Last night, Akemi and I visited Old Montreal, my neighborhood of choice should we ever get a place here.  It’s beautiful, especially this time of year –

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

After taking a stroll, we headed over to our dining destination on this night: Le Bremner, sister restaurant to Garde Manger.  There’s no signage outside the restaurant so, if you go, make sure you check the address.

A few of the culinary highlights –

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

Akemi’s hake and maple dashi clam chowder.  She loved it – but found it too rich and could finish it.  So I finished it for her.

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

The lobster BLT

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

Pancakes and sucre a la creme Pimms butter.

Equally terrific were the Jerusalem Artichoke 3 ways, the lamb heart & remoulade, and my lamb neck cavetelli.

December 28, 2014: Old Montreal!  Le Bremner!

Our dining companions: my friend (and future collaborator?) Anne-Marie Perrotta and her fiancé  Jerome.

More good times – and equally good eating.  But when I get back to Toronto, I’m ON THE PROGRAM!

No.  Really.

9 thoughts on “December 28, 2014: Old Montreal! Le Bremner!

  1. That lobster BLT looks so good!! All the pictures look so good!

    Come January 1st, I’m on the program too! Expect one grumpy commenter!

  2. Hi Joe. I just finished reading a book that I’d be curious on your opinion, The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle. It’s an interesting book that combines secret spy organizations with Nazis, archaeology, and of course, Atlantis. The style it’s written in was a bit off putting at first, with very short chapters and jumping from the various characters, but after getting into it, became less of an issue for me. I would say that it reads much like a movie playing out in your head. I’ve enjoyed many of your recommendations over the years of doing your blog and thought I’d mention one for you.

  3. I’ve been to Old Montreal just once, but I can confirm it is beautiful! 🙂

    Made dinner tonight for mom and she said it tasted just like dinner at a restaurant! Hopefully she meant a 3 star Michelin restaurant and not a greasy spoon…

    I made roasted root veggies – potatoes, beets, turnips, anise, carrots, onions, garlic, with fresh thyme, olive oil, a dash of balsamic vinegar (added 30 mins. into roasting), and diced red bell pepper (it adds to the ‘roasted’ flavor), and chicken tagine with apricots.

    Tagines are my favorite ‘stews’ – so easy, and SO flavorful! For this one I just sauteed onions and cilantro stems in olive oil and butter, added chicken (marinated in olive oil, just a bit of apple cider vinegar, garlic, and ras el hanout, a Moroccan seasoning), cooked it a bit, then added some water, a bit more seasoning (inc. salt and pepper), and chopped cilantro leaves. Meanwhile I brought a little water to boil, added honey, cinnamon sticks, and dried apricots, and stewed them down until the apricots were very tender and the liquid syrupy. Added that to the chicken, cooked a few more minutes, and served with shaved almonds and rice. ‘Twas yum! 🙂

    I used this recipe as a guide, and made changes according to my tastes and ingredients on hand –

    (I used boneless, skinless breast – and marinated it first . Also included cilantro stems with the sauteed onions, used ras el hanout instead of individual spices, left the cilantro leaves in (forgot the parsley 😛 ), and used sliced almonds instead of whole. Also, I cooked the chicken a bit longer, reducing the liquid to a thick sauce, almost a ‘glaze’. It really was delish! 😀

    Yesterday I made this – again, very yummy!

    Pretty much stuck to the recipe – used purple kale. Next time I think I’ll use a bit less of the greens – the bunch I had was huge and I had to cook it all because I didn’t have room in the fridge to store it. 🙂

    Later this week I’m going to tackle Romanesco (a.k.a. Romanesque cauliflower or Romanesco broccoli). Found it at the local farm market and just had to try it! 🙂

    Okay…gotta catch some shut eye. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  4. The food looks great, especially the lobster (of course) and the pancakes!

    Would you be collaborating with Anne-Marie (Hi!) on DM, or a new project?

    @Das: That dinner sounds fantastic!

  5. I have never been to Montreal and I have to say that the city looks beautiful through your photos. Food looks delicious! Wishing you and Akemi a very happy and blessed new year! 🙂

  6. Das: Yum, that sounds great!

    Montreal is beautiful! Do they have English sections too? Great looking food porn!

    Your friends look so happy to see you. Glad you’re having fun!

  7. Glad to share with you another fun day in Montreal!!, Good friends, good food,nice.
    OT, I was watching the Librarians last night and the intro were 2 people in a woods, looking for something, gps and all, then they had the running part, maybe dragons, chasing them,, but anyway, the cool part of this scene was when they guy was hollering for the girl, he called her Akemi and thats what the close captioned also spelled it, I was surprised and thought it was neat, just wanted to share..

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