Akemi and I finished watching the second half of Stargate: Universe’s first season today.  It’s been interesting to see her develop a genuine passion for the series.  “I love Stargate!”she declared this morning.  “Please call me, geeku-chan!”

Like any fan, Geeku-chan had her favorite characters, her favorite episodes.  Robert Cooper’s Time is still tops in her books.  She can’t get enough of that kino!

What follows are her thoughts on episode #11 through #20…


Being a big fan of the show’s visual effects, Akemi greatly appreciated this episode, especially the sequence of the ships exchanging fire (“Poom poom poom”).  She, did, however, have some reservations about the alien who proved disappointingly weak in her opinion.  She also wasn’t a fan of Young in the alien suit – “He looked like an oompa loompa!”.

Overall though, a solid episode in her estimation.  “I feel like I’m watching a movie.”


She found certain elements of this one confusing, particularly those related to the transfer of the ship’s control.  Still, she did find it suspenseful (“Jamil almost killed Patrick!”she exclaimed at one point) and loved the space walk.  On the other hand, she found the operation sequence “scary”, the part where Rush awakens in the middle of surgery especially distressful.


For some reason, she found this episode difficult to understand and expressed disappointment that we never got to see “the alien who built the Tokyo towerish thing”.

She did find the burgeoning/grudging friendship between Rush and Young interesting, noting: “I find science guy and old Young very friendly now but a few episodes before they were cranky cranky.”

As for T.J.’s predicament, she was surprisingly noncommittal: “Don’t feel sad for her because it’s personal situation going on.  No comment.”


“I watched twice and still don’t understand!”  Alas, yes.  She fell asleep the first time and then started from the beginning in the hopes that she wold actually understand it the second time around.  No such luck.  What was the problem?  Well, beside all the back and forth between reality and Rush’s world: “Very confusing because science guy very mumblesome.”


An emotionally strong episode for Akemi who was on the edge of her seat throughout.  She confidently predicted our intrepid foursome would make it back to the ship at the end of last episode and, when they didn’t, she was downright shocked.  So, when the remaining trio didn’t make it back in the nick of time a second time, she was incensed.  “F**ing scientist!  Why dial?  Give last five minutes to them.  It shouldn’t happen such bad timing!”  Sadly, it did and Scott, Eli, and Chloe ended the episode off-world with seemingly no chance of rejoining Destiny.

Akemi: “I like this episode because twisted.”

Me: “You mean because there was a twist.”

Akemi: “Yeah.  Twisted.”

Her appreciation for Ronald Greer/Jamil Walker Smith continues: “I like Jamil.  I mean Jamil’s character.”, “I like Jamil’s character more because he had bad experience as a kid.”, and “I like young Jamil with yellow t-shirt and crazy hair.”


This episode may not have been a fan favorite, but Akemi liked it just fine, especially the visual effect shots of the robot fixing the ship.  She did find it odd that T.J. (conveniently) didn’t knock when paying a call on Rush, simply opening the door to his room and catching him and Rush/Dr. Perry/Wray in an “awkward” moment.

This episode also begged the question: “When is geek guy going to get with her?  When will other guy die?”.  She’s apparently a Chloli shipper but likes Scott just the same.  “Very handsome,”she told me.  “But geek guy also very cute and unique.  In Japan, both would be equally popular.”


Right off the bat: “Why Young stop shaving his beard?  Depression comes from being father?”  I don’t know.  Maybe?

She thought this a good, scary episode with an ending that left her wanting more. Ultimately, a great episode “because written by Carl Binder-san.”


At some point, she started referring to a character as Chef.  Well, I knew “scientist” referred to Rush and “geek” referred to Eli, but “Chef”?  Turns out she was referring to Lou Diamond Philips because she remembers him from his varied Food Network forays.  Some of her comments on this episode:

“I like the scene of Jamil punching his face, stupid chef.”

“Why chef flip it?  How he get brainwashed?  I guess it is what it is.”

“Nice to see Mike Dopud.”

“Mike Dopud is alien?  Looks like human though.”

As for the episode as a whole: “I like but why stop there?  I’m curious and can’t sleep.”


She was on the edge of her seat from start to finish and, when the episode ended, requested we roll right into the next.  The highlight for her?  Eli’s courageous bid to keep Chloe safe, at one point literally sweeping her off her feet. (“I love geek boy.”).  The lowlight?  She didn’t like the fact that Young didn’t vent the the gate room the second the Lucian Alliance came through.  Chef be damned!



Not quite the consistent nail-biter that was Incursion I, Incursion II delivered big time for her in its last fifteen minutes.  “Very movie-ish!”was her take on the season finale.  BUT she didn’t like the fact that there was no ending.  “Not finished?  Not happy!”  The problem?  She feared for her favorite characters.  Why?  “I’m afraid because my boyfriend has no mercy.  I like happy ending but my boyfriend not all the time.”

