December 13, 2014: Snow Dogs!

Well, turns out I’m not the only one who is going to have to get used to deep freeze here in Toronto.

December 13, 2014: Snow Dogs!

Due to her hip dysplasia, arthritic shoulders, and advanced age (almost 16!), Jelly gets a free ride.   Literally.  She gets shuttled from the hotel to the park and back in a special dog stroller.  Pro: The comfy trip.  Con: She pays the price by having to wear the Santa Pug outfit.  Akemi insists: “The dogs LOVE to dress up!”.  I remain unconvinced.

In emergencies, the patio offers a great back-up to the long and involved trek to the park.  Snow can complicate matters though!

December 13, 2014: Snow Dogs!

For the rest of the gang, who don’t have the luxury of stroller rides, it’s socks and boots (and jackets and Christmas bells)!  Getting them dressed is a two-person job.

December 13, 2014: Snow Dogs!

But once we’re done, it’s a stylin’ all systems go!

December 13, 2014: Snow Dogs!

Although, in retrospect, the addition of hats might be advisable.

December 13, 2014: Snow Dogs!

Alternately, dialing down the fun ensures a mercifully quick and much less snowy stroll.

Lulu, however, always makes the best of even the worst situations.  If life gives you snow, make snowmanades.  Or just chase down a ball.

17 thoughts on “December 13, 2014: Snow Dogs!

  1. Loving the dog pics! I’m usually not a dog dress-up fan, but Jelly’s Santa suit (Mrs. Santa?) does look pretty cute. I read one time that dogs really don’t care about the dressing up part (unless they’re physically uncomfortable, of course) but they ARE very sensitive to our reactions. So, if they pick up that we don’t like it, they immediately are “embarrassed”. I do totally understand the doggie sweater idea though, especially for smaller dogs. And the boots help a lot with the snow. My friends’ previous dog Toby (I miss him terribly) would wind up with bleeding feet if he didn’t wear them and the snow was wet. It would pack in between the pads until he was very uncomfortable.

    Wow, Lulu can really run! And she’s great at fetch!

    Meanwhile, here in NB we’re enjoying a fairly warm stretch of weather after the big rain storm the middle of last week. It hit +7C here today and while not quite sunny, it was pleasant enough. We’re not supposed to have any days much below freezing until later in the week. It doesn’t look like a white Christmas here, for better or worse.

  2. PUPPIES!! 😀 Thanks for the vids and pics, Joe! Love Akemi in those pictures, too – so pretty and natural! 🙂


  3. AWWWWW! thanks for the doggy pictures and videos. That snow is way too deep for the baby. Love the outfits Akemi, great job, and the boots are a must. Jelly looks like royalty!

  4. Cute, cute, cute, cute!! One cute for each dog and one for Akemi!

    Lulu needs some ear muffs. Big giant ones.

  5. My Bichon shih tzu mix loves snow but it packs in his hair. I have to use a hair dryer to melt it off and he hates THAT

  6. While I generally don’t like Halloween costumes on pets, sweaters and booties on small, short-haired dogs are a must in cold climates. I think of it as a health and safety issue, so it doesn’t bug me as much as costumes. It is very difficult and/or uncomfortable for short dogs to do their business in deep snow. Please shovel a corner of the patio for your babies. Thank you for the photos and videos. Precious babies. Hug and pets to all from me. 🙂

  7. Jelly and I are of advanced age and deserve, not only a chariot (excuse me, it’s NOT a stroller) but also garments appropriate to the weather and the season. At least her humans have their priorities straight!

  8. Hi Joe
    Uh oh… Rodgers had a horrible day. Hope your other players had good ones.


  9. hilarious! How long do they keep the socks on befor biting them off? Do they really keep their paws warm? You two are good pet parents.

  10. The bells are so cute! It’s like Lulu was born to be-belled and swaddled in red velvet.

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