from hospital Saturday and was well taken care of but would have enjoyed a couple of days more in hospital. Anyway it is what it is. At least I’m not missing any shows.

    It’s either feast or famine with writing isn’t it?

  3. Just wanted to tell you my dad watched Dark Matter and enjoyed it he does like sci-fi in general but not like me so what that tells me is general mainstream people are watching too that is a good thing I think i got an iTunes card and plan on watching my next day off. I understand about your dog I still miss my most recent animals that passed I talk about them all the time if you are in the position to get more dogs go for it

  4. Dark Matter is so much better than I’d hoped it would be. Love the action and the humour, but it’s the writing that is the real draw. Well, that and the wonderful cast you’ve put together. You done good, sir. As I said on Twitter the other night I want to see the next episode now! It’s been quite a while since a show has grabbed my imagination and run away with it the way DM has. I’ve been plugging the show to friends and co-workers and found at least two new viewers for you. Not a huge number but it’s a small town. lol

    DM has to be picked up for another season. It’s too good not to be!

    Try not to wear yourself out. Before you know it you’ll be back in Toronto and it will all start again.

    Definitely get another pug or four. They fill the void but never replace the lost ones in your heart. They just make a new place of their own.

  5. Volunteer as a Dog-Walker for Seniors or something… The exercise will help you destress.


  6. How long do you think it will take for them to tell you it is officially renewed? Obviously I am not even considering anything else.

    @ponytail >I did not want to go through that again – losing a beloved friend.<

    "Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up save in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket–safe, dark, motionless, airless–it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable."
    –C.S. Lewis

  7. I was harking on if you would get the book club back together for another season, granted depending on your schedule. I do think back on those books I read if not for the group and am happier for it.
    Because allergies prevent me from having a pet, I do enjoy sometimes sitting in a park and watching others play with their dogs; the simple joys. Oh for my final lunch I eat at Zoe’s though not quite Zoie, close enough-yummy.

  8. 2 Questions for Jay Firestone:

    1. In order to get investors/network companies to get on board and greenlight the show, how much of the plot did you have to reveal to them in addition to what was in the comics? How about you personally, how much of the plot beyond the comics did you need to know in order to be convinced that this was a project worth your time and efforts?

    2. Just saw Michelle Lovretta’s new show “Killjoys”, and like “Lost Girl” it looks fantastic, both in terms of visuals and in terms of acting/character development. In fact, at this point, I am inclined to view it as a slightly better show than “Dark Matter”. Prodigy Pictures was producing “Lost Girl”, but not “Killjoys”. Were you ever invited to be part of that show and did you pick “Dark Matter” instead of it? If yes, any regrets?

  9. @Ponytail: It’s always the trade off between the joys of being with someone and the impact of the potential loss. As I’m getting older, I’m seeing the benefit of the former over the latter. To experience love is always better. Also, Elvis is timeless! Of course, they would still be singing his stuff in the future! 🙂

    Joe, if it would your house feel any more full, I could come visit you! I’d sleep in your house, and eat your food – but I draw the line at sitting on your chest looking into your eyes though! 🙂

    This morning, this was out the window of the living room of the house I’m renting.


  10. From what we’ve seen so far in the first two episodes, Syfy had better renew Dark Matter for MANY more seasons, especially with the lack of good space sci-fi tv series going on these days (Falling Skies just recently got into the space trend and it’s ending soon; Ascension was already cancelled, though we assume it would’ve eventually led into space at some point, had it been renewed; The Expanse… let’s just say I have a feeling it won’t last that long).

    And without Star Trek or Stargate, if Dave Howe is serious when he previously said, “We want to be the best science-fiction channel that we possibly can, and in some respects, that means going back to the more traditional sci-fi/fantasy that fans often say they feel we’ve exited,” then Dark Matter is the perfect show to bring everyone back into this genre.

  11. I pre-ordered that book (The End of All Things). You must have an advance copy because it’s not released until August. Is it good?

