Today, I completed a first draft of episode #12 in which the various arcs we develop over the course of the show’s first season converge in a story about identity, loyalty, and friendship, culminating in a shocking conclusion that sets the stage for an even more shocking finale.  It joins my first draft of episode #9, on a virtual shelf, until the intervening bunch of scripts get done.  Paul is halfway thought #5 while Rob and Trevor have started work on scripts for episodes #7 and #8 respectively.  Ideally, I’ll have a bunch of first drafts to review by the time I come back from Japan on September 21st.

Yes, I’m off to Japan next week for 10 glorious days of cultural enlightenment and eating my face off.  Before then, however, there’s plenty to do.  Tomorrow, a conversation with our VFX guys, Mark Savela and Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, to discuss the first four episodes.  Next week, Tuesday, another conference call with our Line Producer and Production Designer – also about episodes #1-4, and ship and space station designs.  And I’m hoping we’ll have our first three directors slotted before I leave.

When I get back from Japan, I’ll have roughly two weeks to do my passes on episodes #5-8 before I head to Toronto for our first official week of prep: more meetings in which we’ll discuss key crew members and casting.

At present, the plan is to head to Toronto for that week of meetings during which I’ll stock our new Toronto place with everything we’ll need: dog mats, dog beds, kitchen gadgets, pillows, toiletries, and a big-ass winter coat.  Then, I go back to Vancouver to pick up my dogs – and girlfriend – and make the final move.  Since we’ll no longer have access to a handy backyard, I’m going to also have to buy a doggy stroller to make life a lot easier for Jelly – and Akemi.  On top of all that, I’m going to have to find an animal clinic where Jelly can continue her accupuncture treatments:

September 4, 2014: The Game Plan!

Is it helping her?  Well, tough to say.  Between the accupuncture, Metacam, painkillers, pulsed electro-magnetic dog bed, and joint pills, SOMETHING is working.

20 thoughts on “September 4, 2014: The Game Plan!

  1. I’m really glad to hear Jelly is responding well to whichever treatment is working.

    The doctors kept Roxie (service dog) over another night because she was in serious pain and they wanted to keep her on the “good” drugs! Hopefully, she sleeping it off and will be better tomorrow so Katie can bring her home. Katie’s a bit worry how to handle Gus (the pug) so he won’t pester Roxie too much for a romp in the yard.

    Got to love those furry people in our lives!

  2. PS Not the furries at ComicCon. lol The four footed furry people. (I live in San Diego and was going to ComicCon when you could actually get tickets!)

  3. Glad to hear that something is working for Jelly….you go girl!

    And good luck with all the planning…you certainly have some busy times ahead.

  4. Glad to hear some progress for Jelly…
    Good luck with everything you have to do before trekking to Toronto.

    Sneaking a message to JeffW.
    Another source for pork belly.
    Koenemanns makes their own everything including bacon. And, this is very good. They slice to your request….thick…yummy. And, great deli sandwiches.

    IF you want fresh pork belly, you can request they hold some fresh pork for you when they do their ordering to make their bacon.
    The bacon is approx. $7 lb…so the pork would be not more than that and probably less per pound.

  5. At present, the plan is to head to Toronto for that week of meetings during which I’ll stock our new Toronto place with everything we’ll need: ….

    glad you found a place over there & glad that jelly is doing better.

    hope toronto treats you better than the last time you worked there. unless i’m misremembering, then disregard that.

  6. Every time I see you writing updates about the show progression and episodes written and team being assembled with no official announcement, I can’t help but think of the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. I keep waiting for the blog entry where Akemi writes “I’m sorry, Joe was committed yesterday. We found him alone in his office under a mountain of scribbled papers talking to his ‘team members’. There is no show.”

    I mean, I’m sure there is a show. That’s just the picture that comes to mind. I hope I’m wrong. 🙂

  7. @ Keith 😆 😆 😆

    Im glad that any of that work with Jelly. 🙂

    Leveraging a stop on the crazy convention season. (On leave for another in 5 hours.) I want to wish you & Akemi an hilarious & explendid journey . Take a mental break from work is always necessary and get into all the mess you possibly can in Japan. >:D

    You have a go!

  8. Dear Joseph,
    very very very interesting bla bla but it is a little like a politician answer to a simple question…WHEN WILL WE KNOW THE NAME OF THE SHOW AND THE DATE OF THE FIRST EP ???????
    Like Yvon Deschamps said, (a very famous french canadian humorist) : “On veut pas le savoir, ON VEUT LE VOIR”

    Sans rancune ! Bonne semaine et bon voyage au Japon. Nous serons en vacances en même temps !

  9. Good for Jelly, you go girl!, I know you will enjoy your vacation without being told, but have fun anyway, eat all you want, coz I have a feeling you will be working it all back off when you get back home. Does the Baron know you are going? Maybe he can fill in a spot on the blog if you get too overworked(or eat too much).

  10. The key to fixing anything, from computers to people(dogs,etc) is to only change one thing at a time. As it is now, you will never know what the frak is going on with your dog. I’m an engineer,,,I know these things…

  11. Good to hear that Jelly is doing some better, for whatever the reason. Did I just read that Mark S. is involved with the show? Yay!

  12. If you are in the Kingsway area give the Royal York Animal Hospital a try, they do acupuncture, not certain about the electromagnetic dog bed though, but the staff are wonderful. We feel very confident taking our dog(s) there. Also in the area, which I hope you don’t need to use, is the Vet emergency clinic it is on Norseman off Islington. If you’re the other end, both the Beach Animal Hospital, and the Kingston Road clinics are good.

  13. I’ve been behind a few days – mea culpa, the new school year has started and of course, my life as a teacher shifts into high gear. I’m pleased to hear that there has been some help for Jelly. I dread when my dogs have gotten rather “long in the tooth” because they have multiple issues. My little guy, a Yorkie named Thor (yes, he’s small and grey with kind eyes) is less than 4 years old. My previous girl had a long, and I trust happy, life. I really enjoyed yesterdays exports with crème Brule. And a couple of days ago talking to strangers. Those of us in Texas haven’t ever seen strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet. Have a wonderful Japan trip!

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