Another whirlwind day!  Wrote three new scenes, rewrote another, attended a few prep meetings for episode #108 with director T.W. Peacocke, and dropped by set to watch our awesome special guest star kick ass – and look absolutely stunning doing it.  Tomorrow, we hit the bridge for more fiery antics.

P.S. I have no doubt that, after the show premieres, you’ll be scouring these past blog entries for clues and teasers.

Hey!  You know who I’ve yet to introduce?  The fun, hardworking, inspired and colorful, hat-loving ladies of the Dark Matter costume department led by Costume Designer Noreen Landry.  They’ve been creating some marvelous outfits for the show (like the stylish yet practical number worn by Wendy, Zoie’s space suit, and team handler Tabor Calchek’s comfy outfits) and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come (Callie in #108, Vons and Tash in #110-111, and Alexander Rook in #112 to name a few).

March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry And The Dark Matter Costume Department!

Costume Designer Noreen Landry.

March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry And The Dark Matter Costume Department!

Assistant Costume Designer Anna Dal Farra.

March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry And The Dark Matter Costume Department!

Head Cutter Anita O’Toole

March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry And The Dark Matter Costume Department!

Noreen again, overseeing a costumes meeting.

March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry And The Dark Matter Costume Department!

Anita throwing me the look and flashing the scissors, not-so-subtly letting me know it’s time for me to leave her work.

March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry And The Dark Matter Costume Department!

Daily Seamstress and Wardrobe Assistant Liz Gregg (Walters).

March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry And The Dark Matter Costume Department!

On-Set Supervisor Jozie Conte who keeps me lint and relatively dog hair free.

All fantastic to work with.  After this season wraps, I think I’ll get them to revamp my entire wardrobe.  Either that or start casting actors my size in season 2.

21 thoughts on “March 17, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry and the Dark Matter Costume Department!

  1. I saw an Instagram post with you and your new special guest star. She is gonna blow up this summer between your show and that OTHER one she’s gonna be on in June!

  2. The costume ladies are a very important bunch. They help set the tone and help shape the character’s personalities. Be glad Anita wasn’t flashing you the look and throwing the scissors. I am very camera shy, so you’d probably never get a picture of me.

    Was it Torri kicking butt today?

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  4. I am certain “Wendy’s” costume will be tasteful yet flattering; spandex is a privilege not a right.

  5. Here’s a thought for Season 2: Former colony, now well-established independent planet, that successfully formed and maintains a matriarchal government.

  6. Head Cutter – I’d like a job title like that! People would know to keep their distance and not give me any crap.

  7. Welcome Noreen, Anna, Anita, Liz, and Jozie and Jessie!

    I am somewhere between “do not envy” and “am in total awe of” Anita’s job. Cutting is no joke. I sew a little, and not all that well, and have a knack for screwing things up when it comes to scissors. I inherited mom’s bolts of raw silk which Dad brought home from Japan in the 50s. They remain uncut because I am terrified of ruining them.

    I salute your costume department, because what they do is simply amazing! And I haven’t even seen anything yet, I just know that has to be a universal truth.

  8. The costumes are not at all what I was expecting, I’m loving the detail on that dark blue robe with the long flowing white sleeves, I see a lot of flowy styles and gorgeous colors, I realize now that I was expecting it to be all space suits and spandex like Trek. I love the Blade Runner vibe in all those big gray coats and cool textures in the fabrics.

  9. @Jenny Horn

    I hope you’re able to find someone to adopt him. He sounds like quite the cat. Best of luck with your search.

  10. Great to meet more of the wonderful crew. Hi ladies!

    Oh, we had another blizzard here today. I guess that’s like saying the Sun came up, nowadays. I’m not sure how much more snow we got. 30cms? 100? 1000? I’m tired of keeping track frankly.


  11. Sorry to change the subject, and I may have missed it at some point, but can you talk about the soundtrack and score for dark matter?

    One of the things I loved about SGU was the awesome soundtrack and use of music to progress the story.

    I realise you can’t give too much away, but throw us a bone!

  12. OH Joe, put in your clothing order soon, these ladies are the ones to befriend, cookies might be in order. happy happy happy!!
    You are having so much fun! Thanks for sharing..

  13. Haha I love that you have someone de-lint you. Oh the stories she must bring home. Is the guest star blonde, brunette, red-head or something else?

    Cheers, Chev

  14. I am in awe of anyone who can sew. I originally thought I had some talent in my 8th grade year, having made Barbie clothes most of my childhood. I made a patchwork fabric purse, a pair of denim gauchos with a overall kind of bib to it, which I proudly wore to school. But once out of sewing class, I just lost it over the years. Then a stubborn sewing machine that jammed every time I tried to use it had me throw in the towel. I have no desire to ever try to pick it back up either. So welcome and thanks to all you talented women on Dark Matter and on this blog who can create such beauty.

  15. My friends and I discovered the show thanks to my dad and WE LOVE IT!!! We (friends) are interested in one specific part/question about 2’s costume in a scene of episode 3. I even had my dad take a picture and tweet Melissa O’neill about it. Is there a way to talk to the costume department to answer a simple question?


  16. Just catching up with Dark Matter on Netflix, as I don’t have cable. I am SO IMPRESSED! The set design is awesome, and the costuming is amazing…so much attention to detail! It adds so much depth and credibility to to whole show…the viewer could easily believe that this reality exists! Truly loving the show…the storyline, the character development…and the costuming is just the perfect final touch. You ladies should have your own clothing line…I want it all!! 😀

  17. Episode 4… the leather jacket that ‘Two’ is wearing is to DIE for. I want. I need. IS it available anywhere?

  18. The quality and attention to detail of the costumes are exquisite. A great combination of contemporary with a futuristic noir flare. A job,nay passion, well done. And, I’d pay a pretty penny to get one of those cryo-sleep suits from episode 1 as a Halloween costume. Cheers.

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