September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

As it turns out, it wasn’t Prince Albert Victor or Queen Victoria’s obstetrician or author Lewis Caroll.  It was…some crazy guy:

September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

His parents aren’t kicking him out of the house!  And the poor kid’s only 29!

September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

Bananas prevent strokes!  Eat more bananas!

September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

Apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight and ward of heart disease!  Drink more apple cider vinegar!

September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

Eating chocolate may help ease cramping associated with peripheral artery disease!  Eat more chocolate!

September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

Chocolate may contain lead and cadmium!  Don’t eat anymore chocolate!

September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

Chocolate help guard against heart attacks and strokes!  Eat more chocolate!

September 8, 2014: News Of Note!

Socks can lead to tummy upset!  Don’t eat socks!

18 thoughts on “September 8, 2014: News of note!

  1. And little Chiweenies named Kiwi can eat a huge hand full of carpet fibers and survive without needing surgery…and some of those fibers were 27 inches long!!! I know, I measured them. If I knew if this site lets us post photos, I’d show you.

    The little ‘rug rat’ is fine after a late night visit to the ER vet and several X-rays to be sure she had thrown it all up.

    And boy, did she throw it all up…..LOL.

  2. Not a royal connection? Just a crazy? Where’s the fun in that?

    Of course chocolate is the solution to multiple evils’

  3. QUESTION: – Did any of those SOCKS “match”..?

    CAD[mium]BURY Chocolate..?

  4. Good day Joe and Akemi, and thanks so much for surfing and finding this information, things I need to know, and the chocolate, whew, I am going with the final answer, its all good.. That poor dog,,and ick, they really need to pick up their socks. ick. I think I might have kicked out that young man way before 29 years old…I am talking suitcases on the porch, change the locks. Your yahoo Canada seems a little more interesting that my yahoo mail us. I hope you all are packed and ready to go to the airport, I read somewhere,I think on the inside of a lid on my snapple tea that Hawaii is moving toward Japan at the rate of almost 4 inches per year, so maybe the flight will be shorter..

  5. So you’re saying it’s OK to eat chocolate socks wrapped around a banana soaked in apple cider vinegar?

  6. This blog entry gave me teh gigglz. 😀

    When Boo! was about 6 months old, he ate 12 fringes off of a lap throw – a LOT of ‘fiber’ for a kitten to consume. Fortunately he threw most (all?) of it up – that’s the way we discovered his dirty deed. These were good size fringes, too, as you can see from this picture of the crime scene (with an unsharpened pencil for size reference):


  7. Peggy: Wow! Glad it turned out well.

    Happy Birthday Jennifer!

    I don’t like bananas but I’m trying to eat one every day. They would so much better dipped in chocolate though…. 🙁

  8. I’ll believe the Cleveland Clinic, thanks. That’s where my Dad had his 1977 double bypass (age 57), which gave him 10 good years (before Parkinson’s diagnosis).

  9. Das: It’s been that kind of week…it’s only Tuesday but it seems like the week has gone on forever. I want to change places with my cat for a few weeks… 🙁

  10. Hey Joe
    There is only one ‘news of note’ I’m looking for….


  11. @ Tam Dixon – There have been MANY times I’ve wanted to change places with my cat…

    Then I remember the whole ‘butt licking’ thing, and quickly change my mind. 😛


  12. I have a client whose dog is OCD for socks, too. I got one of them out of his throat right before he was ready to swallow and then had the adrenaline let down afterward. She was laughing when I told her the story. I had rug burns on my shins trying to get to him.

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