Last night as the game headed into overtime…

Me: “Who are you rooting for, the Chicago Blackhawks or the Minnesota Wild?”

Akemi: “The Minestrone Wild.”

Alas, it was a sad night in Minestrone.  The Wild ended up losing and were eliminated from playoff contention.

Well, we’re Vegas-bound for a few days.  I was hoping to have everything wrapped up on this new project by now but, of course, things are progressing at a glacial pace because…well, welcome to show business.  That awesome lead time we were looking to take advantage of is gradually shrinking away.  There may come a point when my enthusiasm to face the challenges ahead will wane and I’ll simply have to move on.  Not there yet but if this goes on much longer without definitive word, or I lose any of my key players while we’re waiting, then I’m going to have to start looking southwards.  Again.  And, when I do, I think I’ll be looking at a changing of the old guard.

On the one hand, it’ll be nice to get away.  On the other hand, we’ll certainly miss the dogs.  Especially Akemi who has…maybe not quite “lost her mind” but certainly “shown alarmingly elaborate creativity” in preparing their various snacks and meals, to wit:

Bear cookies (peanut butter, sesame, oats, cinnamon, nutritious yeast, and dried cranberries).
Exhibit A: Bear cookies (peanut butter, sesame, oats, cinnamon, nutritious yeast, and dried cranberries).
Exhibit B
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit C

Finally, since we’re on the topic of suspect culinary creations – Akemi has taken a liking to the offerings at a local eatery featuring “health conscious” cuisine, everything from veggie pot pie to chocolate-beet cake (Why you would do that to a perfectly good chocolate cake?).  She’ll stop off every Wednesday, while I’m doing the rounds of my local book and comic book stores, and grab herself at oat bran square or a day-old muffin (Not because she can’t afford the fresh ones but because she actually prefers the drier leftovers).  The other day, she decided to go off-book and picked up one of their cookies.  Check it out:

1As my father was fond of saying: “Who did THAT in THERE?!”.


36 thoughts on “May 14, 2014: Hockey, waiting, and alarmingly elaborate culinary creations!

  1. Those doggie dinners look amazing, but I don’t think I’d actually call that last… thing – a cookie.

    Any big culinary adventures planned in Vegas? I would say “have fun”, but I know that will happen anyway.

    Re: the show – keep the faith, man! It’s bound to come together at some point! At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

  2. 1. I was rooting for the Blackhawks. Go Hawks!!!!!!
    Sorry about the Minestrone – they played well. Especially their goalie.
    2. Have a great time in Vegas!
    3. I think that cookie looks wonderful and I would eat one in a heartbeat.Not sure about the chocolate beet cake, though.
    4. My copy of Evening’s Empires just arrived by Royal Air Post from England. I can’t explain why, but I’m just tickled whenever I get anything that says “Royal Mail” on it. 😀

  3. What, pray tell, is the appeal of Vegas? The heat? The glitzy shows? The cheap buffets? The trollops on every corner? The slots (not to be confused with the trollops 😉 )? Vegas would be way at the bottom of my list of places to visit – I just don’t get the appeal (my parents have been there a few times, but since they don’t gamble they mostly explored the surrounding desert – THAT I get, the rest I just don’t).


    1. I don’t like the hear or cheap buffets or trollops. I don’t gamble either. But Vegas has some great restaurants.

  4. Wait, are you saying that she made those for the dogs? Interesting.
    On a side note, i am sure that you are busy, and my request will take a back seat, but when and if you get around to it, i would very much like to talk with you about some Stargate ideas. I know, i know, old news and stuff.
    my email is
    this also goes for anyone else who has ideas on the topic of stargate.

  5. There are other things to do in Vegas… like…maybe…???? Akemi should open her own doggie restaurant or sell her recipes to one of locals where customers can bring their dogs and order “doggie bags” Hey that’s what she can name her doggie restaurant “The Doggie Bag” 🙂

  6. “Akemi has taken a liking to the offerings at a local eatery featuring “health conscious” cuisine, everything from veggie pot pie to chocolate-beet cake (Why you would do that to a perfectly good chocolate cake?). “

    Look Joe. I don’t think you should EVER comment on what OTHER people like to eat. You…Mister weird food purchase king…

    “…and grab herself at oat bran square or a day-old muffin (Not because she can’t afford the fresh ones but because she actually prefers the drier leftovers).”

