June 3, 2015: Thank You!

Thank you so much for all the touching tributes to my gal, Jelly.  I received emails, Facebook messages, tweets, and, as you can see, over 125 comments on yesterday’s entry.  It feels strange and lonely without her.  I’ll miss propping her up on my chest so that we could gaze longingly into each other’s eyes, and the smell of her nacho feet.

Thanks to my sis who put together this wonderful Jelly photo album:


Well, I have one more day in Toronto before I finally head back to Vancouver early (early!) Friday morning.  I’ll admit – I was leery about coming back here but I’m so glad I did.  The show is incredible, and I owe it all the amazing cast and crew who are not only so good at what they do, but such a pleasure to work with.

A big thanks to everyone who worked from prep, through production and post – covering everything from casting to visual effects, the gang at the production office and post-production.

Special thanks to my Vancouver boys, Ivon Bartok and Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, who uprooted their lives to move here and worked their asses off for me.

Thanks to my writing-producing partner, Paul Mullie, who shuttled back and forth, abandoning his family at irregular intervals so that he could come east and support the show.

Thanks to Rachel Sutherland, Commander of post-production who, while everyone else has moved on, stays behind to deliver on a very tight schedule – yet manages to do it with a smile.

Thanks to line producer Norman Denver who kept us on the straight and narrow, making sure we didn’t blow our budget on burgers and whisky.

Thanks to my partner in crime, Vanessa Piazza, who was there with me through prep, on set through production, and overseeing post.  I honestly could NOT have done it without her.

And an enormous thanks to Prodigy Pictures President Jay Firestone who defied the odds and expectations by putting together the deals that got the show green lit, then defying the odds and expectations again by delivering a series that blew away expectations.  He read all the scripts, provided notes, and weighed in on all aspects of production.  The very best example of what a creative producer should be.  I honestly thought we’d fight more.  Ah well.  I suppose there’s always season 2!

June 3, 2015: Thank You!

Me, Jay, Vanessa, and Norman at tonight’s premiere screening of Dark Matter episodes #101 and #102.

It looked AMAZING on the big screen.  The show has everything a scifi fan would want: action, adventure, intrigue, suspense, humor, lovable and engaging characters, and dazzling visual effects.  Dark Matter will NOT disappoint.

As we countdown to our world premiere, check out another early view, this one by Jamie Ruby at Scifi Vision:


17 thoughts on “June 3, 2015: Thank you!

  1. Joe thank you and Andria for sharing you beautiful pictures of Jelly. It’s is so difficult to adapt to the loss of a beloved furbabie. My thoughts are with you all in this difficult time. On a lighter note only 9 days to I finally will be able to see Dark Matter! It has been so great watching the development of the show, and finally see the finished product.

  2. Well darn, I couldn’t see the pictures of Jelly. The link did not work for me. Maybe it will later. Down to one week to go. I am very excited! Another great review.

  3. JEERS! and BOO BOO BOO!! to TV Guide Magazine
    for not including any mention of Dark Matter
    in it’s special Summer 2015 Preview edition.

    Defiance received a mention.

    Killjoys received a near full page
    write up that included a picture.

    Dark Matter received *nothing*.

  4. Can’t wait for the premiere! So many people go into a show,. Wow!

    Beautiful photos. It will be hard for a while. How are the pups handling it?

  5. Thanks to you all for putting it together! I can’t wait until next Friday. I’m even going to watch it live. Yes, that’s a big deal. The only shows I watch live are The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Vikings. I think that used to be called “appointment television”.

    Well, F TV Guide then.

  6. It was such a wonderful treat to see the first two episodes on a big screen! I have never worked on a show with Writer/Producers who were so well prepared and so great to work with. You really set the tone for the production team to follow. Yes there were some very long hours and difficult conditions, cold days on set in Hamilton, but also lots of laughter. Hope you get some rest so that you’ll be ready to come back for more in the fall.

  7. What a wonderful collection of photos, some harder than others to look at. One week and one day until the big premiere.

    And yes, Tam Dixon, I’m very excited to see Sense8. This is why JMS couldn’t come to the Babylon 5 reunion in January of 2013 (the one I went to here in Houston). But he sent a letter to Bruce Boxleitner to read to us.

    I don’t know if I will be able to watch it live. I have a pet sitting job, but maybe back halfway through it.

  8. And thanks to you, Joe, for sharing your life and Jelly’s with us so freely, and also to you and the DM team for providing us FINALLY with some quality space-based science fiction. I can’t wait for next week!! But, I need to – I’ve still got tons to do to get ready to move before the 18th!

  9. i second gforce’s comments. All of them except the moving part. Thanks, Joe. And safe travels! I hope the return trip to Vancouver goes smoothly.

    @gforce: good luck with your moving preparation. At least you’ll have some good TV to distract you.

  10. @Sparrow_hawk – I might actually be looking forward more to Dark Matter than I am the new house!

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