June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

Prodigy Pictures President (and Dark Matter Executive Producer) Jay(mes Bond) Firestone is a man of surprisingly simple tastes.  He’s a jeans and t-shirt type of guy.  He prefers pizza and burgers over haute cuisine.  He flies economy.  But if there is one thing he likes to spoil himself on, its cars.  He claims they’re a great investment(!).  I suppose it depends on the car.  Like the Aston Martin he got himself to celebrate the sale of his first company.  Or the stealth model BMW I8 he just took possession of to celebrate the completion of Dark Matter’s first season. And, in honor of the show, Jay has named his new ride after the show’s shuttle: The Phantom Class Marauder.

June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

Anyone else getting a Back to the Future vibe?

I, on the other hand, am a dress shirts, fancy food, business class type of guy. Cars, however, don’t hold that much interest for me (until the next time I’m in town and take Jay’s I8 for a spin), so I celebrated the completion of Dark Matter’s first season – and our final night in Toronto – in equal style:

June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

With a Burger’s Priest double cheeseburger with double smoke (breaded, fried jalapeños)!

June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

And lookit who we had lunch with today to cap off my seventh month stay in Hogtown.  None other than my arch-nemesis, Dark Matter’s Annette Deveraux (watch Annette do her thing in the Amanda Tapping-directed episode #104!), Tara Yelland.

Besides the fact that it’s the fun, ship-based scifi show you’ve been waiting your whole life for, TheTVJunkies’ Bridget Liszewski gives you 8 Reasons You’ll Want to Watch Dark Matter:


June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

Last week, I mentioned how I hoped the first Dark Matter teaser trailer would hit 250k views before the premiere.  Well, it did.  WAAAAY before.  We’re now past 257k and counting!  The new trailer (this one jam-packed full of awesome visual effect shots!) will drop next week.  So watch for it.  In the meantime…

And, as a thanks to all of the future Dark Matter fans for supporting the show, here’s a little something from VFX Supervisor (and playback maestro) Lawren Bancroft-Wilson: the onscreen graphics that accompanies an upcoming docking sequence…

Finally – it looks like Akemi and I are not the only ones missing Jelly.  Our frenchie, Lulu, has been unusually downcast of late, moping about.

June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder!  Tara!  Dark Matter!  And Lulu!

Here’s hoping the move back to more familiar territory will improve her mood. 🙁

21 thoughts on “June 4, 2015: Jay’s Phantom Class Marauder! Tara! Dark Matter! And Lulu!

  1. My sci-if loving orthopedist, the one who owns the arm sling I had autographed at Gatecon 2002, now knows about the DM premiere. (SG1 one was, in 2002, the only TV series he took time to watch.)

    Oh, yes, my elbow does have a tiny fracture. I’m to baby it until 30 June, when we’ll take more X-rays.

  2. A very nice ride! Cool!! And now I am hungry after seeing the burger,its way too late at night to eat that. Are the pups collecting frequent flier miles? I hope you all have a safe journey home. Settle in and get the big screen warmed up, and oh yea, plan a party to watch the show, some delicious food,yum..and chocolate…

  3. I’ve never really been much of a car fanatic either, but that one does kinda give me a sci-fi vibe to it. Also, that cheeseburger looks delicious. And it’s amazing how much animals really know and understand about the situation and their surroundings. Lulu probably feels the same way we all do right now… well… they say time heals all wounds…

  4. Poor little Lulu. All of you need some time to mourn, even the furry family members.

    Phantom-class Marauder is an excellent name for the car.

    Well, I’m off to the Nebula Awards tomorrow – a friend is a SciFi author and I’m just going to hang around and schmooze. And talk up Dark Matter!

  5. Have a good trip back home. Hold Bubba and Lulu tightly over the next few days as they may wonder where Jelly is. I probably would not buy anything special at the end of production because I am a simple person and saving for an early retirement. But that is a pretty car. He deserves it.

  6. I read in a review that Dark Matter doesn’t take place in another franchise’s universe. So I won’t be seeing Ellen Ripley?

  7. Poor Lulu. The loss of a family member is hard on everyone. When we lost our Sheba to seizures last year, her brother Jeter waited for her at the top of the second floor stairs where he could see the front door and slept there all night for a week. He finally gave up and rejoined us in our bedroom, though he kept checking her bed before going to his own for awhile longer. Broke our hearts to watch him. Sending warm hugs to you all.

