We’re heavy into prep on episodes #101-102 and, with the commencement of principal photography about a month away, sets are coming together nicely.  Our ship, The Raza, has come a long way in the past couple of weeks.  The corridors have been textured with faux-grate flooring, pipes, vents, and grills, its walls painted in metallic hues, sliding doors installed; the quarters are coming to life, the sub-level cargo hold and walkways finished, and the bridge…the window are in, front AND top, and the consoles went in today.

Meanwhile, work is being completed on the shuttle (the Phantom Class Marauder) interior design.  We’ve gone back and forth on its various elements – width, depth, seating layout, windows, and location of the door – and are in the process of finalizing the look.  I wanted something similar to the puddle jumper in terms of layout with a little more of the depth of the SGU shuttle.  Ultimately, I think we’ll also incorporate an element of the SG-1 cargo ships with its sectioned cockpit and separate hold.

Anyway, I contacted Stargate Production Designer James Robbins, who has been doing some fabulous design work for us on Dark Matter (Can’t wait to show you his work on The Marauder, the space station, and the various cruiser, destroyer, and shuttle class versions of the Ferrous Corp, Mikkei Combine, and Galactic Authority ships!), and asked him about the dimensions of those smaller Stargate ship designs.  He sent me the following which I thought were too cool not to share with you –

December 10, 2014: The Shuttle!

As James points out, the dimensions are from our VFX department and may not reflect what was actually built.  80 feet long for the SGU shuttle seems a bit much, but the 40 foot length of the Atlantis puddle jumper sounds about right.

December 10, 2014: The Shuttle!

Takes you back, no?

Many thanks to James for digging these up from the archive!

Prep continues with non-stop meetings.  Today, it was the concept meeting followed by visual effects, playback, and impromptu hair meeting, stunts, and special effects.  Tomorrow, it’s an Art Department review, props, paints, another hair meeting, and not one but TWO gun meetings!

13 thoughts on “December 10, 2014: The shuttle!

  1. I should be at that hair meeting… 😉

    Speaking of hair and stuff (i.e. physical appearances), why do the bad guys always have to be pale?


    Looks pretty intense, no? I loved Road Warrior, “but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”…and now I prefer watching stuff like this:


    Yeah…that’s about all the drama I can handle these days… 😛


  2. Those are awesome. Hmm .. I always thought the bridge for the Daedalus was up front… who would have thought.

  3. I would love to see how they did all the faux painting! It’s really coming together. Loved all the SGU ships!

    Thanks to all that posted yesterday. There were some funny and cringe worthy anecdotes shared!

  4. @arcticgoddess: Since the shuttle was mean for atmospheric flight as well as space, I imagine it was for stability(?)

    Those concept drawings are really cool! The Daedalus looks quite a bit more menacing there.

  5. Thanks for the images James and Joe! Very cool!

    Can’t wait to see the Raza and all the other Dark Matter goodness.

    I just recalled another food fail. Also involved the lovely habanero:

    Shortly after my first run in with the habanero, I made a batch of my awesome habanero sauce, and used one of my mother’s strainers to strain out the seeds and skins. I washed all the utensils when I was done, as you do.

    A few weeks later, Mom baked up peanut butter cookies. And used her strainer to sift the flour. Guess what was still thoroughly infused with the capsaicin from the peppers? Yep, the strainer. Spicy peanut butter cookies are surprisingly good!

  6. Oh my goodness. Between learning that Mr. Robbins is working on stuff for Dark Matter, seeing these diagrams he shared, and the prospect of reports on the TWO future gun meetings….my nerd boner will be off the charts!

    This newfangled show of yours is getting better and better!

    -Mike A.

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