Hey!  Great news, Mrs. Doubtfire fans.  21 years later, a sequel is finally in the works: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Mrs-Doubtfire-2-Works-42606.html

It will follow in the rich tradition of Basic Instinct 2, Blues Brothers 2000, Escape from L.A, and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights – as sequels that were released after over a decade had passed since the original graced the big screen.  Here are some notable others…

The Evening Star, sequel to Terms of Endearment, released 13 years later.

The Two Jakes, sequel to Chinatown, released 16 years later.

An American Werewolf in Paris, sequel to An American Werewolf in London, released 16 years later.

The Rage: Carrie II, sequel to Carrie, released 22 years later.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, sequel to Wall Street, released 22 years later.

Psycho II, sequel to Psycho, released 22 years later.

The Odd Couple II, sequel to The Odd Couple, released 29 years later.

And here are some sequels  either rumoured to be in the works, in production, or coming soon to a theater near you…

Bad Santa 2 (11 years later)

Beetlejuice 2 (16 years later)

Blade Runner 2 (22 years later)

Dumb and Dumber To (20 years later)

Goonies 2 (29 years later)

Independence Day 2 (18 years later)

Rounders 2 (26 years later)

Shakespeare in Love 2 (16 years later)

Top Gun 2 (28 years later)

Trainspotting 2 (18 years later)

Triplets (sequel to Twin – 26 years later)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 (26 years later)

Zoolander 2 (13 years later)

Which one are you looking forward to the least?

The afore-mentioned lists got me thinking about some of the great movies that REALLY need sequels.  Dear Hollywood, if they’re not already in the works, might I suggest:

The Sixth Sense 2: The Seventh Sense

Apocalypse Now 2: I Love the Smell of Napalm at Night Too!

Forrest Gump 2: Still Running

Casablanca 2: Play It Again, Sam

Better Off Dead 2: I Want my Two Dollars!  Plus Interest!  Which Would Now Make it About Two Fifty!

A Few Good Men: You Couldn’t Handle the Truth So We Apportioned it over Two Movies

Titanic 2: My Heart Still Going On

On the Waterfront 2: The Contender

Taxi Driver 2: Are You STILL Talkin’ to Me?

Field of Dreams 2: If You Produce It, They Will Come

Gone With the Wind: Tomorrow is Another Movie

Citizen Kane 2: Charlie and Rosebud, the Early Years

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Inquisition!

1Clip show alert!  Clip show alert!  Alas, the notion of the money-saver was completely lost on Akemi who, partway through Inquisition, turned to me, brow furrowed and remarked: “Just replaying parts of episodes we’ve already seen.”  Well, yes.  That’s the point of the clip show, the high point of any season.  It’s a very special episode that, in its short run time, manages to pack in all of the very best of what has come before.  It’s like a bowlful of only the red skittles.  That have passed, undigested through the alimentary canal of an Asian palm civet cat.

Apparently, they don’t do that sort of thing in Japan.

Surprisingly, however, this episode went over quite well, owing to the fact that many of these repeat clips were actually new to Akemi who missed seasons 2 through 4.  Plenty of “oohs” and “aaahs” throughout those amazing space battles.

“Toby!” she called when actor Thobias Slezak – and occasional guest to our home during the football season – showed up on screen.  Although it was, I thought, a sizeable enough appearance, she was somewhat disappointed: “Toby’s part is very small again [a reference to his turn as the doomed Peter in SGU’s Visitation].  Too small!”

And a minor quibble for the prop department.  She hated the glasses Woolsey and Sheppard were drinking whisky out of at episode’s end because we own those very same glasses and it shattered the illusion: “Same glass as you are drinking almond milk out of.”

Overall, even though she had a hard time following (and I had an equally hard time explaining): “I liked it.  I was happy to see so much computer graphics.  I liked the fact it summarized everything because I missed so many episodes.”  And, she’s up to date!

24 thoughts on “April 17, 2014: Sequel-mania! Our Stargate Atlantis re-watch continues with…Inquisition!

  1. Um, yeah. The 5th season clip show. The best said about this is that there was an actual attempt to bring the clips into a current and new story and now be just a “Remember when…” episode.