    I’m the same way with doughnuts! I like ’em fresh, but I also like them kinda old with a hard crusty glaze. Someone brings in doughnuts in the morning at work, I’ll take a look but then decide to come back in the afternoon to see if any are left. And leave the lid open please….

  7. Has anyone seen Deni? She hasn’t commented in a few weeks now and thats not like her. I hope she and her family are okay.

  8. Yeah Joe, you repeated May 12th twice on your “Brain” blog entry. Now who’s brain were you saying could be bad? Look who’s calling the kettle black. Akemi could run circles around you. 😉

  9. @Das:

    I’m with Joe on this one; the only reason to go to Vegas is the restaurants (for me anyway).

    Joe, have you got a restaurant itinerary yet?

    And, for the record, I have never understood the appeal of bran-anything. Maybe if you combined it with bacon? Sure bacon makes almost everything better, but in that case I think bacon by itself would be better still. 😀

  10. Joe, I really hope and pray and wish you well! I want your projects to succeed. If you’re having to look south I’m down in the south! I can.. walk the dogs, organize your books.. Oh wait. You meant other kinds of things.

    But seriously, I am cheering for you.

    The teddy bear cookies are adorable! The last cookie hurts to look at. I’m thinking it tastes worse. 😀

    Have fun in Vegas! I’ve been many times. I’m married to Bugsy Siegel’s great-great nephew. O.o I didn’t know this when I married him. But it does explain all the free hotel rooms and comp’d dinners we would get when we went with his grandmother. I don’t gamble. I do shop, though. Vegas has tons of shopping. And In-n-out! 😀

  11. @ Das – That cat is a hero. I think it would have been a lot worse for that little boy had the cat not saved him. The family says the little boy is the cat’s favorite person in the family. Ever since the boy was born they’ve had a special bond. Pretty amazing!

  12. Have fun in my birth city, Joe! My sister says there’s a great new ’boutique’ hotel across from Hard Rock, called Rumor: The design is very modern and cool, so it might be worth stopping in for a drink. Also the ‘old’ downtown has been spruced up a lot thanks to the Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh. I think it’s finally worth a visit, and very pretty at night.

    Can’t wait to see where you eat this time!

  13. I’ve been submitted for an award and the rules state that I nominate 10 other bloggers with blogs have less than 500 followers. The problem is that I don’t know that many blogs. Can anyone help?

  14. I really enjoy the shows… Last time I was in Vegas I saw Penn And Teller which was a blast, the show at the Riviera which was a the classic Vegas show girl show, and a couple of afternoon gameshow shows. I would love your thoughts on Texas de Brazil or other Brazilian Churrascos.. They do happen to have a Vegas location, but I certainly understand the allure of all the other options available from well known chefs. I can understand not wanting to gamble as I am not too much of a fan of it either, but I think the best bang for the buck I had in Vegas was single deck blackjack at the older casinos like Circus Circus or the Hilton.. I could sit at a table for two to three hours with 40 bucks and walk away up a little or break even at 2-5 dollars a hand. So much better than my experience at Foxwoods at 10.00 a hand (Cheapest they had) multi-deck blackjack… Ran through a 100.00 in about ten minutes.. Gambling is not fun when you actually have to… Gamble.. But if you can manage your funds, get to know the dealers, and watch the other players come in and out around you it can be a fun, interesting experience. I also enjoyed the Poker room at the MGM Grand.. I was able to be seated at a table for 2-1 No limit Texas Hold’em right on the edge of the room, we had a couple of players who were just starting there day with some cheap warm up poker, one of which who had been at the final table of the WPT event that had been on TV a week or two before. So we had drawn a bit of a crowd of spectators. I staked 60 dollars and saw it whittled away little by little getting lousy cards every hand.. finally I had about 10.00-20.00 left and went all in with a draw to a flush after the flop.. It caused a little bit of a commotion from the crowd when I did, and managed to make my draw on the river. The cheering from the spectators was a really cool feeling. Anyway.. All that rambling to get too: Enjoy Vegas!!!

