April 23, 2015: Less Than A Month To Go!

Sympathy pains!  Not a day after I was feeling after my habanero-caffeine upset, my girl Jelly is feeling under the weather.  Apparently, she’s been alternately sleepy since she woke up – which is me on a normal day.

April 23, 2015: Less Than A Month To Go!

Hey, look at what the Dark Matter art department got!  A 3D printer, perfect for making scale models of ships and such!

April 23, 2015: Less Than A Month To Go! Set Designer Doug Slater shows off his latest creation.  I think it’s that box from Hellraiser.

Anyway, I told Doug that whenever he has time, between now and the wrap party, I’d like him to make me an Iron Man suit.  Will check in on his progress next week!

April 23, 2015: Less Than A Month To Go!

In addition to the usual prep (episodes #112 and #113 with director Andy Mikita), production (director Martin Wood shooting scenes from episode #1111 in the ship’s underbelly), and post (notes on episode #109, directed by Ron Murphy), today was our international press junket.  Jay and I chatted with reporters from Australia, Canada, the U.K., Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, France, Germany, and Peru and then headed down to walk our standing sets.  After that, the group had a chance to quiz the cast about the show, their characters, and my deplorable eating habits.

April 23, 2015: Less Than A Month To Go!

A good time was had by all.

April 23, 2015: Less Than A Month To Go!

“I came here for this?!”  Toronto Star Entertainment Reporter Tony Wong gets photobombed by Dark Matter Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza.

April 23, 2015: Less Than A Month To Go!

And we end the day in fine style, with a new addition to our ever-growing whisky/whiskey club: 17 year old Craigellachie compliments of episode #110 director (and Dark Matter stunt coordinator) John Stead.

Finally, I believe I already mentioned that, when we started the casting process for the show, we opened the roles up to all genders and ethnicities.  I’m incredibly happy with the cast we have, but here’s a taste of how slightly different the show could have looked…

23 thoughts on “April 23, 2015: Less than a month to go!

  1. Aww, poor Jelly. I hope she bounces back soon. As you get older the road does get a little bumpier, unfortunately. Give her some extra cuddles for me tonight.

    Are you going to have any links for these interviews/articles that we can post on FB, etc? I’ve love to read and share them.

    That video is awesome. Are you SURE you made the right cast to character calls? 🙂

  2. I hope Jelly feels better soon. It must be worrisome that she gets under the weather so often. You never know if her constitution is in danger of becoming a concern and thus a trip to the vet.

    So, how did all the press questioning go? Any questions that were too weird to answer?

  3. So the US reporters are scheduled separately? If so, I’ll let San Antonio EXPRESS-NEWS contacts know.

  4. SVRF memo: Saw a great multicolored one in a Fair Isle pattern yesterday. Admired but did not photograph, as a toddler was wearing it.

    Some of you may have guessed my location by now; visiting Australia! I think by now I can trust you guys with this knowledge. 😉

  5. PS to Nolamom: Should Skip be over on my side of town, he’s welcome to cruise by the house for a security looksee. Closest neighbors know we’re gone.

  6. Oh I agree the cast is great! The video was ahh, hahahah, thanks for sharing.
    Hope Ms Jelly baby is doing better, gentle hugs for her.
    More whisky(e) please…
    Will you all still be in TO in June,and pack up to go home after show airs? Got any time scheduled for Tokyo visit?

  7. Feel better soon, Miss Jelly Belly. <3

    Got treated to birthday lunch twice this week, so I'm feeling quite stuffed. I always eat too much Chinese food at my favourite restaurant. Must take advantage of the good food and generosity of friends. Just roll me in the general direction of my couch and I'll be fine.

    Thanks for the look at what might have been on DM, and for all of the behind-the-scenes info and clips and photos. Waiting impatiently for the series to begin.

  8. With Jelly, it is whatever she wants. At her age, she has earned the right to extra special treatment, after all, she is around 95-100 people years old. She has had a blessed life.

    Hey it’s Doug!! 😛 And he has made FourClan’s little box from the comic. So what’s in the box? Is Doug still talking to himself on the ride home?

    I see you’ve lined the cast up according to number. I bet that was a fun time. I would love to see that Q & A.

    I love that alternate trailer ending! Alex is so cute. Now I want to see a version with you Joe, popping up and saying… “because their dangerous!”. Do it!

  9. Really excited about Dark Matter! I hope one of the Aussie stations will pick it up or Netflix Australia or a version is available on iTunes… I am really excited to watch and hope I don’t have to wait until the end of the season for the dvd before I can see it! Congrats to all !

  10. We had several 3D printers at Aardman. I would have loved to print a Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal games but, alas, the printers were running flat out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, printing mouths. Yes, mouths. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

    Hopefully Jelly will be feeling better soon.

    @baterista9: Hope you have a great time in Australia! Say “Hi!” to Melbourne for me if you get down there!

  11. Those 3d printers look amazing. I just saw a video of someone who printed a working(Minus the wormhole 🙂 ) 3D model Stargate.

  12. I am not say but just saying, I think your E.P. Vanessa, had a bit of Ninja in her.
    Good wishes for your Jelly.

  13. Feel better, Jelly! My tummy’s bothering me today…something I ate. I need to be more careful when I go to restaurants.

    And I still can’t get my head around 3D printers. I just…can’t. It’s like magic, or something. Maybe it’s the word ‘printer’ that throws me off. Maybe it should be called a 3D sculptor instead.


  14. Sweet little Jelly sick? I’m so sorry. Please give her gentle {{{hugs}}} from me. It’s heartbreaking to see old age in our pets. I hope she snaps back to her usual self soon!

    If Akemi lived in the South, those pecan pies yesterday would have elicited a marriage proposal or two. Just saying. 😉

    Happy Birthday glowyzoey! Sounded like it was a good one.

    It looks frenzied on the Dark Matter set. Things are really heating up. Can’t wait for June!

  15. regarding the video -HAHAHA that was awesome. Sorry to hear that jelly is under the whether, I hope she feels better soon.

  16. I’d really like a 3-D printer of a Stargate. In fact, I know someone who has access to one and he made me a giraffe for #TeamTinyGiraffe on Almost Human. Maybe I’ll ask him to make me a Stargate.

    Poor Jelly. Is that a new bed? I love it. It looks very comfy and perfect for long naps, short naps and whatever else in between.

    Love the video and I love @Ponytail’s suggestion of cutting in you into one.

    @Baterista9 Australia? Awesome! Hope you are having a wonderful time. It did look like Ben Browder, didn’t it? I’d love to see him on the future guest star list (if we can’t have a recurring character, that would be a nice thing to just see him on camera).

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