“I ate like a garbage box.” – Akemi, the other day, after a particularly filling meal.  She has a way with words, no?

These are some of the inspired dishes she’s been packing away…

May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
Summer salad with olive oil, ginger balsamic, and chive blossoms
May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
Pea soup
May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
Onion pie
May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
Eight-hour octopus slow simmered in herbs and olive oil

Last night, we elected to take a break from the kitchen and headed over to our favorite Japanese restaurant: Yuji’s (2083 Alma St. Vancouver).  Some of the highlights of our meal…

May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
Akemi’s favorite = the salad rolls.
May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
The maguro-avocado crepe.
May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
And the sushi.

We were driving back home when we spotted a dog walking around by his lonesome.  I slowed down and we watched him sniff around, trot across the street, sniff around some more.  There was no owner in sight.  So, I pulled over and we approached the handsome fellow who turned out to be incredibly friendly.  I checked his collar and, fortunately, he had a tag, a name (Ollie!), and a phone number.  I called but got an answering machine, so I left a message and was just loading him into the backseat of my car (Ollie seemed really eager to go for a ride) when my cell phone rang.  It was the owner.  She was in Vietnam!  She thanked me for corralling her dog and gave me her address so I could drop him off.  Her husband was home.  Or so she assumed because when we went over, no one answered the door.  We ended up bringing Ollie back home – our dogs weren’t quite as warmly receptive as we were – and ended up walking him back to his place once the owner’s son got in touch.  Such a great a walker.  He puts my gang to shame.

May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
Ollie needs sunglasses

Speaking of houseguests, tomorrow we say goodbye to Judd after ten happy days. Akemi will miss him.  And he’ll miss our backyard…

May 31, 2014: Akemi Packs It Away!  Ollie!  Judd!
The gang


16 thoughts on “May 31, 2014: Akemi packs it away! Ollie! Judd!

  1. That was an incredibly kind thing for you to do Joe, I guess these things happen, it must be hard for some owners to prevent their dog from escaping by accident. Good job there.

  2. Cool action – you and Akemi are angels!

    I would pass on the onion pie…but the rest of it; ready to take the plunge.

  3. Mmmm, I love me some octopus! Yum. The onion pie looks terrific, but I would need to pick the tomatoes off. Hmmm, I should take advantage of the chive blossoms in the garden. The previous owners planted a little chive plant ages ago, I have to give away young chive plants every spring.

    Yay for saving Ollie! Such a handsome fellow.

  4. That Ollie is a beautiful dog. He is lucky you were around. Akemi seems to be real good with dogs. The onion pie looks interesting. I’d take a piece with the tomatoes. I love tomatoes.

    “I ate like a garbage box.” I love Akemi’s English.

  5. I grew up with Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. Beautiful dogs, and great personalities. You must have had a good time with Ollie. 🙂

  6. Thank you joe i had somebody do that for me once when tyler my Jack Russell got out the gate i cried when i got him back.

  7. Hmm…chive blossoms. I have a couple right now…never thought of eating them. They certainly make for a lovely presentation.


  8. So glad you found the dog’s owner! He could have gotten hit by a car. Thank you both!

    Great food pictures!

  9. Here in the Great White North of northern Alberta, our garden is only now just popping it’s tiny head out of the ground. You’ll be happy to know, however, that the weeds are doing just fine.

    I wish for neighbors like you when my furry family escapes. I have a wayward cat. Would you take him in when he dashes out the door? My cats do not seem to understand that they are indoor cats. I’ve explained it to them, but they just look at me like I’m crazy.

    I, too, never thought about the blossoms of the chive plant to add colour to my dishes. I think I will look up other edible flowers and introduce my family to a whole new experience. When they let me out of the Mental Institution, I’ll let you know how it was received.

  10. Ok, those salad rolls look fantastic!

    Judd looks like a real sweetie. Most hound breeds are great cuddlers because they’re pack dogs so I’m sure Akemi will miss that snuggle time. But, doesn’t she already have a doggie suitor? 😉 Was he jealous at all this past couple weeks?

    -Mike A.

  11. Love the salad rolls. I’m going to improvise a few with my Annie’s seaweed wrappers, using mango salsa. The chive blossoms are gorgeous. Onion pie; it looks so good. How’s the summer going? I can’t believe the breezy day we had, sunny with puffy white clouds. This winter was so bitter that I’m having trouble processing all this great weather.

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