May 29, 2015: Two Weeks To The Dark Matter World Premiere!  A Jelly Update!
This blog’s resident television critic: Akemi.

“If this series not popular, I really can’t believe.”

– Akemi last night after watching the producer’s cut of episode #113, our season finale.

Her words echo the sentiments of my writing partner who said pretty much the same thing, in less economical fashion, after viewing prod cuts of our first two episodes:

“So, having seen the first two eps in close to finished form, I’m left thinking this: If this show doesn’t succeed, then I don’t know what people want. This is as good as television sci-fi gets. Seriously, if we don’t get a second season, then I should just retire and you should go to the Sorbonne and eventually open a restaurant.”

Well, I’m cautiously optimistic because, when it comes right down to it…

Me: I hope the show does well.

Akemi: Me too.  The dogs have to eat.

May 29, 2015: Two Weeks To The Dark Matter World Premiere!  A Jelly Update!

Wow!  The gang at MenLifestyle offer up this handy guide to Dark Matter complete with series overview, character descriptions, and cast bios:

Get ready Brazil.  Dark Matter is coming your way…

Win tickets to the Dark Matter June 12th premiere screening in Amsterdam:

Premiering June 15th in France:

May 29, 2015: Two Weeks To The Dark Matter World Premiere!  A Jelly Update!
Jelly – cold in the morning, so Akemi bundles her up.

And, finally, thanks to everyone who inquired after or offered well-wishes for Jelly.  She’s been very low energy these past couple of days.  At this points, it’s in the hands of the vets and, hopefully, their ability to locate the treatment she needs.

May 29, 2015: Two Weeks To The Dark Matter World Premiere!  A Jelly Update!
Jelly – a notoriously messy eater, so Akemi got her a little something.

Jelly, of course, thanks each and every one of you for your concern.

17 thoughts on “May 29, 2015: Two weeks to the Dark Matter world premiere! A Jelly update!

  1. Daka, Dorje, Ellie, and I continue to send our love and well wishes to Jelly!

    How about a viewing party in Toronto? Or feel free to drive down to Waterloo and come to my house! I have a smoker and we can have a feast!

  2. Sending the best to Jelly. I totally understand what you’re going through.

    I mentioned that my Maggie (20 year old cat) was very sick. She wasn’t ready to go, so we did the sub-q fluids for about 8 days. I made home-made low protein, low phosphorus cat food for her. I even bought her baby food, which she liked for a few days. I fed her butter just to get calories into her. She loved butter. But she then decided it was time to go. She got weak, quit eating, quit drinking water, and she chose to transition Tuesday night at 7:50. I wasn’t able to even write it til now, and still it’s hard. For 20 years, I never could even go to the bathroom without my little companion. It leaves a huge hole in our lives, but we’ll be ok. She’ll be back. We know it.

    I was really fed up with the vet, though, at the end. I could tell she was ready to go and phoned him to say we were discontinuing the fluids. He said “I’ll be by tomorrow at 11 AM and you can decide what you want to do.” I told him “There’s no decision. Don’t come. She has decided and I support whatever my girl wants.” He got rude. Told me I was being selfish and that I had no idea what it is like for her to die and that she needed euthanasia. I told him that she didn’t want it. I was livid and that was not what I needed from someone who is supposed to be there to help.

    She died two hours later, in my arms. She only had a few small convulsions. It was very peaceful. I had gone through this with my 20 year old cat 20 years ago so it’s not an easy thing to do. But I found that vets don’t really know what’s going on. They really don’t want to, either.

    Funny, this same vet told me in January when he removed a mole from my then 18 month old kitty, that cats don’t feel pain. (Of course they do.) Then he went on to tell me how painful it is for her to die. Anything for a buck I guess.

    Sorry I seem so bitter but I hate when someone tries to play me when I’m feeling vulnerable. I think it’s horrid.

    Best to you all.

  3. Firstly, it’s good to hear that Jelly’s still holding in there. As always, I’m sending by best wishes and thoughts her (and your) way.

    I want to believe the viewing public is intelligent, thoughtful and appreciates quality programming. I’m not sure I can though, when I see some of the absolute drivel that is on the air now. I think the trick is getting that core audience that DOES appreciate those things aware of the show and keeping them coming back. From everything I can see of Dark Matter, it will do exactly that.