Hmmm.  Makes me wonder what she’ll think of the series finale.

26 thoughts on “December 28, 2013: Stargate Universe 1.5! The Japanese Girlfriend Edition!

  1. I love her reviews but dont think you are off the hook for your SGU memory lane…

  2. Akemi is so funny! “oompa loompa” 😆 “…science guy very mumblesome.” “Twisted.” Referring to Lou Diamond Philips as “chef”. “stupid chef!” 😆 ”I’m afraid because my boyfriend has no mercy.” So true, so true! We all were afriad of the writers! 😆

    ”I feel like I’m watching a movie.” Exactly! The Stargate series was a class act. Each episode was like watching a movie to me too. Epic photography, direction, special effects, music.

  3. Tony Romo is out for the rest of the season (or what remains of it). The Cowboys could barely win with him, anyone think they will win without him? Anyone? Anyone?

  4. Also…

    “As for T.J.’s predicament, she was surprisingly noncommittal: “Don’t feel sad for her because it’s personal situation going on. No comment.”

    I found this very interesting. I’m wondering if it is a cultural thing, and if Japanese stay out of each other’s personal business. Because, you know, Americans sure have no shortage of opinions on what is going on with other people in their personal lives.

  5. Hopefully after Akemi gets to the series finale she will force you to write a definitive conclusion for all of us… Worst. Cliff-Hanger. Ever.

  6. Oh my God, Akemi needs to do reviews for the entire franchise. ”I’m afraid because my boyfriend has no mercy.” Brilliant.

  7. Thanks for your answers gforce and JeffW! I know the transition would be painful but I hope the U.S. switches to smart cards soon. The Target theft is going to happen again in many other places.

    We looked on Netflix recently and didn’t find any of the Stargate series. We have the SG1 DVD’s but hubby is spoiled and wants to stream it. Anyway, I’ll look on Amazon.

    ”I’m afraid because my boyfriend has no mercy. I like happy ending but my boyfriend not all the time.” Watching SGU might not be good for your relationship. 😉

    Have a safe trip! Hug the pups for me please.

  8. Carl said: “Oh my God, Akemi needs to do reviews for the entire franchise. ”I’m afraid because my boyfriend has no mercy.” Brilliant.:

    Brilliant, indeed! *dies laughing*

    I’m really going to have to get those DVDs out and re-watch these!

  9. @Tam DIxon: I’m like your hubby, I have all the Stargate DVDs and still like to stream them. 🙂 If you get Amazon Prime ($79 or $89, can’t remember), they’re all available at no extra cost. We order a lot of stuff (baby toys) from Amazon, and with Prime they give you two-day shipping for free, so it pays for itself in no time. Renting new releases is more expensive than with Redbox, but it’s soooo convenient! 🙂

    I think I’m starting to believe the “evil eye” stories my grandfather used to tell. FIrst it was my back, then Anakin got sick and made us all sick (and I’ve got it the worst, natch). He was sick a couple of months ago and only I got it. Then, my daughter was sitting at a red light and some idiot slammed right into her new car. I haven’t stopped coughing since yesterday morning. Oy.

  10. Oh my…guess I never thought of you as – not having mercy, but Akemi knows best!

    Looking forward to more of Akemi’s reviews.

  11. Yes, Akemi, your boyfriend has no mercy and his friends don’t either! Glad you are watching out for this already!

  12. ”I feel like I’m watching a movie.”

    That’s what I loved about a lot of the episodes of the Stargate franchise, and I too wonder what Akemi will think of the series finale. Can we vote for Carl’s suggestion that Akemi reviews the entire franchise? I would love to hear her reviews of Window of Opportunity and Moebius.

    @Tam Dixon:

    I don’t think smart cards would’ve stopped the data breach and fraud at Target, since all the hackers would need are the credit card numbers, CIC numbers, and expiration dates to make cash transfers and purchases online. What the smart card really does is stop duplicate cards where the crooks make magnetic strip card copies and then go shopping at local retailers. I think most of the fraud nowadays is of the online variety.

    With the smartphone based digital wallets starting up, the number of ways to pay are increasing (Google Wallet, PayPass, PayPal, et cetera), so it’s hard to predict which way the banks and credit card vendors are going to go. NFC smart cards are another option (this is essentially PayPass), and they are next to impossible to copy, so that may be the way they’ll want to go. The bank and CC vendors only make transaction fees when people use their cards, so they’ll want to make it as quick and easy as possible. I guess we’ll see what falls out of the Target debacle.

    And my Ravens are out of the playoffs 🙁 All I have now is revenge rooting. I guess I’ll see how the playoffs go. I’d hate to see a Superbowl where I hate both teams…

  13. “She didn’t like the fact that Young didn’t vent the the gate room the second the Lucian Alliance came through.”

