January 14, 2015: Dark Matter In Production!  Zoie Palmer Kicks Ass!
Director T.J. Scott, all smiles

Yes, Zoie Palmer kicked ass today.  For about eleven hours – punching, blocking, shoving, kicking, hurling, staring down, and choking out multiple opponents.  And that was just in the lineup to get lunch!  The extended action sequence we shot was intense, and Zoie looked like she’d been beating up guys all of her life (food for thought the next time I consider giving her a line reading).  Actors Roger Cross, Marc Bendavid, Anthony Lemke, and Alex Mallari Jr. proved equally skilled – at getting their butts kicked.

January 14, 2015: Dark Matter In Production!  Zoie Palmer Kicks Ass!
T.J. at the helm

A special thanks to stunt coordinator John Stead who did a phenomenal job choreographing the fight and stunts, his awesome team, and director T.J. Scott who captured all the action.  They get to do it all over again next week.  Twice!

January 14, 2015: Dark Matter In Production!  Zoie Palmer Kicks Ass!

I know, I know.  Many of you are asking for pics of Zoie – and I do plan to post some…eventually.  But given her unique look or the show, I’m going to have to wait until the official reveal – hopefully sometime sooner than later.

Also, sadly, no “dance of the day” for this blog entry as actor Alex Mallari Jr. (FOUR), was too busy…shooting a t.v. show.  But I’m sure he’ll make it up to us by offering up something REALLY special tomorrow.  Failing that, I wonder if we can convince Anthony Lemke to fill in?

Today’s screen grab of the day…

January 14, 2015: Dark Matter In Production!  Zoie Palmer Kicks Ass!Curiouser and curiouser.

After dinner tonight, Akemi pointed out that Valentine’s Day was fast-approaching and wondered whether the show would be doing a chocolate exchange similar to the Dark Matter cookie exchange we did in December.  When I told her it was unlikely, she seemed genuinely disappointed.  Maybe we need to organize something amongst us our little blog community.

21 thoughts on “January 14, 2015: Dark Matter in production! Zoie Palmer kicks ass!

  1. I would LOVE that! I missed out on getting Valentines cards as a kid so i would be happy to erase those memories with chocolate… 🙂

    I tweeted Anthony in hopes he will let you film him doing a “dance of the day” so got my fingers crossed maybe Alex and Anthony could do one together and make it super epic.

    Well I’m going to bed, if I was fast commenting it was because I just published my post and saw yours come up. Have a great night and day!

  2. You had doubts ZP couldn’t kick ass….silly silly man…#PalmerBadAssForTheWin

  3. I see no reason Alex has to do the Dark Matter Dance of the Day by himself. He might be busy some days. I think it can be any cast or crew member, even you Joe. Take turns for our amusement. Everybody dance now!!

  4. Love your behind the scenes look at the new show. It definitely got me more excited and it sounds like you guys had a real good day. I’m curious about the unique look but I have to say I hope the android will still look more human than not. After all, Zoie Palmer is a beautiful woman.

  5. @Ponytail: I totally agree with you. Why should Alex have all the fun. I vote we rotate actors, producers, directors, everybody for “dance of the day”. 😀

  6. That screen grab shot is smokin’ , as are the male types photos you are so sweetly sharing with us, thanks.
    ~I vote with Akemi, some chocolate should be the order of the day(s).
    ~~Dance on!!

  7. @Curiouser and curiouser.

    Great picture, it does have an element of mystery about it 🙂

  8. @chocolate exchange

    It’d be interesting to see what you come up with, there’s so much people can do with chocolate, at lot more than with what you can do with cookies.

  9. Taking all that butt kicking into consideration, the next time Zoie gives you medical advice, I suggest you take it!

    Joe, what about your formerly-annual chocolate party? That was always a big hit. I’d be open to a blog chocolate thing.

    @das: Check out “Dig” from Mudvayne. Ryan uses some nifty open string octave chording. Dig

  10. Ha! I just realized I know Mr. Lemke from Murdoch Mysteries (Artful Detective, US)! Woo! Now…to get Jonny Harris on the show… 😉


  11. How would that work? Maybe we need to organize something amongst us our little blog community.

    Are you doing a chocolate party this year?

  12. I completely understand the holdout on showing Zoie’s new getup. I just hope the makeup doesn’t obscure those gorgeous eyes!

    Can you do us all a favor? For the health of your show’s cast and crew, and for the intangible awesome effect it seems to have on a show’s success, can you do whatever you can to keep it goofy and fun on set? I think the rewards from having a cast and crew that gets along well and keeps a great sense of humor, behind the scenes anyway, goes a LOOONG way.

    Ooh, almost forgot. I saw a commercial the other night for some travel company or credit card or something(can’t remember, wasn’t truly paying attention) that was encouraging people to travel to new locations. Well, in this montage of “new locations” they were flashing through was, what had to be, that robot restaurant you guys went to in Shinjuku! I saw a quick flash of that main robot and knew I knew him from somewhere! If I see it again, I’ll try to remember to post a link to the commercial here for you so you can relive the festivities.

    -Mike A.

  13. Is director T.J. Scott responsible for all those fantastic looking shots in your Screen Grab of The Day? This is gonna be a good looking show! In every aspect!

  14. How about doing something similar to the cookie exchange but do chocolates instead? you can start off small with this first year and then plan something bigger for season 2?

  15. When is Dark Matter Airing. Will love to see Zoie Palmer in Action again after 1 Episode in Nikita.

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