December 14, 2014: Snow Monkeys, Bourbon-laced Cookies, And Dogs!

My Fantasy Football team, The Snow Monkeys, are on life support following a career worst performance by Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  And subpar performances by Tre Mason, Steve Smith, and Adam Vinatieri didn’t help.  We’re down 96.82 to 71.2o heading into tomorrow’s Monday Night game.  Do you think my final player, running back Matt Forte, has 27 fantasy points in him?  He did it once before this season, in Atlanta.  Can he do it at home against the New Orleans Saints?  I’m staying positive!

December 14, 2014: Snow Monkeys, Bourbon-laced Cookies, And Dogs!
Drunken Uncles!

In addition to bemoaning my Snow Monkeys inevitable defeat, I spent much of the weekend refining my recipe for Monday’s Dark Matter cookie exchange.

December 14, 2014: Snow Monkeys, Bourbon-laced Cookies, And Dogs!
“A watched cookie never bakes” – old proverb

All told, I will make approximately 80 of my Bourbon Brown Butter Cookies with Roasted White Chocolate Chunks (a.k.a. “Drunken Uncles” – thanks to Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, a fellow Fantasy Football weekend loser, who came up with the name), six for each cookie exchange participant plus leftovers for the innocent bystanders.

December 14, 2014: Snow Monkeys, Bourbon-laced Cookies, And Dogs!
A dejected Lawren heads home, depressed by his team’s elimination from fantasy football playoff contention – and the fact that there’s already a drink called a Drunken Uncle.

And when she wasn’t helping me bake cookies, Akemi was making the dogs breakfast…

December 14, 2014: Snow Monkeys, Bourbon-laced Cookies, And Dogs!

This morning, for instance, it was banana pancakes.  Yes.  The dogs had a banana pancake breakfast.  They can file that one away in the “pro” column.

December 14, 2014: Snow Monkeys, Bourbon-laced Cookies, And Dogs!

And this one under “con”.

16 thoughts on “December 14, 2014: Snow Monkeys, Bourbon-laced Cookies, and Dogs!

  1. Don’t the Snow Monkeys always court disaster and at the last minute pull through for the win? Or at least near-win? I’m sure they’ll be fine. Poor Lawren though – he looks absolutely disconsolate.

    I’m sure the cookies will be great! Did you finally get the recipe nailed down? I’m assuming so since they wouldn’t be up for office consumption otherwise.

    Re: the dogs – No question, life is a series of trade offs! 🙂

  2. Those cookies look delicious! Are you willing to share the recipe? Or is a trademark infringement lawsuit likely due to Lawren inadvertently ripping off the Drunken Uncle name?

    If that’s the case, how about “Secret Cookie Recipe No. X”?

  3. oh to be a dog in your house! The cookies look great too.

  4. Cookie corollary: UN-watched cookies will BURN. Been there, done that, noted it in my 4-H Cooking Club manual.

  5. I’m sure the dogs are thinking the fancy hats, collars, sweaters, boots are a small price to pay for everything else they get.. love, attention, endless cuddling, special dinners with faces, homemade pancakes, cookies, little fishes, veggies, beds, walks in the park, carpet…

  6. Fingers crossed for the Snow Monkeys!

    The cookies look great and I’m sure taste just as great! I know Toronto is cold but Akemi huddled by the oven is just pathetic!

    Those pancakes look good enough to eat! Except for the banana. Cooked banana? *retch*

    I spent Sunday cooking my annual batch of stollen. Unfortunately I must have pulled them out of the oven too early because they’ve all got a small amount of uncooked dough in the middle. 🙁 I suspect the crème d’amande filling was a bit too wet and it slowed the dough cooking.

  7. The cookies look fantastic! Good luck with the exchange. 😀

    Still thinking costumes are a con. :p

  8. Maybe that poor sad little monkey needs a cookie or some pancakes? Yes, recipe would be great,hint,hint.. and maybe Lawren need some of the bourbon from the cookies?!? Cheer up Lawren, like to see your face smiling, ?it’s only a game?!?
    ~I am near the end of my sewing projects for gifts,and my machine crapped out,,maybe santa will get me a new one for be xmas??

  9. It’s official. Your dogs eat better than I do.

    The Drunken Uncle’s look good! I never thought I’d use those words together in a sentence. Have you figured out how they “roast” the white chocolate? The Google was uncharacteristically unhelpful

  10. Without my reading glasses, I read the name of the cookies as “Drunken Undies”. My, oh my.

    Bananas don’t give your dogs gas? I won’t even let my husband eat bananas. Stinky.

  11. I’ll allow Forte to do well as long as Martellus Bennett has a good game, too. I’m also in the playoffs of my league and while I am up 31 points and my opponent has Matt Forte, I’ve got Martellus Bennett. Bennett has been money for me most games, so I’m not too worried. But, you never know, Forte could go off at any moment!

    Tell Lawren he does a great Affleck “Sad Batman”! Also, can’t wait to see what he and the VFX/Playback Dept. comes up with for DM. I’m sure it’ll be amazing stuff! I’ve got a lot of those playback files from the SG franchise and the amount and level of detail is really astounding!

    -Mike A.

  12. I can already taste those pancakes with those little berries at ihop, ligonberries? Anways, they look delicious, can people eat those too? Lucky pugs!

  13. The dogs are living a life like a royal dog. I have said it before and I will say it again–Akemi should start a dog food eatery with emphasis on baked goods.

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