    She’s not the only one to hold that opinion…

  14. loving the snow flakes so seasonal 🙂
    I love Akemi’s review most though! she should go pro for Japanese viewers first and translated in English 😉
    I love Eli too! and Rush too.. although he is an ass.. scientists are like that.. i know.. trust me..! my ex- husband is one of them.. notice the EX? lol
    Happy New Year to you and the lovely dogs Jo! and i will make a new year wish: more SG-1, SGA, SGU !!! 🙂
    thanks for the giggles xo

  15. Oy, so funny. I love Chef myself, can’t get enough LDP. It’s interesting to look at TJ’s problem as being her own private business that outsiders shouldn’t intrude into.

    Geeku-chan rocks!

  16. I enjoy Akemi’s reviews. I’m on episode titled “Pain”. I have been, and currently watching the series on my iPad Air 128 gig (which one thing pisses me off about it but more on that in a bit). It’s been so enjoyable watching old friends on the Retina display! It’s a beautiful series that should have been given more of a chance. Maybe not on SyFy channel as I feel at times it’s lost it’s touch about scifi any more. I’m so tired of the WWE on it and every other channel every day. I forget the episode I was watching when I thought…..” I wonder how Eli’s mother is doing.” Would have been nice to see some more of the families left behind and how they were dealing with their life adjustments. Can’t wait to hear Akemi’s thoughts of the finale….
    I got an iPad Air 128 gig… and like anytime I buy hard drives, up to 15 terrabytes now. I get upset when, for example I get the 128 gig, but I only have 115 usable for my own stuff. 13 gig for the OS…..Why don’t they just say that at the start. It’s a 115 gig . You get a hard drive with 2-3 terrabytes and you don’t get it all.
    sorry for the meandering thoughts and rant.
    Happy New Year’s to you and yours Joe and everyone else here!

  17. I love Akemi. I like that she says Mike Dopud’s full name. No nicknames. I mean even Eli is “geek boy.” I agree with her take on Young not venting the gate room. I know Young was flawed in some of his decisions, but even Carter had to leave behind some of the troops under her command because she had to. “I’m afraid because my boyfriend has no mercy.” Hmmm… boyfriend. I am still suspicious. That isn’t entirely true. You just have no mercy for doctors. Good thing she doesn’t have to wait a whole season before season 2 starts.

  18. I thought I’d start watching SGU again too. I agree with Akemi and HBMC, Young should have vented the air from the gate room. He did it to Rush and saved him, he probably could have done it to Telford then resuscitated him as well. And if not, Telford was armed forces and it was always a possibility.

    Every time I watch this series I find more reasons to complain about Young’s ability to command and poor decisions he made. He lets his emotions rule his decisions. He seemed to take a dislike or distrust to Rush, and it affected most of his decisions regarding him. Such as not disconnecting him when he was captured by the Lucian Alliance. Young was unable to handle the pressures of command. He became an alcoholic.

    Rush is no picnic either, he acts like a coward in many instances, he has little regard for others, their opinions or their lives. He’s selfish, he can’t be trusted to tell the truth, he’s secretive, he’s bad at interpersonal relationships.

    Together they work against each other and create a lot of drama.

    I’m still peeved that this show got taken off the air. It was a good show with good writing, great acting and great special effects. The series had tremendous potential.

  19. I’m curious, season 2 episode 18, “Epilogue”, inside the bunker scenes on Novus, was that all a set, or was it real place, or CGI for the shots of the spiral staircase?

    I just watched this episode which I enjoyed a great deal. It gives the viewer a lot to mull over, a boatload of “what if’s”. And as Varro plummeted to the floor, I wondered if Young even really tried to catch him. If he did, would he have been able to hold on? Varro is a big guy.

    I was thinking as I watched him catch TJ that Mike Dopud would have made a great Jack Reacher, rather then the diminutive Tom Cruise. Dopud can look menacing and has the height and weight, unlike Cruise. Reacher is ” 6’5″ tall (1.96 m) with a 50-inch chest, and weighing between 220 and 250 pounds”* and has blue eyes with natural (non body builder) physique.


  20. ”But geek guy also very cute and unique. In Japan, both would be equally popular.”

    I need to go to Japan, apparently.

    ”I’m afraid because my boyfriend has no mercy. I like happy ending but my boyfriend not all the time.”

    Is she referring to the kind of stories you like or the kind of stories you write?
    I think both. 😉

    Love seeing “Binder-san” chime in on it, too!

    -Mike A.

  21. Are you watching with subtitles (in English)? To me it sounds like she struggles with understanding what’s going on sometimes, and I’ve found that subtitles help a lot with that.

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