I think I may have pulled my heart muscle.  Seriously.  I suspect I may have done it during a recent frenzied coughing fit.  During the day, I feel fine but at night, it feels as though I did two hundred left handed one-arm push-ups before bed.

Also feel a wicked headache coming on, the type that creeps up on you late Friday afternoon and lasts through the weekend, well into Monday…

April 24, 2015: Aches!  Pains!  Production!  And Excruciatingly Late Lunches!

Started the morning with an 8 a.m. appointment for Jelly.  On the positive side, the ultrasound results came back clean.  No masses or shadows or missing car keys.

April 24, 2015: Aches!  Pains!  Production!  And Excruciatingly Late Lunches!

On the negative side, her issues could be spinal, neurological, Cushing’s Disease, or a smorgasbord comprised of any variations of the the three aforementioned possibilities.

April 24, 2015: Aches!  Pains!  Production!  And Excruciatingly Late Lunches!

One of the half dozen diagrams the specialist drew for us during our one hour visit.

Coming up: A visit to the neurologist!  More tests!  And an episode so shocking, you’ll crap your pants!  On the next Hell’s Kitchen!

April 24, 2015: Aches!  Pains!  Production!  And Excruciatingly Late Lunches!

My ensuing editing session was fairly anticlimactic in comparison, mainly because director Ron Murphy and editor Teresa Hannigan did such a masterful job on this episode.  And the cast!  I texted each and everyone to tell them how much I enjoyed their performances.  Great, great episode!

April 24, 2015: Aches!  Pains!  Production!  And Excruciatingly Late Lunches!

Speaking of masterful, check out the work of Noreen Landry and her costume department.  The uniform-in-progress is coming along quite nicely.  Gloves, boots and, to complete the look…

April 24, 2015: Aches!  Pains!  Production!  And Excruciatingly Late Lunches!

One of these which cost a pretty penny because they are, apparently, bulletproof. We intend to test them tonight on story editor Trevor Finn.  No, not with actual bullets, silly.  Just slingshots and bottles.

April 24, 2015: Aches!  Pains!  Production!  And Excruciatingly Late Lunches!

One of the fun aspects of production is seeing how late you can actually schedule a lunch.  “Lunch”, if you will, is six hours after unit call – so, if our day starts at 7:00 a.m., we’d be sitting down to lunch at 1:00 p.m.  Or, in today’s case, we started at 11:00 a.m. and sat down to lunch – our read-thru of episode #112 – at 5:00 p.m. Now, just biding my time until dinner which, if I’m correct, should be served a little after 1:00 a.m.

24 thoughts on “April 24, 2015: Aches! Pains! Production! And excruciatingly late lunches!

  1. Ugh, poor Jelly! I hope she can start feeling better soon.

    Sadie went in for surgery yesterday. She had a sore on her muzzle that was not getting better after more than a month and after a round of antibiotics. She had something similar on her eyelid a couple years ago, which also required surgery to finally get rid of it. (That one turned out not to be cancerous.)

    In both cases, they removed the sore and some surrounding skin (just in case the stuff removed comes back from the pathologist as cancerous, they want to make sure they cut enough out) and stitched her up. Yesterday they also removed what may have just been a cyst on her shoulder. So she’s got Frankenstein stitches on her muzzle and on her shoulder, both of which are now shaved, so she’s feeling a little ridiculous, what with the cone and all. Poor girl!

    Yesterday she was pretty miserable, but she’s a little perkier today. Here’s hoping the pathology report comes back clean.

    Give Jelly some belly rubs from me.

  2. Oh, poor Jelly! And poor Joe! Didn’t you have a pain like that a number of months ago? Did it just go away then or was it addressed somehow – I can’t remember. I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t stress – everything seems to be going well on the show, but good stress is still stress. Or, could it be still acid reflux after-effects from your recent habanero experience? When mine acts up, it’s always worse at night and dramatically worse when I lie down. Propping myself up with pillows usually helps it quite a bit.

    About Jelly, I do hope it’s nothing that serious. Give her an ear scratch for me. I feel bad that she’s having such troubles.

  3. You do know that pain in the left arm and a heavy feeling in the chest warrants a trip to the doc asap right? Or the emerg, don’t put it off please. Better safe than sorry Joe.
    Good luck with Jelly’s appointment too, hope they can figure it out.

  4. “We intend to test them tonight on story editor Trevor Finn. No, not with actual bullets, silly. Just slingshots and bottles.”

    Empty Whiskey bottles, no doubt. Poor Trevor, he’s so abused.

    And I hope Jelly’s team of Vets give you some answers and make her more comfortable. She’s a trooper.

    @ Kathode – Hope your Sadie does well and recovers quickly.

  5. Kathode: Praying for Sadie!

    None of those are good choices for Jelly. I suppose she’ll have good days and bad days. Let’s hope she has some good days coming up.

    Sometimes I wish we had little pop ups signs that stated the name of what was wrong. That would open up a whole new disorder. What if your sign was misspelled or in a different language? Sorry, my mind is all over the place this morning. I need caffeine and sugar……

    Does Poor Trevor get hazard pay?

    Cool costumes!

    I hope you feel better too, Mr. M.!

  6. Hugs and scritches for you and Jelly. Maybe you should go to the doctor about your symptoms?

  7. The crew looks so serious, so intense reading the pink sheets. So what addition does Pink represent?

    Careful Joe; just a quick anecdote. Turned 50 recently, went to work out-not so hot. Saw Dr. who scheduled the stress test next day. Before I could work a sweat they tossed me on the gurney like a fish and put two stints in. 90 and 80 percent blockages in the heart artery they call the widow maker. Next day left hospital for work. Lesson, be careful. It could be stress. Just think a nice trip to Vancouver in June would be very relaxing.

  8. @Kathode Sending lots of good thoughts for your Sadie. I hope she gets a good pathology report.

    That’s my last comment today, Joe. Pretty sure… 😉

  9. Dude…time to dig out the Salonpas.
    Also…please consider what Duptiang shared.

    BE safe not sorry….all your dependents NEED you.
    Start with Akemi, the puppies, mom and sis, and ALLLLLL OF US.

    Also, you may have tangled the muscles/tendons in the neck region which can result in a severe pain in the bicep. Think Chiropactic for this one.

    No – no to Karoshi already!

  10. Joe what is the cast reading there? A script? What, do they all get killed off or something? Where is their enthusiasm? We’ve seen more excitement out of Carl Binder reading a Chili’s menu.

    Hope Jelly is feeling ok today. I saw a picture of her at the vet on Akemi’s blog and it just broke my heart. Hope she is ok.

  11. Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes for Sadie! Despite the cone, she’s starting to feel much more like herself.

  12. @Kathode I’m sorry to hear. Hope Sadie is feeling better very soon.

    @Duptiang Yikes! What *IS* it about turning 50? I’ve been an orthopedic mess since 50-1/2. Never had orthopedic issues besides the occasional sprain and then WHAM! I worked for a cardiologist and that is scary stuff. I’m glad you got it treated and I hope you are feeling better now.

    Wow–those are not good possibilities in the list of things that could be wrong. I will hope it is just old age. You are such a good doggy daddy. Now go find out what’s wrong with you.

  13. Hope you both get better soon. Good health is the most important part of life, superseding everything else. On a side-note, I often eat lunch at 10 pm and dinner at 3 am, so join the club of nocturnal eaters I guess lol.

  14. Massive hugs for Jelly. Hope she’s feeling better soon and that it’s not serious. Joe, do you think you might be suffering from anxiety? It is pretty stressful launching a new show. Hope you’re feeling better soon as well.

    Cheers, Chev

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