  8. Scritches for Lulu. Poor girl. Sasha (icon) moped around for a month after her big brother, Scotty (named for Mr. Scott on Star Trek) died. Desi, my other cat at the time, barely reacted, even though they were all the best of friends.

    That’s definitely a sci fi kind of car. Does it fly?

  9. Joe, you said, “Last week, I mentioned how I hoped the first Dark Matter teaser trailer would hit 250k views before the premiere. Well, it did. WAAAAY before. We’re now past 257k and counting! ”

    I assume you are referring to unique visitors, or in other words, people unlike we weird fans of yours who watch and rewatch and watch again to pump up the volume.

  10. Jay’s new car reminds me of a recent Silicon Valley episode:

    So sorry to hear about Jelly. This must be a very bittersweet time for you.

  11. Nice car! Can’t wait for the new trailer. Hope your move is smooth. Dogs feel loss too. Just give her extra love.

  12. Sad Lulu. They certainly feel the loss. I’ve seen it time and again with my dogs and horses. The first winter after my horse died, I pulled out his winter blanket to use on another horse. His longtime horse friend smelled him on the blanket and started nickering and looking desperately around the blanket. I put it on the other horse and the friend treated the other horse like he was her old buddy. Very bittersweet.

    Cool car. Is it going to be in season 2?

  13. Cool car. My splurge is definitely my hair.

    Poor Lulu. Most dog trainers these days have no respect for Cesar Milan because his training techniques are archaic and often cruel (their words; I know there are a lot of fans who would disagree), but there are some good points in this article. It reminds me of people who try to console a pet who is terrified of thunderstorms (with the best of intentions) who do not understand they are reinforcing the very behavior they are trying to extinguish.


    As for “unique” views of the trailer–WHO CARES? You Tube does not track unique visitors versus repeat views so why does this even matter? Getting that many views causes the You Tube engine to make suggestions to others to watch it in the “you might like” segment and that is all that counts for You Tube. It is a wonderful thing. It deserves to be recognized. The only reason “unique views” counts is when a business is courting advertisers. Only advertisers care about this data. It is helpful to a business too to see if they are getting bots or actual potential clients.

    Going home is always good for the soul, but it will still be different without Jelly there. Thinking about my Maddie still makes me cry and its been almost 2 years now since we put her to sleep because of her cancer. Sending all of you a gentle hug.

  14. I’m not typically a fan of BMW, but Jay’s rocks! I’d drive that.

    That burger? I’d drive the Hell out of that too. It’s inspired me to make burgers for dinner. I have some bread & butter pickles marinating with ghost chilis. They’ll be making their way onto a burger tonight.

    Hugs to Lulu. And Bubba. He’ll no doubt get there too.

  15. That car reminds me of the batmobile. Very cool! I wonder what his car insurance costs are? Probably, more than my house payment.

    That burger would make me take a vacation from vegetarian land. It looks delicious!

    I was wondering how the pups were taking it. With my critters, it seems like the more intelligent they are, the deeper they morn. Shower them with attention.

    Good luck with the move and safe travels!!!!!

  16. @Line Noise, yep, that was my first thought too. “Do the doors open like this? Or like this? No, they don’t!” The Stealth Marauder is a seriously cool car, getting serious car envy.

    Aw Lulu!! Sending hugs to Akemi and Lulu and safe travels home to Van. DM looks so good, the cool sci fi details give it that immersive 3-D wall to wall experience that sucks you in.

    Would love some QAs on the props and set design. Should have noticed a pineapple in the trailer?

  17. Love the car, but if that’s that matte black paint, they could keep that. I don’t care for it at all. I like my cars shiny!! 🙂

    Poor Lulu does look understandably forlorn. Give her a hug for me.

  18. Thanks for the great pictures of Jelly. The one with Max was a fine end point. Are you not certain Lulu is not think, “Now, what about Bubba?” (too soon?) I guess since Jay likes to stay with common fair he can afford such niceties like his car. A man must have his hobbies. Really looking forward to seeing Tara in action.
    I will definitely make one of my stops at the Burger’s Priest when in YYZ.

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