June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!
Very Bad Boys!

Jay and I are putting the finishing touches on a VFX-laden trailer that will blow your socks off.  It’ll go wide next week – along with an assortment of other Dark Matter-related goodies in the lead-up to the premiere.

June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!

Fun, ship-based scifi makes it’s triumphant return in a week!  Help spread the word!

June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!

Oooh, lookit the pretty space station.  Gorgeous.  And, yep, that’s one of ours.  It accompanies an article over at Space.com:


I’m just going to go ahead and say it.  Our visual effects are as good, if not better, than any other show out there.  Yes, even the one’s with MUCH bigger budgets.  We’re going to surprise a lot of people next Friday – except you all, of course, because you’re savvy enough to know what to expect.  Big, BIG things!

June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!

Well, I’m finally back home in Vancouver.  I never sleep well the night before a flight and so, by the time I fell asleep, it was more or less time to wake up as we were being picked up at 4:45 a.m. to catch a 6:30 a.m. flight.  Our buddy Jeff joined us for the voyage west.   Great guy!

Once we’d unpacked and settled in, it was over to the Taqueria for lunch with Dark Matter Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok – looking all summer fashionable.

June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!

Then, it was a short walk over to The Book Warehouse where I visited Darlene (pictured above with the day’s purchases) and the gang.

June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!

Pictured above: my daunting to-read pile.  Better get on it!

June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!

Hey remember that research station design?  http://io9.com/exclusive-dark-matter-concept-art-is-loaded-with-glorio-1705562602

Well, it’s in the hands of our VFX team now and coming along nicely.

June 5, 2015: 7 Days To The Dark Matter Premiere!

Next up, textures and color!

24 thoughts on “June 5, 2015: 7 Days to the Dark Matter Premiere!

  1. So glad you all made it back safely! Wow, all those books! You are going to be very busy!

    Waiting for the show to premier is like waiting for Christmas morning to come! I just can’t wait!

  2. Wow, only a week. Hard to believe after all this time. And I fully expect you’re correct that it will have the best VFX out there, and frankly, be the best SHOW out there.

    I almost missed Akemi in that picture of Ivon! He looks very relaxed.

    That book pile looks like it’s hardly been touched! You better get at it – you’d think you’d been busy creating a TV show or something. 🙂

  3. Just set my DVR for next week’s premiere. Thanks Joe for all the behind the scenes. can’t wait!

  4. Glad you’re home safe sound. How are the pups adjusting? Love the stack of books, we have several of those throughout the house, not all mine, I have one pile of art books by the chair, well ok one beside the bed too. The rest belong to my husband, who noticed you have two copies of Smilla’s Sense of Snow. Does that happen a lot? My husband has only done it twice in the 23 years we’ve been together.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing the Dark Matter premiere next week. The ship models look fantastic! I also can’t wait to see the newest trailer. So much to look forward to.

  6. Hehehe. That book pile is a short stack for me. Need help? I’ll read em.: -d

  7. Thanks, Joe! You all are great too!

    One week to the Dark Matter premier pizza night (the day after I get back in Chicagoland). I can’t wait!

    And that “pretty space station” is indeed pretty. The shots I’ve seen of the visual effects keep getting better and better. One more week…one more week…

  8. Since there is a fair bit of crossover in scifi and anime fandom, I have been talking up Dark Matter at the Dallas A-Kon today and will again tomorrow. I’m volunteering my time there working at a dealer booth selling Japanese tasty snacks and Ramune to raise money for the non-profit of which I am a board member.

    Hashtag Grass Roots Efforts
    Hashtag Dark Matter Ambassador
    Hashtag Joe’s Army

  9. I see THREE has got “Bubba”. My goodness that is a big gun!

    Welcome home Joe. You’ve had a busy 27 hour day. Sleep well tonight.

  10. Welcome back to Western Canada.

    Looking at your to-be-read pile of books I find it surprising that you haven’t read Good Omens yet. Maybe it’s because you read so much, when you don’t take most of a year off to produce a tv show, and seem to be on top of books as soon as they are published. Anyway, that one and Outlander are the only ones in that pile that I have read!

