We are officially in prep on episodes #101 and #102 of Dark Matter.  The train has left the station and is barreling down the tracks.  There’s no turning back now. We’re making a t.v. show!

As we creep ever-closer to our first day of shooting, the days grow longer, the pace more frenzied, and the meetings just keep on coming…

December 12, 2014: Dark Matter!  The Week In Meetings!
The Art Department meeting

Production Designer Ian Brock and his team guide us through ongoing and upcoming construction and builds.  The corridors, now textured and painted, are looking awesome.  Following a small adjustment to the layout of the forward consoles, work has resumed on the bridge’s walls and monitors.  The ship’s lower deck section is pretty damn impressive, with its dark blue metallic multi-level look. And we finally signed off on our shuttle (the Phantom Class Marauder) which will start coming together in the coming weeks.

December 12, 2014: Dark Matter!  The Week In Meetings!
The Concept meeting

Holy Smokes, it’s really happening!  The various department heads gather to cram themselves into our conference room and discuss the game plan for our first two episodes.  For those of you not familiar with production – or who may be new to this blog – the concept meeting is the very first meeting of prep week.  The 1st A.D. (assistant director), in this case Brandon Tataryn who I’ll be introducing you to in the coming weeks, goes through the script to ensure everyone knows what, if anything, will be required of them in each scene.  For instance, Costumes should have an idea for what our crew will be wearing when they first come out of stasis, while Props should know how many guns we’ll need for the final shootout.

December 12, 2014: Dark Matter!  The Week In Meetings!
The Stunts/SPFX meeting

SPFX stands for Special Effects, and that includes everything from squib hits to explosions, sparkage to steam.  Our stunt coordinator, John Stead (another guy I’ll be introducing you to in the days ahead), has his work cut out for him as he’ll be choreographing a few big throw-downs, from the opening bridge fracas to the longer and more involved 4 on 1 encounter with the ship’s “security protocol”.  Then, in episode #102, things get real down and dirty – and bloody! – on the planet.

December 12, 2014: Dark Matter!  The Week In Meetings!
The VFX/Graphics/Playback meeting

Oh, yeah!  We’re a scifi series, and that means stunning visual effects.  A familiar face from our Stargate days, Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, is on hand to supervise sequences like “the missile pursuit” and those FTL jumps and exits.  And, of course, graphics and playback are going to be key to telling our story and ensuring the show maintains that cool, SF visual style.

Remember this?

December 12, 2014: Dark Matter!  The Week In Meetings!

And this?

December 12, 2014: Dark Matter!  The Week In Meetings!

Next week  = more meetings and mayhem!

18 thoughts on “December 12, 2014: Dark Matter! The Week in Meetings!

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. I have high expectations based on your prior projects, and I am rooting for your success! Entertain me!

  2. Wow! That’s a lot of work! I’m happy to do my part by just kicking back on the couch and watching when it comes on. With some soda!

  3. Sounds very exciting! Looking forward to that first episode to come out and to see all of this hard work finally come to fruition. Seems like you all have a great team!

  4. So magic means a bunch of somebodies are hard working, creative and talented! Wow, huh?

    Last night I went to the local church’s holiday dinner with my neighbor; both our husbands were working, both our husbands were working so I went to keep her company. Hey a free meal. Yeah, well, the salad was good. There was ham, and I got some from the good one, green beans straight outta the can, stale rolls, and “funeral potatoes”. A sort of scalloped potato, or au gratin, which is at every potluck. I’ve eaten better at Navy chow halls. There were tables loaded with desserts, mostly brownies and sheet cakes. I hadn’t realized what a good baker I am until I was faced with that horror show. My goodness I’ve gotten to be a food snob. A low budget food snob, but still, I’m darn picky these days.

    And then there’s the whole I’m an ex-Mormon thing, and have not set foot in a Mormon church except for Mom’s funeral since 1975. A formally resigned Mormon, which is the same thing as being Satan’s handmaiden (no, really). I played nice though. Yikes. Unless you’ve been in the hive mind, it is difficult to explain why going to such a thing is fraught with trips and traps for an ex-Mo. I got out unscathed, at least for now.

  5. wow! you guys look just as tired and stressed as in our work meetings!! lol
    had no idea about the amount of work and pressure behind the enjoyable series i have been watching made by you Joe! well done! I so look forward to viewing these new babies!! and still wait for SGU’s return, if not SG1

  6. Dreams do come true, it has happened to you, how cool is all that!! thanks for the updates..

  7. So exciting! I give you huge credit Joe, for your patience and persistence in getting the production to this point. I’m sure at many times it seemed like it was a thousand years away, if ever. And lucky for us, your hard work (and of course now the hard work of many, many others) is our great entertainment!

    I can’t wait to see the final product on the screen. I’ve been talking it up to everyone I know and have gotten a few people actively looking forward to it.

  8. Hey I just picked up the 4 comics from the Dark Horse website and I wanted to say I was excited for this just based on my love of all things Stargate, But after reading all 4 I am super stoked and can’t wait to see these characters, ships, and story lines come to life on my screen. Also I’m very pleased to see how much talent you have from Stargate working on the project. Good luck and thanks for the updates.


  9. Hey, Mr. Mallozzi!

    I’ve been a longtime fan of the Stargate universe and I’m pretty excited to see that you’re working on a new science fiction show.

    But I was wondering – do you have any technical advisors on matters of science? Are there any physicists or futurists that you talk to?

    In the past fifteen years, there have been some pretty huge shifts in what many scientists think the future will hold. Revolutions in 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and biohacking have changed our understanding and expectation of what humanity will be like in a hundred or a thousand years. I’d be very interested in having a conversation with you about what the future will be like. As a science fiction content creator, you have a privileged position that allows you to comment on and contribute to this vision! Very exciting stuff.


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