Dog fight!

Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Outsiders!

1Hunh.  I assumed Akemi would enjoy The Lost Tribe, but she found it slow-paced and confusing.  I figured she wouldn’t like Outsiders, but she was entertained throughout.  While I wouldn’t rank it among her favorites, she did prefer it over the previous episode: “I felt quicker than last episode.”

Still, plenty of nitpicks of Outsiders:

When leader Elson sneaks back into town wearing a cloak to hide his identity: “Why he is hiding?  From who?”  Good question.

When Elson makes his pitch to “Shrekish-looking guy”, seemingly betraying the Atlantis team and the outsiders: “What?  Whatwhatwhat?!”  And then suspicious: “Why Jervis trusted so simply?”

When Beckett taunts the wraith, Akemi wondered why the wraith didn’t just feed on him.  And when, seconds later, he tries – and dies in excruciating pain: “Wraith is as dumb as I am.”

After Sheppard triggers the explosion, killing the wraith – as well as “Shrekish-looking guy” and his fellow townspeople: who, it turns out, were entrapped by Elson and Sheppard: “Why he did that?   He’s supposed to be hero?!”

When McKay figures out how to re-jib the dart so that it deposits him and Beckett on the planet rather than scoop anyone up off the surface: “How he figured that out?  Oh, right.  Because he is genius.”

On the with-only-seconds-to-spare escape through the gate: “Of course.”

And after “everyone” escapes: “They said six hundred to seven people in the village, but we only see forty escape.  What happened to everyone else?”  Hello?  Extras casting?

Speaking of unanswered questions: “What happened to the group that was delivered to gate first? Where did they go?”  Er.  Um.  Transported up to the hive ship?  No.  They escaped too?  Uh, no.  I guess they were killed?  “Usually the episodes make sense.  Here a bunch of actors and actresses are missing.”

She felt the episode was lacking a little something.  A little Robert Picardo: “I was sad the fact I couldn’t see Woolsey-Bob.”

Overall, however, she didn’t find the episode offensive and gave it this ringing endorsement: “Not bad.  I don’t mind.  I just hated Jervis.  Reminds me of Top Chef Canada contestant.”

12 thoughts on “April 16, 2014: Dog fight! Continuing our Stargate: Atlantis re-watch with…Outsiders!

  1. Pug wresting!

    I liked The Outsiders, but it wasn’t necessarily one of my favourites.

  2. Akemi is very astute and detail minded. I was always just busy watching big handsome guy.

  3. Bubba is quick! But maybe he could use some more endurance?

    @Ponytail on barnacle warnings during my Vancouver trip:

    As meandering as my conversations get sometimes, the subject of “correct barnacle preparation methods” surprisingly did not come up. 😉

  4. Belated thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes. I had an excellent day that reminded me to consider (again) the joys of an ordinary day and why my birthday should not be celebrated.

    For those who want more story, it goes something like this: The day started reasonably well (with the announcement that I was going to be doing part of someone else’s job on top of someone else’s job that I’m already doing and my own job which is a profession with little relation to either of the other two jobs) and ended with the favourable song of people arguing over my head before I had even blown the candles. Stuff happens (all the time to everyone), but the pleasanter moments included my little brother surprising me with a good choice in jackets, a packet of chips (that I asked for) and not so pleasantly, there was no one around for dinner (because we’d had dinner yesterday, of course, and therefore did not require one on the actual day). All in all, I would not bother again.

    On yesterday’s post: Them goose neck barnacles sure looked like scaly fingers.

    The Outsiders wasn’t a very stand out episode for me. I couldn’t remember what had happened at the end of it. All I knew was that stuff happened.

    Upside: I finally found a copy of Catch 22 in the library. That search took a few years and several suburbs… and Yossarian lives!

  5. I forgot dog fights can be adorable. 😀 When my furry beasts go out no one and nothing is safe. Furniture gets rearranged, drinks go flying, children get knocked over.. someone (yeah, me) ends up yelling “Alright! ENOUGH! Take it OUTSIDE! ” And two light colored giant fur balls fly out to the backyard and collide out there.

    Apparently Foxy’s too good for all that nonsense. For now.

    As for “Outsiders”.. I keep forgetting Adam Darshi was on SGA before Sanctuary. Pretty cool! I think Vancouver has the best entertainment community out there. Jervis was a jerk. I don’t blame Akemi one bit for hating him.

    I’m off to Mexico to go see some Mayan ruins! Maybe I’ll find a crystal skull! Or.. a Stargate! 😀


  6. OH yea, its always about the handsome guy, need the eye candy. thanks for the doggy tango, don’t tell them I giggled at watching.

  7. That’s not a dog fight – THIS is a dogfight…

    Watch part 5 for the conclusion.

    Hubby’s grandfather was a P-51 pilot stationed out of England, with 5 aerial kills (plus two probables) and 5 destroyed on the ground, making him one of the top aces in the 376th Squadron (of the 361st Fighter Group). He was shot down over Europe, wounded, held in a POW hospital, liberated, and returned home to test new combat jets. Fearless of heights, he later became a union iron worker and helped build the first casino in AC. Unfortunately he passed before I was able to meet him.

    Here he is in flight gear:


  8. Love the video of dog wrestling!

    Akemi’s insights are always interesting.

    JeffW: I didn’t know that barnacles gave dogs heartworms. I’ll have to mention this to my vet friends. Thanks!

  9. Now you’re getting into Atlantis eps I haven’t seen. (*gasp!*) Somehow I just missed most of the 5th season. I have it recorded; just haven’t watched it. I know, I know, that’s inexcusable for as big a Stargate fan as I am. But I was in school and working a lot when it aired, so I didn’t have time to watch, and then when SGA got canceled, I was just like, “Well what’s the point now?” Perhaps I’ll go back and watch those now….

  10. @Das That is a great picture. Very handsome man.

    Love the puppy fight. Can we get a close up of the pink shirt?

    Outsiders was one of those “in the middle” shows.

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