Inspired by Jodelle/Dark Matter’s FIVE, Akemi decided to try something a little different…

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

So, whaddya think?  Who should she be cosplaying at the San Diego Comic Con?

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!


May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

Before heading in for her 8 hour hair sessions, Akemi and I entertained our friend Jessie – Canada’s future Prime Minster!

May 30, 2015: Akemi’s Big Hair Day!

Alas, I think this phage treatment may come too late for my gal.  Like yesterday, she slept through most of the day (Bubba, above, offers up a sympathy nap).  She didn’t have much of an appetite so I rectified that by picking her up a tasty burger, bypassing the Wahlburgers next door (I said “tasty” after all) for the Burgers Priest four blocks up and three blocks over.  Worth the trip!  She ate the entire patty (minus Bubba and Lulu’s cut).

22 thoughts on “May 30, 2015: Akemi’s big hair day!

  1. Aww…Poor Jelly…don’t give up just yet with the phage treatment for her. It might take some time for it to kick in. She’s lucky to have you and Akemi as her caretaker. Hang in there.

    BTW – Akemi’s hair color looks great.

  2. Aww, poor Jelly. 🙁 Perhaps she will have another bounce back, you never know. One day at a time, as they say. Please give her another ear scratch for me, and I’m still sending the best of thoughts your way.

    Akemi’s hair looks great!

  3. I absolutely love Akemi’s hair.

    Poor Jelly. I’m keeping her in my thoughts.

  4. Akemi’s hair looks amazing!

    Mmmm. Burgers. Who could turn down a tasty burger! I’m glad Jelly and company enjoyed it.

    Keeping good thoughts for all of you and for Jelly’s comfort. As others have said, she’s lucky to have such a wonderful family.

  5. Love your hair, Akemi! Now…do something about Joey’s hair…


    {{{{Hugs}}}} and kisses to Jelly.


  6. Why do animé girls always look so cute and attractive….sigh…. purple’s a nice color… so is blue 🙂

  7. Akemi’s new do is awesome! I would love to try something like that but it might look odd on someone my age.

    So sorry to hear about the phage treatment. 😔😔😔😔 The fact you found something to tickle her appetite is excellent! Your vets are very good, so my suggestion of an appetite enhancer will probably be redundant. They work very well for cats, not positive about canine results.

    {{{Hugs}}} to Jelly! I hope she has a restful night. 💤

  8. Akemi’s hair color is real pretty! She is a pretty girl. Give your other girl Jelly a gentle massage for me.

  9. that is cool purple hair. if I were to suggest, Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion?
    also ran into Jodelle and her cool hair at Northwest Fan Fest today. wished her luck with dark matter. Looking forward to it.

  10. Oooo….purple. Very nice, but Akemi can rock anything. My heart goes out to you and Jelly (been there with my dear girl). What a good pal Bubba is – sharing a snooze and a burger 🙂

  11. I am sorry Jelly isn’t rousing yet, but sending hope that she will. It is good she ate for you!

    LOVE Akemi’s hair.

    Delete if inappropriate, but friend needs help, thought even if others can’t help they may post on boards that they can share. Knowing there are dogs who have lived 3 and 4 yrs with surgery and vaccines, this wonderful boy needs a chance:

  12. OH MY GOD!!!! Akemi. I LOVE your purple highlights (extensions?). Mine are highlights, well I guess, not really. It gets bleached out, then washed, then dried, then purple gets put on, then under the hair dryer, then rinse only (for 2 days) and then I can wash my hair. It is VERY time consuming, but I just couldn’t do hair extensions because I’m princess and the pea.

    Poor Jelly. Hang in there sweet pea. Love you pumpkin.

  13. ~omg, eight hours,, but Akemi does look so adorable, a great look!!!
    ~~Jelly baby (((((hugs))))) You need more burgers to go around next time, one is not enough,, well thats what Lulu said…

  14. nice hair color. i kind of want to go with blue sometime.

    i’ve always heard that (when going for an outrageous color) sometimes it’s better to bleach the hair white first, especially if the color you’re going for can blend with yellow to make another color. for example: if you wanted your hair to be blue, too much yellow (or blond) would make more of a green than a blue.

  15. Love Akemi’s hair! Very cool color. I’m glad Jelly enjoyed her burger, what a sweetheart she is.

  16. Hair = awesome.

    Poor Jelly.
    I got the ‘options’ talk yesterday with Ralph. At 10.5 years old and 50kgs, ataxia makes things very difficult for such a big dog. I’m working from home all week so I can stay with him and help him up when he falls down and just generally be around so he can get a lot of hugs. His personality is still that of a puppy so it’s heartbreaking to watch him bound for his teddy bear and collapse in a heap.

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