My feets be hurt.

We walked around all day.  And then, when it came time to get on the tram and ride it back to our hotel, we couldn’t find it, so we had to walk.  And walk an extra block to boot because we changed hotels this morning.  We are now staying at the Aria.  MUCH better.

Last night, I informed The Cosmopolitan that I’d be leaving early.

Me: I’ll be leaving early.

Front Desk Guy: How did you enjoy your stay?

Me: I’m leaving early.

Front Desk Guy: Oh.  Why’s that?

Me: I didn’t like my room.

Front Desk Guy: Well, why don’t we look into getting you a new room?

Me: Already tried.  You’re apparently overbooked.

He checks his computer.  Then: “I wished you’d come to me.  I could get you a junior suite.”

Seriously?  Wish I’d gone to him?  The guy I just met right that second?  Assume HE could get me a room when another hotel representative informed me they were over booked?

Anyway, did I mention the Aria is MUCH nicer.  And – BONUS – Akemi has a bathtub!

And she’s going to need it after all the ground we covered today.


Iberico pork sliders at Julian Serrano.
Iberico pork sliders at Julian Serrano.
Ox tail at Julian Serrano
rabo de toro (ox tail, Iberian pork, and mashed potatoes) at Julian Serrano
Pistachio tart at Julian Serrano
Pistachio tart at Julian Serrano
Strawberry shortcake
Strawberry shortcake
Assorted cupcakes
Assorted cupcakes
Frosted donuts
Frosted donuts
Assorted pie slices
Assorted pie slices
Assorted tarts
Assorted tarts
My dessert tray.  They're actually various soaps.  I'm a sucker for anything that smells like food. Including actual food.
My dessert tray. They’re actually various soaps. I’m a sucker for anything that smells like food. Including actual food.

Tomorrow is spa day.  I think I’m going to request one of those hot coal massages.  That’s what it’s called, isn’t it?

17 thoughts on “May 16, 2014: Vegas Day #2!

  1. Good for you for changing hotels! Indeed, how were you supposed to know to “come to him”, when you only knew of his actual existence right at that time. With logic like that, he needs to be a superhero movie writer.

    All that food looks great, even the stuff the only looks like food. Sounds like you walked it all off though, so I would think you’ll both be ready to go for round 2 tomorrow!

    When you say “hot coal massage”, do you mean this? 😉 Although I suspect after that much walking, it probably feels like that already.

  2. Um, it’s a hot stone massage at the spa I go to. But maybe in Vegas they do hot coals…

    I’m glad you got out of that hotel and found somewhere comfortable to stay. The food looks fabulous as always, but tonight I’m not jealous. I had dinner at The Fat Duck Pub: Fried asparagus appetizer, duck breast with port wine sauce, sauteed spinach and mashed sweet potatoes. And a craft beer flight!

  3. Wow.

    I’m glad you changed hotels.

    And I think I gained five pounds just looking at the pictures. Looks like you’re having fun!

  4. Our Friday experiences seemed to have some synchronicity…you all were shrunk and apparently visited a garden (where someone left behind a big green trowel), while tonight I, and the family, re-watched Fantastic Voyage. The whole “shrinking submarine 1960’s special effects” was hokey in a Friday Movie Night kind of way. Good fun all around.

    AndI loved the look of the Rabo de Toro. Was it as delicious as it looked?

    Congrats on the room! And have fun with the spa day; I’m not sure I would enjoy it myself…I’m averse to people that I am not intimate with (i.e. everyone but my wife), manipulating various parts of my body. I’d rather just let a pulsating shower head beat on me, but to each their own.

  5. Wow that food and desserts all look great! Did you take some back to your hotel room? Looks like you are back on track to enjoying Vegas again.

  6. and just who is front desk guy that he assumes that he is so well known, that you would know to go to him for any issues?

    i thought for sure that was real dessert. (i thought; “$14 for just one thing?!” 😮 ) hope the soap works out for you & isn’t overpowering in scent. (i still think it too much to spend though. 😛 )

  7. So, what’s hanging on the wall above the bed in this new joint?

    Food looks great! Hope yer feets feel better soon! Enjoy your getaway!


  8. i just hate stupid people.
    they should be forced to wear a sign saying “I’m stupid”
    then you wouldn’t ask them anything
    it would be like, excuse me…oh, i’m sorry, i didn’t see your sign”
    Who was he that you should have known HIM? Does he think he is god……or Oma Desala, that you should have known it was him that you needed to speak to?
    I would have looked at the moron and said, “you just made my experience all that much worse with your ‘god i am, to me, come you should have’ attitude”
    But, out of sight, and out of mind, atleast for lots of people. I am sure the massages can take away the tension of stupid people, as well as being about to soak in a tub.
    Thing should get even better

  9. Yum. Cell ph ate my post,,argh! Catching up on posts, away, still ,Glad you moved hotels.. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your hot coal massage, I could use one.. Food looks fun and delicious¡!

  10. Love the look of some of those deserts, in some way desert making must be an art, the fact people with experience can make their cakes look so amazing is proof of that lol.

  11. If youi are into burgers and are in Bangkok maybe you could check this place out.
    I know what you are talking about. My worst experience was in China when my girlfriend and I were on a trip. While we were not in a major city, I did not expect the heat to be turned off for the room in April at a 4 star hotel (best the town had). A work of causion when in a foreign country “Caveat emptor” as they do not have the return policy like going to Target. At least you are in a town that caters to tourists and can do an “Eric Cartman.”
    The picture in the room reminded me of the Mother of the Station Manager in “WKRP.” “Hursh!!”

  12. Those are awesome soaps, but are they too pretty to ever use? I’m sure your house guests would live using them. Quite pricey though. I like Lush soaps but can’t rally justify $15 for a small bar!

  13. It funny no matter where you go, as soon as it look like you are leaving for good a room becomes available, even if they were just saying their were no available rooms 5 minutes ago.

  14. Glad you moved hotels. An unhappy woman without a tub in her room will make a trip horrible. Trust me on that one. Spa day sounds fun. And the desserts look amazing.

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