1. I’m back in Vancouver.  And exhausted.  I’ve got seven days to get my crap together, including: banking, car servicing, making arrangements for the house, and making a turducken AND piecaken for this Sunday!

2. The official announcement on my new series is coming.  No, really!  Apparently, Tuesday is the day.

3. Ever wanted to own a figurine of yourself?  Or a figurine of your favorite Executive Producer?  Well check out this place, located right here in Vancouver, where you can pop in, get scanned, and have your very own mini me delivered to you in 72 hours: http://mini-me.ca

4. Comcast goes above and beyond the call of shitty customer service: http://gawker.com/comcast-half-apologizes-to-the-customer-it-allegedly-go-1644252018 

5. 10 t.v. shows that are really creepy if you think about them: http://io9.com/10-tv-shows-that-are-really-creepy-if-you-think-about-t-1644845434

6. Oh, I noticed: http://www.cracked.com/article_21574_5-movie-plans-that-you-didnt-notice-rely-entirely-luck.html

7. “They taste like burning.”  http://www.vulture.com/2014/09/28-simpsons-quotes-every-fan-must-know.html

8. Uh.  Oh.  Okay: http://defamer.gawker.com/nielsen-weve-been-getting-tv-ratings-wrong-since-march-1644853977

9. Pecan pie at the bottom of the list?!  Creamed horns lower than apple fritters?!  Plain croissants at number #1?!  Nonsense!  http://rankings.gawker.com/pastries-ranked-1635451466

10. Pursuant to my recent post about the new Twin Peaks series, here are 10 Things Showtime’s New Twin Peaks Series Needs To Do: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2014/10/post_10.php

11.  Oh.  And THIS re: Golden Boy Marin Gero: http://deadline.com/2014/10/l-a-complex-martin-gero-phoenix-project-cw-849644/

14 thoughts on “October 10, 2014: News of note!

  1. Those Mini-me figures look amazing, and quite well done. I love the look of that Moon one on their website, but no mention of the size. I bet that company will come up with some really interesting pieces in time.

  2. And, bizarrely, today my articles about you and Dark Matter from three years ago are getting favorited and retweeted all over Twitter…a lot. Also, hello, how are you? It’s been a while since we talked. 🙂

    1. Well hey, Joseph, long time no talk. Let’s catch up next week after the official announcement.

  3. I can imagine you’re exhausted! I got tired just reading the stuff you did this week. And will be doing. Looking like no Thanksgiving dinner for me, unfortunately. The last couple of years, I would take my step-mom out to lunch somewhere where we could have a turkey dinner. She always enjoyed that so much. This year, I’m of no mind to go through the hassle of just making one for myself, so not sure what I’ll do.

    I thought initially that it would be great the next time I’m in Vanc to get miniatures made of myself, and give them as Christmas gifts! Then I checked out the price. I’m not worth that much!

    I STILL use the phrase “tastes like burning” after all these years.

    How did the pups greet you on your arrival home? Beside themselves, I bet!

  4. Hope you have a great weekend! I agree with Ponytail, an assistant would be good.

    Tuesday? Yay!

  5. i don’t like pecan pie, so i’m fine with it being at the bottom of the list. but i refuse to believe that turnovers are better than sticky buns or pain au chocolat isn’t better than a plain croissant.

  6. If i had to take a shot in the dark i would have to say that the big announcement will come on blastr.com.

  7. Congrats to Martin Gero. The shows that are creepy–I remember that show “Out of This World” now that I saw the picture from it. What a blast from my past.

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