September 7, 2014: The Lodger!

Pictured above – Petunia, our lodger, who has been with us since Friday but went home tonight.  She’s been a wonderful guest, very polite with the other dogs and has only had two accidents.  Having an extra dog does make a world of difference, however, especially at night.  And even on a king-size bed.  I got squeezed out at one point and had to retreat to the guest room.  About an hour later, Akemi had to join me.  So WE had to make do with the smaller bed while they enjoyed the sprawling spaciousness of the master bed.

A sad start to the Fantasy Football season for my Snow Monkeys who are about to go 0-1.  Fortunately, after a year in which I cared A LOT and spent most of my free time researching and managing my team only to NOT make the playoffs, I’ve decided to adopt a new approach this year and NOT care so much.  So, not caring. So much.  But still caring a little. 🙁

September 7, 2014: The Lodger!
© Takero Kawabata

Holy Smokes!  Less than three days before I board a flight for Tokyo!  And less than a month before I move to Toronto!  Who’s helping me pack?

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal and blog regular Jennifer Draves.

16 thoughts on “September 7, 2014: The Lodger!

  1. Oh no, here we go again. “… I’ve decided to adopt a new approach this year and NOT care so much…” Every year you say this, but admit it, you love it. And you’ll be back next year too, no matter what. And by the way, the Cowboys suck!

    Happy birthday Jennifer Draves!!

  2. News of Note: Dengue fever outbreak in Tokyo…

    Better pack the bug spray, Joey! 😮


  3. Oh, and also, I’m available to help carry your luggage for you while in Japan if you need me. 🙂

  4. If only I didn’t need to clean out the garage before I buy the new car.

    Seriously. The old car passed inspection, but it’s definitely time to say goodbye. My side of the garage was filled in 2006 and hasn’t been cleared since. (Have started a couple of times, but…*shrug*)

    Tell you what, Joe, after Japan you can detour by Texas for a day for garage clearing, then I’ll fly up to help you pack for T.O.

  5. Happy Birthday Jennifer!

    Petunia is adorable.

    Sorry for the Snow Monkey’s loss. 🙁

    Send me a plane ticket and I’m there. 😀

  6. Those puppy eyes would have sent me to my couch. She’s a cutey!

    I can’t believe how much you pack into your life. A new show, moving, trip to Japan, and most importantly, Fantasy Football. How do you do all this? But I can’t wait to hear about your trip. I’ll never make it to Japan, and it’s great to see it through yours and Akemi eyes.

    I just got done confirming the motel for my annual trip up your way in mid October. I had given the desk gal some quake info last year, including how important getting first aid training was, and she did. She even thanked me for encouraging her. I couldn’t believe that. She wants to be a forensic pathologist, which I find so interesting. We had some great conversations about it last year. They are such sweet people at the motel, and I can hardly wait to see them.

    Woohoo – finally, football season! I love this time of the year. And off to a great start with the 49ers and Broncos. And then there is my beloved Rams. It’s early yet. Good luck with your Fantasy team. It’s a long season, and best to lose early and come on strong at the end, right?

    Have a fantastic trip to Japan I hope you and Akemi can relax some before the move, and all the craziness of a new show.

  7. Happy Birthday Jennifer! Hope you have a grand day.
    Joe and Akemi, looking forward to the stories and pictures(desserts)(haha) of all the fun stuff, thanks in advance for sharing. Safe journey.

  8. Happy Birthday Jennifer! And many many more!

    Quick comments:

    Sorry on the Snow Monkeys (my Ravens lost too 🙁 )

    Good luck on the packing; I’ll be around in October so I can at least offer to sit on that stubborn suitcase that just won’t close…

    I’ve had the whole “guest room bed switching scenario” when our husky licked the sheets on my entire side of our bed in the master bedroom. Yikes! That was a clammy feeling when I jumped into bed!

    We left Savannah on Sunday and we’ve spent Sunday and Monday in south Georgia (Kingsland) visiting my family. Tomorrow we head off to Tampa (waving at Deni!) and we spend the rest of the week there. I’ve got conference duty Wednesday through Friday with my paper and presentation scheduled for Thursday, then it’s off to Melbourne Florida for a college visit and then back home.

    I did get time today to finish the updates on Savannah, though:

  9. just saw the weird food purchase of the day video on 9-6-14 & is that pile of books behind you things you’ve read or stuff yet to be read?

  10. Cute dog and yep, you are the ultimate dog lover. We have a visitor this week, one of my clients. She wanted me to see if Boomer and her dog could get along and I said I would give it my best try but if not, I could just bring her dog back to her house. It’s Boomer I worry about. He’s 80 pounds and he sometimes acts like he is 20 pounds–doesn’t understand he can crush someone with the swat of a paw. First trial run in August went well so he is back this week (Sep 14-19). He is going home tomorrow night. But I’m sure this won’t be the last. Her only child went off to college out of state so she is enjoying the ability to do some traveling now. My Jeff was out of town Tues-Thurs (tonight) and they were sharing the bed with me. I woke up to the guest dog snoring on my head. And I immediately thought of you and how you can possibly do that with all those cuties?

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