June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!10. Brienne of Tarth

I love the fact that she’s an atypical heroine and I find her sense of honor and principled loyalty so gosh darn endearing.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!9. Asha Greyjoy

Equally atypical is the ass-kicking Asha.  Love her swagger and no-bullshit attitude.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!8. Jonah Mormont

Such a rich, textured and, ultimately, tragic character.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!7. Cersei Lannister

Sure, I love to hate her but, at the same time, I understand and even sympathize with her desire to do what’s best for her family.  After all, it always comes down family.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!6. Jaime Lannister

You’d think it would be hard to sympathize with a character who, in his very introduction, tries to kill a child who stumbles across his incestuous secret rendezvous with his sister – and yet, he’s a charmer.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!5. Peter Baelish (Littlefinger)

The enemy of your enemy is your friend.  Usually.  But I wouldn’t count on it if said frenemy is Littlefinger.  The ultimate opportunist.  It’s a joy to watch him “play the angles”.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!4. Oberon Nymeros Martell (The Red Viper)

A latecomer to the action (And, yes, I’ve read the books) who has become a fast favorite for his contrasting roguishness and noble spirit.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!3. Varys (The Spider)

I can’t help but admire the Lord of Whispers and his ability to maneuver and maintain his position within the court.  Knowledge IS power.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!2. Bronn

A mercenary through and through and yet he is capable of genuine affection, loyalty, and friendship.  But of course not at the risk of his own life.

June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters!1. Tyrion Lannister

I loved the character in the books and love him even more on the television series. Cynical, rude, and debauched and yet, at the same time, humorous, considerate and vulnerable.

Honorable mentions: Arya Stark, Khal Drogo, Sandor Clegane (The Hound), Margaery Tyrell.

25 thoughts on “June 1, 2014: My Top 10 Favorite Game of Thrones Characters!

  1. Like a box of bon-bons, so difficult to choose a favorite when they are all so tasty. I promise not to take bites out of their bottoms.

  2. Good choices accept for Littlefinger and Cersei. She’s an idiot. Tyrion is her family too and yet she’s always hated him. And Littlefinger is beyond evil creepy. I’d switch him out for Sam. I love Sam!

  3. I love Game of Thrones! All the characters and actors who portray them are terrific. I’ve watched since it started airing, except for this year. I just can’t afford the premium channels anymore. But I’m trying desperately not to find out what happens. I’m hoping I can get the DVD later.

    I just read about the Stargate reboot, but I’m not thrilled. I enjoyed the recent Star Trek reboot, but I’m not so willing to give MGM my money.

    I feel that you and the casts and crews of SG1, SGA and SGU did such an outstanding job of creating characters that were dearly loved, and delving into so many interesting story lines throughout the years, I just don’t see where the movies can go without treading over ground that you have already explored.

    I also think that they are overconfident with a trilogy. The first film will determine whether the franchise is still viable or not. And I absolutely believe they will kill it without referencing or having some of the TV series actors involved.

    It will be interesting to see how the studio and filmmakers handle the transition. I hope they show all three TV series the respect they deserve. Ignoring them won’t attract the fans who are loyal to the TV franchise. And trying to gain new fans with a 1994 concept that’s been around for the last 15 years is going to be tough. If they publically diss them, they’ll end up in Twitter hashtag hell, and worse, and face the financial consequences.

  4. Hey Joe
    Congratulations on you and Paul’s Leo win last night!


  5. Not really a fan of GoT. The only thing I really had any interest in was following Jason’s career in his role as Drogo but that kind of ended…
    And I’ll be honest, I can’t take all the rape, sex and gore. Just too much for me.

  6. Joe you so picked my favorite as well i just love the Tyrion Lannister character followed by Arya Stark. I cant wait to watch tonights episode.

  7. I agree with @Paloosa. They better not f**k with Stargate. I’ll reserve judgement until I see what they’re going to do. While I love the Stargate concept & like the first film my allegiance is with the awesome TV franchise. whether I see it will be dependent on what they produce and how they handle interviews.

    Cheers Chev

  8. Arya Stark is my favourite character. I pity anyone on her list!

    I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet so no spoilers! (Although I’ve read the books (just started book 4) so I can guess what’s about to happen! 🙂 )

  9. I cannot stand Cersei or Littlefinger. They are both reprehensible, disgusting, weak little people. They plot and ploy and play at having power while in actuality have none. I am in close agreement on the rest of your list, with Tyrion being my favorite as well.

    Great news on the return of Stargate! Because let’s face it, some Stargate is better than no Stargate. It’s unfortunate that so many “fans” are taking this as a personal insult. Because in reality, it’s not. It is simply MGM wanting to make some coin on one of their properties. And that’s all it is. Frankly, I hope the new trilogy completely ignores the TV incarnations, because if it’s terrible, it won’t sully the series for me.

    Hey Ollie!

    Joe and Paul: congratulations on the Leo win.

    Joseph Mallozzi

    Well, THAT was a lot more gruesome and upsetting than in the book.

    Yeah it was. I was kind of hoping Oberon would live, despite his fate in the book.

  10. What a strange start to the day, recently saw someone reverse their easily, 60-70k value car twice into a lamp post by accident. Should of heard the comments some people were making about the guys driving ability, meanwhile I was just stood there watching amazed at what I was witnessing lol.

    Easily the worst driver I had ever seen.

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    As my late mother-in-law taught, if it’s free, take!😎

  12. Leo win?! Now I REALLY owe you lunch! Congrats!

    (And why haven’t we heard of DELETE down south?)

  13. OK, one more. Just found a Stargate reference in STRAY. 👽

    No, not gonna tell you exactly where. No spoilers here.

  14. All I know is Jason Momoa was in it, now he’s not. I don’t like this “era” in time. Dirty, violent, and the clothes look really uncomfortable.


  15. Joe are we ever going to find out how Stargate Universe was suppose to end? Since we have the new movies coming out, its pretty clear we wont ever see anymore material related to the tv show.

    So could it be at the end of Stargate Universe, the Universe was rebooted and this universe is where the new movies will take place.

    Miss you man. Miss you doing Stargate. You really need to do another scifi show.

    What ever happened to your Transporter TV show? Never seen or heard about it except for on here.

  16. Hey Joe,

    Sorry, I haven’t tried to get into GoT, even though I hear a lot of buzz about it. Maybe I’ll get season 1 on DVD when I run out of my travel cache of DVDs to watch.

    Speaking of travel, I just flew to Raleigh, North Carolina for a two day business trip.

    Tonight I’m taking in Lucky 32 for some southern food:


    Tomorrow I’ll be on the hunt for some Carolina BBQ for lunch, and maybe some steamed blue crabs for dinner. I so need a plate of large steamed males right now.

    There has to some benefits to a weekly travel schedule, right?

  17. I meant, I have wondered what became of that series too… For you Glenn C. Harmon.

  18. Game of Thrones continues to keep me on the hook and surprise me at every turn. Unbelievable writing. It is incredible how they can give a sympathetic facet to characters that should in any other context be considered despicable (Jamie, the Hound). Every principal character is interesting to me. The only other series that grabs me like this is The Walking Dead.

  19. I don’t know why I continue to watch GOT. Every character with some redeeming traits gets killed off, and in the most gruesome ways possible. Good guys don’t win. Bad guys win all the time. The more despicable and conniving you are, the farther ahead you get. The lesson this show teaches is that morality never pays. So not only is it depressing to watch (b/c your favourites keep getting killed off), but it’s potentially damaging to our social fabric, which is fragile enough as it is.

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