    Man, I gotta get those pictures ready from my trip! Maybe this weekend. It’s been super busy since I got home and tonight is no exception – driving 1.5 hours to Moncton where there’s a meeting for trail maintainers of the Fundy Footpath, a 50km trail that runs along the Fundy coast.

    Wish me luck!

  2. I meant and “NOT be just a “remember…” *shakes fist at WordPress commenting. Again.*

  3. And a minor quibble for the prop department. She hated the glasses Woolsey and Sheppard were drinking whisky out of at episode’s end because we own those very same glasses and it shattered the illusion: “Same glass as you are drinking almond milk out of.”
    is that where they went after the show ended? 😉

    and for some reason, i see two entries for april 17. this one & one above it that has a link to this one.

  4. I’m not a fan of clip shows. Sorry. I was hoping after seeing the graphics, Akemi would say, “Hey, I’d like to watch that now.” She’s a tough nut to crack.

    I guess Psycho 2 would be on my list that I would like the least. I won’t see Psycho. I have enough issues with stuff. Now I’m worried about dying. Did you guys see this. Woman pronounced dead brought to morgue. Wasn’t fully dead. Woke up and tried to get out of morgue freezer. Froze to death. I am not even kidding you:


  5. Yeah, some movies shouldn’t have sequels, especially after a long intermission. It tends to diminish the original work.

    I’m not a big fan of the clip shows, but I’m glad Akemi found it useful. Maybe she’ll watch the earlier seasons now? Or not…

    On the home front, we are back home in Illinois. It has been an exhausting week, but it was an honor to pay our respects to my uncle Ray. We’ll be stopping by again in September to see how everyone is doing and hopefully we’ll be meeting up with my cousins (and second cousins) sometime in summer.

    1. @JeffW A very, very long trip. I think it is wonderful that you have such a big family. I’ve lost touch with most of my first cousins. When I was young, my friend’s family would often invite me to go on their family trips where I got to meet their huge family. I’m so grateful to this day that I got a chance to experience that. A true gift.

  6. @Tam Dixon:

    The “heart worms from barnacles” was the explanation given by the country vet 42 years ago (I was 7 at the time). He was more used to cows and chickens than dogs, so I’m not sure his assumption was accurate. The barnacles were dead and decomposing on the bottom of the boat and for some reason, my dog Duke (a pure bred Collie) loved the taste of them and would chew them off the bottom of the boat. He died of heart worms 6 months later.

    I was told at the time that the transmission of heart worms was through the eating of feces or dead and decaying flesh, but upon looking it up today, it appears to be through infected mosquito bites only, so I think Joe is safe 😉 The barnacle story was one told by an old vet to me, a grieving child of 7, and it was mostly apocryphal in nature.

  7. Just a note…

    Hubby is playing with the Siri voice thingy on his stupid phone. Oddly enough, when he said “Todd the Wraith” it actually brought Todd the Wraith. However, when he said “Joseph Mallozzi” it came up with “Joseph in Biloxi”.

    He then said a bunch of Chinese-type gibberish…and actually got something quite similar to what he said. Then we tried “Joe Mallozzi” and got – no lie – “Gemelos bibitelinos”…and “Los Gemelos Locksmith”. So we tried “Joseph Mallozzi” again, and got “Mosey you” and “Joseph Mosey”…and, get this, “Dr. Joseph Crapanzano”… 😆

    So, Joe, when your blog isn’t entertainment enough, we just have funsies saying your name over and over again into a phone. Doesn’t that make you feel special?

    (And don’t feel bad – when I said my name into that damn thing it came up with…get this…”theater sex”. 😛 )


  8. @PBMom:

    Yes, a long trip all around…2,500 miles in total. And it is nice having a large extended family, but I do get lost with some of the third and more distant cousins 😉 . That happens when your family goes back 200+ years or more in the same area.