  15. @ Ponytail – I haven’t been around as much as usual and just thought that maybe I had missed Deni’s comments, but now I’m worried. I’ve noticed her absence, too. I drop her an e-mail.

    Also, that cat is a hero. That dog was going to eat that kid – just a good thing he went for the leg and not the throat.

    We had a cat when I was a kid that chased a huge dog out of the yard – it was hilarious! He was all white with orange ears and tail (part Turkish van, but with short hair), and he puffed up like a big orange and white beach ball, and bounced – literally bounced – sideways (showing his broadest side to look bigger) towards the dog. The big dog tucked his tail between his legs and ran away, yipping…and the cat never even touched him. 😀

    @ JeffW – I like great food…but not enough to get in a plane just to get to it. 😛


  16. As I get older, I find myself wanting/trying to eat healthier. And to be quite honest, I don’t hate it.

    I snack on hummus with whole wheat pita. Eat more olives and lean chicken, feta cheese, fresh veggies, fish, nuts, grains. A Mediterranean-ish diet, I guess. The downside of that is that my wife suffers from diverticulitis. Consequently, she cannot eat most of the things I am now taking a liking to. (Seeds, nuts, grains, veggies with skins or seeds ie: cucumber, tomato…she loathes olives).

    That cookie actually looks pretty good. Pumpkin & sunflower seeds, dried apple are discernible.

  17. @Ponytail: Sweetie! We’re all fine, just super busy with Anakin and life in general. Spending entire days with Anakin leaves brain cells AFU at my age. 🙂 Still reading the blog every night, though! Thank you so much for caring! xoxo

  18. @ Deni – Grandkiddies take precedent over the interwebs any day! But it is good to see you are still around these parts. I’ve not been posting as much as usual myself – same reason: life. But I do come by every day and check things out to see what Joey’s been up to (mostly no good, as usual 😉 ), and to see what others have to say about what Joey’s been up to (I get a lot of smiles from the comments, just don’t always have the time to say so).

    @ Randomness – BUNNNNNNIIIEEEEEESSS!! 😀 I WANT!!!! As long as they don’t have sharp, pointy teeth… 😉


  19. Have a great time in Vegas! My son and I are headed to Nashville for a graduation party this weekend. Should be fun.

    Deni: Anakin is the cutest kid!

    Safe travels!

  20. It was indeed a sad night for Minestrone. 😀 And for me because my roommate is a Blackhawks fan and I’m bitter they went further 2 years in a row. Alas. Maybe the Wild can do it next year.

    Your pups are so spoiled! No one ever makes me food that looks that awesome. 🙂

  21. Have fun in Vegas. I’m with Das in that I don’t think of Vegas as a vacation destination. I am looking to go there sometime soon, but that’s only because I have friends there who are like a second family, and I miss them. My friend has been trying to entice me there by promising great outlet store shopping. I told him only if he goes too and is my personal shopper. (I had a dream recently in which exactly that scenario was playing out, and in the dream I was actually having an enjoyable time shopping, which is nearly unheard of in real life.) I’d also want to hit up some awesome restaurants, so make sure you give thorough reviews and recommendations!


    Joe: Have fun in Vegas! Fleur is a must whenever I’m there and so is grabbing Popeye’s Chicken at the airport. ;-), trust me they’re both super yum!

  23. Well I’m sure the Rabbits do get some degree of care, also random people feed them. More people should go there lol

  24. If Akemi is thinking of soup, have her try the wild rice. A product that originates from the Land of Clear Waters a.k.a Min-nee-soe-tah. Not to be too mistaken for Hams bear which jingle had the land of sky blue waters.

  25. Having bunnies all over me like that would be like letting cute rats do it. Never gonna happen.

    Love the bear cookies. Your dogs are sooooooo loved, too. Seriously, lately my meals are an Atkins bar because I just have no time.

    @Deni He is getting soooo big. As beautiful as ever.

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