Viewer reaction to last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones:

Okay, moving on.  Finally.

No.  Wait.  I wanted to add that, having finished Dance with Dragons, I’m struck by the fact that the t.v. show has already caught up with certain storylines in the book series (ie. the Ramsay Snow arc).  Either George R. R. Martin has to pick up the pace, or the show may go on a brief, decade-long sabbatical.

It looks like it’s high time for some better-late-than-never spring cleaning!  I’m talking a wholesale clear-out at the personal and professional level!  Oh, and my garage (anyone interested in some office furniture, filing cabinets, and a cash register?).  No, Akemi isn’t going anywhere (unless she’s willing to give up her mapo tofu recipe).  But other many other major changes to come (No, the dogs aren’t going anywhere either).

Today was a total write-off.  I’ve stalled on page 40 of my new pilot and didn’t get any reading done as I was busy trying to  keep this “house of cards” from collapsing.

I’m off to go peruse some budgets.  Wish me luck!


19 thoughts on “June 4, 2014: Spring cleaning!

  1. Hey Joe, how about a little re-enactment of your reaction to the Mountain/Viper fight.

  2. Hehehe. I spent a whole morning the other week watching Red Wedding reaction videos on YouTube. I don’t know any other TV show that gets to people like that.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen with the GoT TV show when they catch up to the books. I’m sure G.R.R.M. knows what’s going to happen so he could let the TV show get ahead of the books. Or maybe the show will just diverge from the books.

  3. I watched a season of GoT’s when we had a few preview week. Interesting show and a great cast! My favorite character was Tyrion. It was so hardcore though. I’m not sure I could watch it every week.

    Spring Cleaning? It’s always a good thing to simplify your life. Hopefully, it’s for your benefit and not because you have to.

  4. I have never experienced a show that elicits such strong scene reactions from its fans. It’s a good time to be a fan.

    I watch a lot of horror, so I didn’t find the scene as shocking as a lot of people. I’m desensitized to gore. Some of my co-workers were absolutely beside themselves. And I got a kick out of that.

    I was a little surprised that they didn’t mention ***********SPOILER ALERT**********
    the fact that Gregor is now poisoned from Oberyn’s blade. But I guess they wanted to end with shock and awe and will pick that up in the next episode.

    Regarding your top 10 hated list: Joffery tops my list as well. He’s been dead for weeks and I STILL hate him the most.

  5. I made some major cleaning progress but the last thing, the shredding is still looming. Yesterday the power went out and in the first half hour I managed to burn through all the power on my laptop by playing a CD. After fumbling around with my cellphone light I gave up and went to bed, and then stayed awake worrying there was a Purge going on. Plus without the noise from air conditioners, music and TV the building was dead quiet which made it even creepier.

  6. I think someone like George R R Martin is quite creative and has a lot of ideas he wants to put down in his stories, only problem being he’s not getting any younger. I hope he is able to finish his vision regardless.

  7. Oh and best of luck with your pilot Joe. I think it’s good that you’re making every effort to be successful, you just need some luck on your side and here’s hoping you get it soon.

  8. Good luck on the pilot (and budgets), Joe!

    It must be the time for (late) spring cleaning projects. I’ve taken a couple of days off to get a handle on some personal projects around the house, but I’m not making a lot of progress…too many interruptions.

    And, alas, I didn’t get my steamed blue crabs when I was in Raleigh; even though it wasn’t an advertised closed day, the only restaurant that had blue crab on the menu was closed. I had to settle for a generic meal at the restaurant at the hotel.

    Unless I get another trip to Raleigh, my next chance for blue crab will probably be at Savannah in September. The anticipation is making me hungry. 😉

  9. I have had spring cleaning on my mind, well, not spring cleaning, but just clean out in general. I have so much “stuff” from earlier years just sitting around in the garage, in the attic, and for what? It has been there for over 10 years and not touched. I say it is time to get rid of it. but it is not hurting anything sitting there. but I am serious about getting rid of stuff. but I’ll start tomorrow. cleaning out is such a messy ordeal.

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