  9. Clip shows suck. This one was especially disappointing because nothing really came of it. And after some of the stuff the Atlantis team had done, they really did need to face some consequences and punishment, but the whole thing was played like we were supposed to feel sorry for them and think the judges were being so unreasonable. One of my big gripes about Stargate (though I do of course mostly think it’s great) is that the teams go around screwing absolutely everyone over (Michael, Niam, and super!Ford come to mind), and the show acts like we’re still totally supposed to be on their side and sympathize with them. Like they can do no wrong and their selfish actions that got other people killed (or otherwise destroyed their lives) shouldn’t really even be seen as bad things.

  10. I am looking forward to Independence Day 2, so many great directions they could go in… And after seeing Goonies 2 yesterday (I have no idea why it was playing and why my girls were watching an inappropriate show which I watched at roughly the same age! But I had to change the channel and then I realized just how bad the stuff we watched in the 80’s was!)

  11. Ack! I’ve been super distracted with some RL things, I haven’t gotten over to your blog. Imagine my surprise when you were on S5 of SGA! As I scrolled I was thinking, “no way did they go so fast, or that I’ve missed so many days,” until I finally caught up and saw what you did.

    Super sad I spaced on the book of the month discussion because I actually LOVED the book. I’m kind of surprised by the tending toward negative comments I saw. Since it’s way overdue, I won’t go on and on, but I was completely pulled into the flow of the writing and the bizarreness of the narrator and the surroundings. I would be content for the story to be over there, but I am also excited for the remaining books in the series. I haven’t felt that closely connected with a book for awhile.

    Here’s hoping you get more positive feedback (and actual progress) on some of your pilots!

  12. A rehash, sometimes the sequel is just not the best way to go, or maybe because the first one was so bad, there is no help for a second or a 75th. Are they really running out of fresh ideas (sounds like a job opp here) or just trying to see if the public is gullible or bored enough to go for a 2nd. Where does all the money come from, bake sales, kickstarters??
    ~Thanks das for the siri laugh!!
    ~~ and ewwww, I don’t want to drink any of that coffee or skittles from the palm cat,,ick..

  13. Hey Joe…. it’s been a while! lol

    So the future of TV being web based is now only really kicking off, understanding the cancellation of SG1 is fair and reasoned, understanding the demise of Atlantis still boggles the mind, but so does the loss of Firefly and as you know SGU I never really got…

    So all is well with the world, and now I’m here I’ll go and catch up with two missed years of reading.

    Have a great Easter dude!!

  14. Love this one “Better Off Dead 2: I Want my Two Dollars! Plus Interest! Which Would Now Make it About Two Fifty!” I saw the original when I was back in high school. Still need to have the kids watch that one. 🙂 I don’t think they’d get John Cusack.

  15. Inquisition was my least favorite of all the Stargate clip shows, but one the other hand SG-1 had some of the best ones that I have seen.
    Those sequels sound pretty awful, although of all of them, a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit would win my vote.

  16. Why isn’t the full title ‘Inquisition’ spelled out? Did you run out of character space?


  17. I’m holding out hope for a Rush Hour sequel, I still find these films funny, and to be honest it really does need a 4th movie to close out the series in general. One last mission for Carter and Lee, before making the characters retire or something maybe.

  18. @Independence Day 2

    Although I will watch it, I still don’t see the point in it. The aliens were defeated, the end. The movie sent a don’t mess with Earth message to the aliens in the manner they were defeated. Sending the same aliens, or more aliens seems a bit silly. Because it’ll go along the lines of Normal day -> Aliens arrive -> Panic -> Earth on the ropes -> Deus ex machina twist -> Aliens defeated -> Hero embraces his partner, everyone else happy.

  19. Hey Joe, have you been hitting some flares again? It’s been 26 Years since Beetlejuice released.. As for Clip shows I have always enjoyed the Stargate ones. They have always been a “cut” above your average clip show. (Sorry for the pun.) I have really enjoyed Disclosure in particular, and if you skip it you miss a lot, as the seeds of the IOA, Atlantis, and even Universe start with Kinsey, Hammond, Chekov, and Thor admitting to the Ambassadors what the Stargate is and everything that the SGC is doing…

  20. You forgot Texasville, the 19-years-later sequel to The Last Picture Show. I only remember it because I saw it without having seen the first film, and after 2 bewildering hours, decided that such movie-going folly was not to be repeated.

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