  4. There’s gotta’ be a place for a space-based show right now. TV’s been cultivating nerdity with urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and superhero-themed shows, but nerds do not live by altered, modern settings alone. These new recruits can only be shown what it is to keep it nerdy when someone breaks out the budget to build some spaceship sets.

  5. I understand being cautiously optimistic. I like to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I’m thinking the dogs will be able to eat well, though. I’m hoping you’ve got a major hit on your hands. With Guardians of the Galaxy bringing more people in to the sci-fi fandom I can see Dark Matter really taking off.

    I really wish Jelly the best. She’s in excellent handshands.

    @jimfromjersey thank you

    @tinamarlin that’s very sad.. I’m sure your heart will ache for a very long time. I promise it does lessen though. You truly have my sympathies.

  6. Me and my crazy beagle Maggie wish Jelly nothing but the very best.

    “…when I see some of the absolute drivel that is on the air now.”
    I’ve been wondering lately if they took off every single reality type TV show what would be left. Maybe 20%?

    @ tinamarlin – So sorry for the loss of your 20 year old cat. That is an amazingly long life. I know the feeling of a loved little one suddenly not being there anymore. Keeping you in thought and prayer.

  7. Jelly is so precious, what a cutie. I will keep her in my thoughts and hope that she gets all the treatment she needs to get better. The photo of her wearing a bib is adorable.

  8. Really hoping Jelly gets better. Sometimes the will to survive is enough to pull through, so we have to keep thinking positively and hoping for the best.

    From what I’ve seen, Dark Matter will appeal to all fans of space-based sci-fi, fans of Trek, Stargate, Galactica, Babylon 5, etc. There’s more than enough viewers in all of those series alone, desperate (like yours truly) for another space series, not to mention the general viewing public, plus a 10+ year drought since Enterprise was cancelled, that this should be a no-brainer. There has been no deeper craving for a return to this type of genre than there is now. If people would rather watch garbage reality shows over quality programs like DM, then all hope is lost.

    Like I said before though, the only thing I’m missing with DM is not having that musical intro to each episode. I know some people don’t like it, saying it’s redundant and all, but I grew up in that era where theme songs to shows were extremely popular and catchy. All trek series, the 1978 galactica, buck rogers, et al, all had those 30-second-to-1-minute intros that showed the characters with a catchy theme song associated with the series. And it may seem dated, but maybe I’m dated as well… I don’t know… composers like Jerry and Joel Goldsmith, and Glen Larson… they knew how to make good tv theme songs…

    That’s what I miss the most. Not sure if you feel the same way Joe… maybe I’m just living in the past…

  9. Awww Jelly. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wraps up their pet on a cold morning. Well not now,unless the air is down really low. Love the bib.
    I am very excited and can’t wait to see Dark Matter. But you know I don’t think the networks really care what the fans want. Do ratings really mean anything to anyone, i.e SGA. BBC is just as bad. Atlantis was an awesome show, anyone here watch that? Anyway, after the second season, poof! gone! The excuse was it too expensive to make. whatever. It’s just so the BBC can make room for more reality shows. OK, done ranting.
    I will do all I can to spread the word about Dark Matter. Let’s all do a social media blitz.
    Hugs and kisses to Jelly.

  10. So sorry tinamarlin. It’s hard to lose a friend. 🙁

    I’m positive it will be a hit! I fact, you should start looking for Toronto properties now.

    Yes, we are Jelly fans. Should we have a cool name like Jelly Beans or Jelly Bears?

  11. So sorry for your loss @tinamarlin. Hang in there Jelly, we’re all here for you.

    I tend to agree with @gforce. Get that core group and build on it. People want so many different things and you can’t please everyone all of the time. All you can do is make the show you want to make. If it finds an audience, fantastic. If not, then onto the next adventure. But I’ll do all I can to promote. In Australia though, PayTV subscription is low and even less have SyFy.

    Anyhoooo….. I think it will be warmly received. You’ve got some great casting and I know the stories and VFX will be spectacular.

    All the best to everyone.

    Cheers, Chev

  12. If I was a dog, I would certainly want Akemi making me outfits and dressing me in snuggle stuff. How cute,. (((hugs to everyone)))

  13. Continued best wishes and happy thoughts for Jelly.

    I’m glad to read that Akemi has her priorities in order. (I know that I work so my cat can eat.)

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