    One week until Dark Matter. The countdown begins. 🙂

  11. You know I get very excited about VFX. Glad you made it back to Vancouver safely and maybe you both can get a bit of sleep. It’s been a rough week for all of you, but maybe being busy is a good thing right now. I’m sure Akemi has lots of friends to go catch up with, too. Don’t laugh, but I was looking at the picture and thinking–I don’t remember Jeff looking like Ivon? Until I realized I was attaching the picture to the wrong paragraph. I really need to wear my reading glasses when I’m on my IPhone.

    Tomorrow night starts my crazy schedule that doesn’t slow down until June 18. But I got a wonderful phone call today that my best friend wants to come down from NY with her husband to visit in October or November. I haven’t seen her since 2012 when I went up for my HS reunion. She is Patrick’s godmother. She introduced me to my Jeff (she was dating his best friend and I went on a blind date on the last day of my vacation with her and her boyfriend and the rest is history). I hope it happens. All work and no play makes for a stressed Hilda.

  12. My gosh… that space station is beautiful… awesome VFX, rivaling that of big budget Star Trek and Star Wars movies. It proves that you don’t need billions of dollars to make visually-stunning effects, but then again, this isn’t that surprising. Joe, you’ve got tons of experience in the VFX dept. already. Just look at all the gorgeous space scenes in SG1, Atlantis and Universe with the Asgard laser weaponry and the explosions.

    That’s what I keep bringing it back to. People in the business who have done this before, have the experience and the knowledge of how to do it properly, instead of half-baked. I’ve already set my DVR for next Friday. Can’t wait!

  13. Giving up on viewing party for various reasons, mainly medical. May invite a couple understanding friend to house (looks at Nolamom).

  14. One week? Yay! Glad you’re home. I’m sure that trip is not fun. I’ve made the Florida-to-California trek several times. Long plane ride.

    Hi Ivon!

    Love the pretty pretty space station. Shiny!

  15. A bitter sweet time… finishing up the first season and feeling good about it (I am excited to see it!).. having a better time in Toronto, and going home.

    But dear Jelly.. that is so hard. With a senior dog here who has kidney failure and knowing our time is limited, the loss of Jelly made me sad for you and me. Thank you for sharing her with us. Thank you for sharing your clear devotion to your pups and being the type of owner I wish everyone was. Nothing fills the space… but I am sure that Jelly-shaped hole in your heart does what they claim.. opens it up to love more. There won’t be another just like her, of course, but you’ll honor her memory hopefully some day but bringing in another pup lucky enough to be in your household.

  16. Yay! Are you planning a relaxing summer of reading?

    JeffW: I’m glad you survived that Toronto hotel! 😉 Have fun in Vancouver.

  17. Todo:
    extra sock laundry, due: before trailer release
    get drool bibs out of storage, due: yesterday

  18. As the official photographer for your own blog… why don’t you tell me when I make such stoopid faces!? I’m the worst!

  19. @Ivon B – what’s so stupid about that face? You look happy! Actually, with the sun glasses on you look almost identical to a friend of mine – more like his brother than his actual brothers!

  20. Also @ Ivon B – Oh, and though I’m sure Zoie is amazing in the Android role, I’m still a bit disappointed that you didn’t actually get the role. 😉 You would have killed it!

    Um, by that I mean the role, not the show. 😉

  21. Really Looking forward to seeing a great show and the VFX. Just when you get settled in Vancouver it’ll be time to go back to Toronto. I know that you really didn’t want to in the first place but at least it will have resulted in an outstanding show. Hope your summer in Vancouver is sunny and warm.

  22. @ gforce – “I’m still a bit disappointed that you didn’t actually get the role. You would have killed it! Um, by that I mean the role, not the show.” 😆 😆 In the end, the Android was perfectly cast. Sorry Ivon.

    And Ivon… you could never make a stooped face. You ooze cute.

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