Seriously?  What the heck is going on here?  Last time I read I checked in on the gang from Riverdale, these were the type of shenanigans they were getting into:

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?And then, somewhere along the line, things took a darker turn for Archie Andrews (or, one could argue, a lighter turn for Frank Castle) and we got this:

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?Suddenly, our Archie had grown up.  Instead of just hanging around Pop Tate’s Pop Shoppe or toying with Betty and Veronica’s emotions, he was suddenly running afoul of crazed, gun-toting vigilantes…

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?And then, eventually, after 67 years of straddling the fence, Archie finally made up his mind and decided between Betty and Veronica choosing…

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?The bad girl.  So decided – FINALLY – he married Veronica…

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?Or, wait, maybe it was Betty…

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?Or both of those stories took place in an alternate universe so he could continue dating both in addition to her –

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?And her –

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?And her –

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?And then cold reality intruded with the passing of longtime high school teacher Miss Grundy –

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?– who perished from lyme disease after being bitten by a deer tick while out hunting pronghorns at Houston National Forest.

Or wait.  Maybe that was a dream.  Well, the part about the deer tick.  But she DID die (presumably in the same alternate universes where Archie met the Punisher, finally chose Veronica and married both of his high school sweethearts).

Craziness abounds:

And then shit REALLY gets real when Jughead’s dead dog returns from the grave, setting off a zombie apocalypse at Riverdale.

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?And in the presumed final chapter of the life of Archie Andrews, we can finally look forward to the death of the world’s most indecisive teenager:

June 5, 2014: What’s The Deal With Archie Andrews?Apparently he goes hunting for pronghorns at Sam Houston National Forest…

19 thoughts on “June 5, 2014: What’s the deal with Archie Andrews?

  1. Never been a fan of Archie. Lately, it seems, I’m not a fan of anything. 😛


  2. Well, I always thought that Riverdale crowd were a bunch of freaks, anyway. I do totally get the Bollywood thing, though. Have you ever seen Priyanka Chopra? I mean, really.

  3. You prompted me to a little research. I think this gent, one of the Archie artists, spoke at my church back in late 60’s–early 70’s. I remember him sketching Archie on a easel pad as an intorduction to his testimony /sermon /presentation.

  4. I’m also reminded of an “Archie” story from back in the day in which Veronica’s father, Hiram Lodge, calls an airline for tickets to Texas. The sales rep confuses “Texas” with “taxes”, and Lodge ends up in Alaska wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. 😱

    Something I kept in mind while working at call centers, and a cautionary tale in the outsourcing era. 😃

  5. comic book stories have always been weird (which any reader of this comment can see by clicking the comic books category on the right), so why should archie be different?

  6. My husband has an astonishing number of Archie comics in the garage. (Well, astonishing to me, since I think it’s astonishing that a person would have ANY Archie comics, let alone a collection of them.) They’re not even vintage ones. Some were bought within the past 5 years. I don’t understand why he has them. He never even looks at them. Something about it being a family tradition? He’s never really been able to explain it. Just one of his many quirks.

  7. Like Richie Rich, my only exposure to Archie was via the animated TV series and the music that came from it. I still have Sugar, Sugar in the playlist on my phone!

  8. Wow Archie sales must have dropped dramatically… I can picture the meeting now….”Superheroes and zombies are big now… There’s your next few issues… And what about this YouTube thing? Can we add cat videos to Archie comics? No? Damn” Looking forward to the upcoming Archie & the Kardashians issue – NOT!

    How is everyone? I’ve been holidaying in sunny Queensland… Come back to chilly weather in Melbourne. But it’s OK I head off to Sydney for a convention next week – meeting some Arrow guests, as well as Ming Na & Steve Bacic from Stargate.

    While I was away I read a great book – The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion about a university professor (undiagnosed Aspergers) project to find a wife. Charming!

    cheers, Chev

  9. Archie.. I am not surprised.

    Ok.. here’s something really and truly amazing! It’s a long video but I’ve found it extremely intriguing and useful already! I’m a neuro-psychology fan, anyway. That whole mind over matter thing is pretty cool. This video explains how stress is our friend. That’s right! Our FRIEND! Just watch and see. I’m trying to increase your lifespan here. 🙂

  10. The whole thing gives me an idea for a Disney alternate universe where Goofy finally come out as a dog (which everyone has already knew/suspected), Donald Duck’s “nephews” Huey, Dewey, and Louie are actually his illegitimate sons from a one nest stand with Clara Cluck (Daisy is pissed!!), and Uncle Scrooge McDuck is indicted for insider trading on a petrochemical firm that destroys waterfowl habitat.

  11. Randomness: Angry water? Sounds like a video game. Interesting but strange article. I like Gwyneth but she does seem to be disconnected from the rest of the planet. Did you read her statement comparing negative comments about her to WAR!? She needs a P.R. firm stat.

    bambamfans: 😆 I’m glad you have such a nice trip!

    Archie has changed since I was a kid but then there is so much negativity out there (the water perhaps? 😉 ) . It seems there is some kind of shooting or stabbing in the news weekly and it’s becoming “almost” mundane. When I was in school, we had bullies, we had mentally ill kids but I don’t remember any mass attacks at ANY school. What’s changed?

    How’s the spring cleaning? I bet you are a book/movie hoarder, right? 😉 My hubby’s been calling me a “glove hoarder”. He went on a hunt to find his power cord and found many, many pairs of my gloves. I have Raynaud’s and my fingers will go numb, so I stash gloves everywhere! There are worse things to hoard.

    Rainy day here. Hope everyone has a g’day!

  12. Wow. Archie turned out to be quite the polygamist. Sam Houston National Forest is only about an hour from where I live. It has been the site of at least two body dumpings.

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