    Joan001: I hope you’re “fit as a fiddle” in no time! (That’s southern for I hope you feel back to normal soon). 😉

    So sorry you’re missing Jelly Belly. You’re a good dad. Good luck if you decide to adopt. The need is so great but could you go through this again so soon?

    It’s very tough going through the end of day’s cycle for our “pets”. With some of us, they’re more our children than our pets. Wednesday is big decision day for us about Harry. He’s been having more symptoms and they’ve been more severe. Medication and fluids seem to be the only things keeping him going. Even with that, he seemed miserable yesterday. Keep us in your prayers.

  12. Def. enjoying Dark Matter.At some point , you will get another fur child. They are part of us and our soul s.Best to you during this hard time. We got your back, Joe.

  13. Épisode 102 vu hier soir.
    Verdict unanime de nous 3 à la maison : C’est bon , on continue ! Ajoutons: c’est meilleur cette fois, donc on croit être à l’aube d’une nouvelle aventure de sci-fi comme on les aime. On apprécie particulièrment le fait que le scénario prend le temps de nous présenter les personnages plutôt que seulement du pif-paf-bing-boom-wooocsh!
    Dommage que Torri n’avait qu’une ligne à dire !

    Et je suis totalement d’accord avec :

    “The last theme of “Dark Matter” is being immersed in the mystery of the characters situations as we know only as much as they do. Finding out the facts and being on the same page as them gives us a more enriched understanding of the story. Because the audience has to constantly guess what will happen next, (as if they are a member of the group themselves), the viewer is going to keep on coming back to know more. Especially since each character has a complex past, which in light of it has to create a present persona. This style stages an interesting mystery for audience members to try and piece together week by week.”

  14. Hello Jay

    1. What was your first impression of Joe and Paul?
    2. How did you get into producing TV shows?
    3. What’s a typical day like for you?
    4. Without giving away spoilers, was there a Dark Matter scene that really surprised you upon reading the script?
    5. Why do you film the entire season of Dark Matter before airing the first episode?
    6. What’s your earliest memory?
    7. Is Science Fiction your favourite genre? Is so, why? If not, what is and why?
    8. Do they want to hide Five from Ferrous Corp for a particular reason?
    9. What was your first job?
    10. Why did you select Toronto as a location to shoot Dark Matter?
    11. What other role on production would like to try, even for a day?
    12. What’s your favourite era for cars? PS I love your new car.
    13. What can we do to ensure Season 2 apart from watching the show?

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Um, Joe, aren’t you just quoting yourself there in that last one? 😉

    A few more nice touches I noticed:

    The order of the credits for the main cast, nice. And actually kind of works out for those with the special “and” and “with” requirements for their names, being at the end.

    Loving the camera angles! Hopefully this doesn’t change too much with each successive director, but I can totally understand if it’s just a T.J. Scott thing.

    Bubba and Lulu? 🙂 I laughed out loud at that one. That was a fun easter egg for a very small group of people. We enjoyed it! Is the other one named Pip because you have great expectations for your show? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    I noticed the Golden Boy got a consulting producer credit.

    The severed head was a nice touch, but may have been a little overdone. Not in effect, but in screen time. Otherwise, a nice touch.

    Now is when it really gets interesting to see where the stories will go from here on out. Can’t wait!

    -Mike A.

  16. Joe,

    How is Dark Matter’s budget compared to the Stargate franchise? Is it more or less expensive to produce per episode? With the release of this series I go from excited to worrisome. Too many of my shows get cancelled these days. Is there a certain rating number that you need to achieve by the end of the season to get a renewal? Has the TV industry (or SyFy) adapted to using different data parameters to evaluate a show’s rating (i.e. online viewing, DVRs, etc.)?


