Ooooh.  Looks like things are heating up aboard The Raza.  What’s in store for our intrepid crew?  Well, if you must know: paranoia, suspicion, revelations, potential sabotage, a shocking discovery, and one of this season’s biggest WTF?! episode enders!

Hey, guess what I did today?  That’s right!  I live tweeted the Dark Matter episode 2 airing with our UK fans.  If I can swing it, I’ll also be live tweeting with Dark Matter fans in France, the Netherlands, and Spain tomorrow.  Check your twitter feeds for the #DarkMatter hashtag!

Hey!  Check out these Dark Matter links:

An interview with the ever-awesome Amanda Tapping on directing, Dark Matter, and her humanitarian work:

“However you look at it, Tapping’s game is tight: directing; mentoring; fundraising; parenting. Her plate is full, and yet, despite her countless passion projects and obligations, Tapping isn’t done with acting. Not by a long shot.”

I offer some insight on Dark Matter’s second episode (and look ahead to  episode 3!):

“For the answers to all these questions, and many more that we had after watching Episode 2, The TV Junkies sat down for a post-episode chat with showrunner Joseph Mallozzi. Mallozzi was kind enough to give us details on each character’s perspective, what it was like filming the episode’s large action sequences and a little preview of what lies ahead in the coming weeks on Dark Matter.”

Dark Matter episode 2 recap:

“Some things are worth sticking around for…like the second episode of Dark Matter. The crew of mercenaries begins to deal with the aftermath of learning their true identities, their employer decides to take control of their failed mission, number four asks a very important question, and more on “Episode Two” of Dark Matter. Spoiler alert!”

Celebrating a return to space-based programming:

Dark Matter features explosive action, but it also promises to explore deeper themes involving identity, destiny, and self-determination.  Not too dark or too light, the show strikes an impressive tonal balance between the two, resulting in a compelling and enjoyable viewing experience.”

Dark Matter episode #103 promotional photos:

June 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode #103 Coming Your Way!
2Boss (Melissa O’Neil) in action!
June 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode #103 Coming Your Way!
#FOURCLAN (Alex Mallari Jr.) in action.
June 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode #103 Coming Your Way!
Hey! Where’s Robot going?
June 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode #103 Coming Your Way!
Anxious times on The Raza.

Get the word out!  Dark Matter is addictive viewing!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Tam Dixon and Harry!

12 thoughts on “June 22, 2015: Dark Matter Episode #103 coming your way!

  1. Saw my orthopedist & fellow SG fan today, pointed him to for DM EPS 101 /102.

    Oh, and he cleared me to attempt driving in an empty parking lot. Still having a lot of wrist pain, but it seems to be referred from the elbow fracture.

  2. Thanks, Mr. M. I’m trying for perspective but honestly, this is harder than the cancer scare I had a few months ago. I just shrugged that off but the thought of losing Harry is horrible. Hopefully, karate class will help later this morning. Wednesday is decision day.

    Good luck in Twitter jail!

  3. @ Tammy Dixon – {{{{Hugs}}}} sending hugs and prayers your way. Even though these decisions are best for our furbabies, they are never the best for us. 🙁


  4. Please – we need a “personal designation” for the android?
    Seven – as part of the “wake up” sequence is not good in the scheme of things.
    and Zero is not exactly flattering….for someone so cool.

  5. Yay Amanda! I didn’t realize she’d directed so many shows. I’m pleased to see Debug is on Amazon.

  6. Thanks Das, that helps. I would have had to make this decision sooner but Harry is so easy to treat. I had him in my lap earlier giving him Sub Q fluids on the porch swing. What other cat would be purring while that was happening? So happy I could treat him at home.

  7. @Tam Dixon: So sorry to hear about Harry. You know the best of thoughts are coming your way and his.

    Myself, I’ve seemed to pick up a “felon”. No, not the Raza crew type, but a painful infection of the fingertip type! Came on suddenly Sunday night and felt like I hit my finger with a hammer, except the pain doesn’t subside! Anyway, I’m on antibiotics now and I hope that handles it. The pain is less today, so at least there’s that.

  8. Maybe it’ll get explained in episode 3 … but why does an android need space suit?

  9. May I suggest an answer to Frances Fung and derp, that the android needs a spacesuit because she may have synthetic skin that could be damaged by space exposure? I doubt that she breathes air though. Remember in eppy 1 she was treated in the med lab to have her hand reattached.
    Just a thought. Mr. M?

    2cats (anxiously awaiting eppy 3 this Friday night!!)
    Dark Matter rules!

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