1Welcome to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

How incredibly disappointing.  Last time we were here, we had a balcony with a view overlooking the Bellagio fountains and, most importantly, a nice deep bathtub for Akemi to soak away the afternoon.  This time around = no balcony, no view, and no bathtub at all.

The above-pictured artwork (slightly adjusted for irony) adorns the wall above my bed and neatly sums up my feelings right about now.

To think I left THIS behind:

23 thoughts on “May 15, 2014: Vegas, Day #1!

  1. Awwww! It’s so hard to leave all that adorable pugnaciousness behind.

    I hope your time in Vegas improves.


  2. compared to “your last time around”…this is a bummer. “may” this is a beginning point, and things will get better and better……though i realize that there is not a high chance of that, unless you might end up going to the casinos and winning HUGE amounts of money.
    Is there an amount of money that you could win that would compensate for your feelings right about now???

  3. That’s supposed to be art?

    Can you maybe switch rooms partway through your stay (like when someone with a decent room checks out)?

  4. If that was anything close to the original orientation for that art, that is seriously creepy. Anyway, who goes to Vegas to spend much time in the hotel room? Get out there and eat! Of course, I would probably also be heading over to Red Rock Canyon and do a little hiking. It’s probably hot as heck there now, though.

    That video is perfect. Good question – how DID you leave something like that behind??

    P.S. Just checked the Vegas weather. Yep, it’s pretty toasty down there.

  5. Wait – that picture suggesting suicide (either by hanging or by jumping) hangs over your bed? Or by ‘slightly adjusted’ do you mean that you tinkered with a picture to make it look like suicide?


  6. Maybe that picture is saying, hang in there! Hang on, something big is fixing to happen! Thanks for hanging around! Don’t hang back, go for it! Don’t get a hang over! Straighten up that picture Joe and think positive!

    @ Deni – Glad you are okay. I was starting to think the worse. Just say “boo” every now and then, so we know you’re still there. Your grandson is getting so old! Wow, and so cute!

  7. How terribly disappointing. Ugly art. No tub. I would complain to the management and, as Kathode suggests, ask to be moved.

    I hope the restaurant meals more than make up for the stinky room.

    I started reading the book for next month. Good so far!

  8. While I certainly don’t know the details of you travel arrangements, seems to me either a complaint to your travel agent, or the management of the hotel is in order. Barring that, go to a different hotel. There are so many wonderful hotels there with excellent views and other amenities, if you both are unhappy where you are, seems to me that since it’s your vacation and your time and money you should have what you want. But that’s only my 2 cents of opinion.

  9. I assumed the person in the “art” was jumping for joy. You all have depressing minds! 🙂

    If you’re not happy with the room then ask to be moved to a new one. Especially if the room is of a lesser standard than last time you stayed and you’re paying the same amount. Make sure you mention that you’ve stayed there before as that will show you’re a regular. Don’t ask in a whiney way, though. Just go up to reception and say, “Hi there! I’m currently staying in room NNN but it doesn’t have a bath. Whenever we stay here we usually get a room with a bath. You don’t happen to have any rooms with baths available, do you?”

    There may not be any bath rooms available or the receptionist might not like the look of you but it’s worth asking. If they say “No” then don’t rant. Just grin and bear it.

  10. @Das: I’m assuming Joe either flipped it or rotated it 90 degrees. However, in any orientation it’s still really crappy “art”.

  11. Joe, why not ask for a different room?

    Look at Jelly bangin out that sidewalk!

  12. Sorry about the hotel but maybe Vegas will make it up with the food. I’m staying with friends in Nashville this weekend. The house is way too large for me but it’s nice to visit.

    Have fun!

  13. @and no bathtub at all.

    An absolute must to have a bathtub in a hotel room. Personally I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere that lacked one. Sure when I’ve stayed in hotels before I don’t spend much time in the room anyway, it’s just nice to have something half decent.

  14. @P.S. Just checked the Vegas weather. Yep, it’s pretty toasty down there.

    Seems to be forecasted at around 100 degrees(37-40oC) in Vegas. Pretty warm to say the least.

  15. Hope you complain about the crappy room. Hope even more than things work out. I know.. it’s part of writing for tv/movies, same for actors I guess.. I couldn’t take the limbo.

  16. Hi Joe,

    We’ve started a Stargate rewatch in what is likely to be a looooooong project. Wondered if you’d mind giving it a share or even weigh in yourself on th early ones (if you’ve seen them). A few episodes in so far and it has been … uneven I think is the best way to put it! http://www.idiotbox.co.uk/stargate-sg-1-reviews/

    Also that is an incredibly strange picture to be hanging in a hotel room! Have you asked why they chose it?!

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