  17. Oh Joe. What a day to bring up Jelly. I had a client who I had to support making an end-of-life decision today. One thing with pet sitters is that many times we get the older dogs. The younger ones tend to get boarded because they are destructive. So we start getting the mid range and up (although I do have some younger dogs). I have had to say goodbye to too many dogs and cats in the last year than my heart can handle. My other client is keeping an eye on her dog who is also near his end-of-days (and I watched him this weekend). This other dog–Jax–is being put to sleep in the morning. He had been in the ICU but they are bringing him home and I gave her the number to a local vet hospice who will come to their home in the morning. And I can’t stop crying.

    Jelly for you was Sam for me. Sam was our wedding gift to each other as a puppy (we got him in July). He was there when I was rehabbing from my bad car accident before my wedding. He was there for the wedding mayhem. He comforted me when my first baby died (would put his head on my abdomen and sigh–like he knew). He was there for Patrick’s birth (had sympathy throwing up when I went into labor). Sam was the ever-watchful guardian for Patrick. He was there for so many other things and the very last thing he helped me manage was the 9/11 attacks. I cried so many tears then for my hometown, for the friends and family we were trying to track down. That was during the very tough stuff in our marriage, too, and I don’t know if I could have made it without him. So much of my life and so many milestones were attached to him, as I imagine was the same for you and Jelly. It took me about 6 months before I was ready to get another dog. For, Jeff, however, it took about a year and a half. When I was ready, I wanted one right then. Jeff didn’t understand that with me working for my employer from home, I spent every day with Sam and many hours with him, so his absence was noticed. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do–wait until he felt like his heart could handle getting a dog again.

    There will not ever be another Jelly. She was unique. She went through periods of your life with you that likely another dog will not. But you will find another dog to love because your heart is just that big. Since you are thinking about another dog, maybe it is time to show you this adorable video:

    Pugs getting belly rubs with a toothbrush: https://youtu.be/uTHM3EIt1-Y

    I saw this the day or so after Jelly left this earth, so I knew it was too soon, but maybe now is a good time.


    Started working on a review of Dark Matter for my blog. Fortunately I haven’t read much of what others have said because I’ve been too busy to read them so what I might say that is similar would be strictly coincidental, so I hope I might have a perspective that hasn’t been expressed yet.

  18. @Ponytail How are things going with your mom.

    @Joan001 Hope you get better every day.

    @Gforce Now THAT is cool. I would sit by the window and watch that deer until it left.

    @TamDixon Sorry to hear about Harry.

    1. @PBMom – thanks – getting better by (very) tiny bits every day. Sleep helps and the drugs are helping me sleep 😉

  19. Just had a chance to watch the first two episodes – loved them! Especially a certain glimpse of a fav SGA actor and a reveal of a corporation head other fav SGA actor. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get to see more of the latter since I know we’ll get a bunch of the former.

    Also, how much do I love 2? Let me count the ways…

  20. Doing a happy dance I did not check Amazon before and I should’ve cause DM is there I already got the iTunes card so I may have to wait for next check but I can be patient and the other syfy show is there too I want to check out is there too I use Amazon quite a bit so I am happy

  21. If you want to walk a 3 yr old lovely boxer named Loki near Olympic Village ha ha he is all yours 🙂 he loves the love! and he has never heard the term “you have walked enough” Adorable pups though. Like you if i could i would adopt every dog i could!

  22. You know what they say: no big decisions while you are still in mourning. That being said, if you happen to meet a furry Ms. or Mr. Right… 🙂

    “Slow Bullets” has been on my nightstand for a couple weeks, begging me to start reading. I also ordered the first volume of Laurence Suhner’s “Quantika” trilogy (en Francais!!) to test just how well that AP language class stuck.

    “Dark Matter” is such a treat – just seeing your names in the “Created by” credit is a happy moment after such a long time. I love that the photography often recalls the show’s comic book origins – one of my favorite shots so far is near the end of Episode 2, when One is walking out of the mining facility, framed by the doorway and with his reflection dark in the water. Looking forward to learning more about the crew as they do!

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