Either we’re preparing a meal, going out for a meal, or sitting down to a home cooked meal.

For the past couple of days, mom has put us to work in the kitchen.  The day before yesterday, Akemi and I were layering lasagna.  Yesterday, we were cleaning mussels. Today, we were making frittata…

Baked Mussels
Baked Mussels
Crispy breaded scallops with green sauce
Crispy breaded scallops with green sauce
Akemi and mom work on the fried eggplant
Akemi and mom work on the fried eggplant

We went to dinner with friends the other night, some of the former members of our weekly movie night crew.  Among them: Big Daddy, Sushi Man (so named because he once ate 50 pieces of sushi in one sitting), and SupaNige (because, well, he’s super).  I went by Movie Man because I was the one who made the trips to Chinatown to pick up the Hong Kong auctioneers we would screen every Wednesday night.

Dinner with some of my Montreal friends.
Dinner with some of my Montreal friends.


And tonight, we were out with Daisy and my sister Andria for Thai and late night dessert.

Crispy spinach
Crispy spinach

We ended the evening at my sister’s favorite dessert hangout, Cafe Choco-Latte Inc, for – what else? – choco-lattes!  Oh, and cake!

I went with the butterscotch caramel
I went with the butterscotch caramel
Caramel carrot cake
Caramel carrot cake
Classic chocolate cake
Classic chocolate cake
Daisy and sis.  Oh, and cake.
Daisy and sis. Oh, and cake.
Nick - Choco-Latte's gregarious owner
Nick – Choco-Latte’s gregarious owner

Yes, I’ve been eating.  A lot.  But I’m working off the calories by working on my scripts.  The other day, I did a pass on Paul’s pass on my draft of episode 2 of that non-genre show we’ve got in development. And, last night, I stayed up late to write a scene for that southern gothic pilot I’m writing with my pal, Tara, who now has the script in her hot little hands and is no doubt hard at work on the next scene.  I also exchanged emails with our producing partner and will be discussing the prospects for Dark Matter in the new year.  I think we’re close and it’s just a matter of making sure we can do the project justice with the money we have.  It’s not as much as we had for SGU but, then again, we won’t have the same expenses.  At this point, I think it’s a matter of running a budget and seeing if the numbers make sense – particularly those related to visual effects.  As always, will keep you posted.

Oh, and to those asking: I ended up getting mom a box of chocolates from Beta 5.  And a  bottle of Grand Marnier.  You can never go wrong with booze.

As for my dogs back in Vancouver, they are being well taken care of by my dog-sitter, Christine, who was able to make time to hang with them while we’re away in Montreal.

So, 2014 approaches.  How are those resolutions coming along?

19 thoughts on “December 27, 2013: The entire holidays seem to revolve around food!

  1. I think I have to stop reading your blog. I just gained 5 pounds looking at all the food. Glad you are enjoying your holidays in Montreal. Will you be bringing my mom back a key chain? :p

  2. The entire holidays seem to revolve around food!

    No kidding!

    Although I haven’t been eating out as much as you have, Barb and I did go out for burgers tonight and then a movie. I was getting stir crazy from all the knee-resting and just needed to get out of the house. I wanted something simple since I’ve had a lot of rich meals lately; the booths at the burger joint came as a plus since it allowed me to prop my leg up.

    And those mussels and scallops made me jealous. I really want some good seafood right about now. Maybe I’ll see if I can con my daughter Jackie into taking me shopping tomorrow so I can buy some scallops. I’m thinking pan seared in butter with a sprinkle of Old Bay.

    As for resolutions, I’m waiting on what the knee surgeon says on January 7th, but I think I need to add some exercise back into my daily routine (I have been off of serious exercise since my knee issues worsened back in August). I may have to take up lane swimming at the local indoor pool, but I’ll have to find something that works.

    Good to hear that Dark Matter is still alive; I’m looking forward to that. And would the Tara that is helping you on the southern gothic pilot be Tara Yelland? I’m glad to hear of all the progress and I’m hoping for big things for you in 2014!

    Post Scriptum – I did get my sugar cookies, so I’ve been happy, but that is also the reason for the need to get back to some form of exercise soon! 😉

  3. If you do get the go ahead for Dark Matter, I hope you get the budget to build the physical spaceship interior sets. It’d look so much better and would be more practical. While I’m not sure if you would replicate the comic book designs for the interiors, but It’d be great to see it come to life.

  4. I went by Movie Man because I was the one who made the trips to Chinatown to pick up the Hong Kong auctioneers we would screen every Wednesday night.
    i think you meant action-ers, not an agent who conducts an auction.

    oooo, cake!

    Oh, and to those asking: I ended up getting mom a box of chocolates from Beta 5. And a bottle of Grand Marnier. You can never go wrong with booze.
    unless the gift recipient doesn’t drink booze. personally, i’d be happy with just the chocolates.

  5. Yes…fooooood! and drink.
    Resolutions….ummm, yes, very definitely needed, but the crucial aspect is to really follow the resolutions, eh?

    Everyone looks great. All the food looks absolutely yummy.
    Now, to find a snack, cause I’m hungry again.

    Stay warm

  6. Those scallops look very, very good. I usually make sea scallops by dredging in white flour and dried dill, then pan-frying in a butter/oil combo and serving with fresh lemon and maybe some parsley if I’m feeling super-traditional.

    The deli department of my local grocery store has a nice Indian green sauce, and I have a recipe for cilantro green sauce that I want to try. So, since I got some cash as a Christmas present I might try cooking that the next time I see big fresh scallops at the store.

    My sister is an ex-pro gourmet restaurant cook. She took over for Christmas dinner and made an enormous rare beef rib roast. She was testing out a new meat thermometer that had an antenna broadcasting the internal temperature to a remote that she could carry around with her. It was nice for her to be able to relax in another room and still keep an eye on the roast. She was using a low heat oven temp so it was good not to have to open the oven door to test the temp.

    The other stand-out dish was on the veggie side. She made extra stuffing for the stuffed mushrooms and put the extra in halves of mini yellow peppers. The sweetness of the peppers was wonderful with the rich meatyness of the stuffing.

    The rest of the meal was duchess potatoes, brussels sprouts, home-baked dinner rolls, green salad, and red wine. For dessert we had four kinds of home-made cookies, chocolate fudge, and pumpkin pie with aged (five years) Sumatra coffee.

    I scored a large amount of the leftover beef and au jus, so for my third beef dinner I think I’ll make a potato and onion hash, or a Shepherd’s Pie.

  7. So much food. My problem is not that I’ve had big meals, but the Christmas snacking. Homemade cookies, cheese & crackers, fudge, oranges, cake, you name it. Ugh. I’m hoping in the new year to be able to get back on track with my daily workouts by somehow arranging my schedule to accomodate those and my travels to the hospital.

    Speaking of which, my stepmom is still doing okay. We’re hoping for some news early in the new year about her nursing home placement. I’ll be so relieved when that happens.

    I’m over in PEI for a couple of days visiting my friends over here and as always a wonderful time. We had delicious “PEI style” fish & chips (very lightly battered) last night from some local place. Really good.

    So nice to see you guys having so much fun!

    There’s another storm headed here tomorrow night. Is Montreal supposed to get that?

  8. Nick, mmm, that’s one HOT chocolate man there.

    Dang it, reading your blog before breakfast again, my tummy is demanding cake. Dagnabbit.

  9. JeffW: I love swimming! Good luck starting back to an exercise routine. Put your mind to it and it will be no problem. Hubby & son got me a waterproof mP3 player for X-mas. I haven’t used it yet but I’ll let you know if it’s a good thing. Other swimmers told me to get headphones that transmit sound through the cheekbone, instead of through the ear. I may do that later, if the earbuds don’t work.
    One question for you, unrelated: With the large Target Credit Card scandal, we’ve been reading about how the U.S. is behind on credit card encryption. Europe is using chip in their cards (right?). The article stated that U.S. travelers to Europe have problems using their U. S. issued cards overseas. Have you noticed this problem or does your company get a EMV standard card? Just curious.

    Mr. M: No New Year’s resolutions for me. If I make it formal, I’m doomed. Better just to casually add more exercise and hope fate doesn’t notice.

    Does Canada have magnetic strips on their cards Mr. M.?

    Those desserts looks so good!!!!! Wonderful pictures of friends too. I’m sure your mom loves her gifts. You really can’t go wrong with chocolate or booze. (except with my mom who is diabetic and against drinking alcohol 😉 )Also, “break a leg” on the projects!

    Akemi: You are so lucky to get a cooking lesson from Mrs. M! What was your favorite dish?
    Wonderful picture of you!

  10. What do you do with the leftovers?

    We’re working on getting my husband to agree to letting us foster a puggle. We’re in regular contact with his family so there’s no risk of broken hearts if it doesn’t work out. There’s also no risk of us not being able to afford food or vet care because that’s part of the deal. His main family (other than his three, canine “siblings”) is just too busy to pay him much attention right now and we have full-time snuggles to spare around here. He’s also part beagle and his part beagle “sibling” brings out his “bolting after a scent with no regard for safety” side so our fence is better for him (as long as the neighbor’s dog doesn’t decide to jump it and eat him). “Indecision until unity” is a marriage policy that tends to work in the favor of certain personalities.

    My New Year’s resolution is to fill the deep fryer with bacon grease. Who wants to join me? I could use an accountability partner.

  11. *I meant regular contact with the puggle’s family, just in case you might read the “his” as “regular contact with my husband’s family”.

  12. @Tam Dixon:

    I think you’re referring to Smart Cards. They’re used extensively in Europe, Canada and elsewhere. The USA is behind the times with respect to Smart Cards, and the corporate cards that I am issued are the US standard magnetic swipe cards (no smart chips).

    I mostly haven’t had a problem using my magnetic stripe cards in Europe or Canada. I did have one experience with a teenage gas station attendant in Burnaby (near Vancouver) who, inside his glass “cage”, could not work out how to swipe the card. After three or four attempts, I finally gave up and gave him cash.

  13. Desserts look great,thanks.. and resolutions, its not time to start them yet is it?!?!? 😯

  14. @Tam Dixon : as Jeff said, we have chip ‘n PIN tech in all bank and credit cards here in Canada. It seems weird now when I go to the states and have to sign the slip!

  15. Food always brings everyone together, no matter the circumstance. And I wonder why? It is painstakenly prepared, then almost instantly consumed. Then it’s gone. Start over. Weird.

  16. I think NICK is the reason she is going to the Cafe Choco-Latte and well they just happened to have fabulous stuff.

    New Years’ resolutions: I just promise myself that I will finish some legal business that has been hanging around since the summer. It’s been dragging on way too long and I would like it concluded soon after the new year.

    That is about it. I have goals for the business. I have one or two goals I’d like to achieve (like taking things off my bucket list since I’ll be 50 in March). But that’s it. We don’t even have a “New Year’s Day meal” although Jeff is talking about going to get some King Crab legs for dinner (our once a year treat we haven’t had in a few years).

  17. PS It’s hard to shop for people who have everything, isn’t it? Chocolates and alchol were a good choice. Glad the dogs are being well cared for, too.

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