29 thoughts on “December 26, 2013: Akemi’s superhero breakdown!

  1. And KEN

    As in Barbie and Ken? I can see the resemblance…I think. Jackie gave away her Barbies a long time ago, so I can’t be entirely sure.

    And Akemi must be a fan of the Flash. He’s my favorite too.

  2. LOL. I have to admit that of the last several, I only recognized the Flash. Also, Shrek has clearly been working out.

    I always have (and still) wonder what Robin’s claim to superhero-dom is, other than being an annoying jerk. And if that’s a super power, it’s sadly far from uncommon!

  3. Green Linto = Green Lantern? The first guy looks like He-Man from the cartoons my kids used to watch. 🙂

  4. That’s a decent Green Arrow picture, though the TV series equivalent is different appearance wise.

    Anyway Joe, there’s like 40 new anime shows starting in Japan from next month, then there’s over a dozen specials and movies. Haven’t got a clue what interests me yet, though I’m just expecting that Sword Art Online Season 2 announcement before the new year, just can’t see why they would bother making a 2 hour recap special with new footage and airing it on new years eve if they’re not going to make that announcement.

    Space☆Dandy looks funny though, it’s about a guy called Dandy, who is described as being a dandy guy in space who hunts down aliens as his job, seems to be one of those scifi shows with aliens, planets the usual stuff, it’s being done by Bones the FMA, Wolfs Rain, Eureka Seven etc studio. Could be interesting.

  5. Akemi: Challenge Joe to name YOUR childhood heroes from Japanese pop culture. 😉

    I can name nine of this dozen off the top of my head.
    (first letters only, to preserve the challenge for others)
    ? (with apologies to Brent Stait, who played the character on “Smallville”)

  6. I just watched Green Lantern on television – part of the Christmas marathon phenom we experience these days. I guess if you are going to let your network run on a loop so everyone gets some time off, this is the way to go. So, while I was reading, and napping in my favourite chair, Green Lantern had two chances to impress. He didn’t.

    I hope your weather is better now. We are used to the -20’s in Alberta. I know that the East is not, having lived in Montreal for 8 years, and Ottawa for 5.

    You never mentioned it, but I guess you must have found someone reliable to look after your dogs? I assume it wasn’t the kid from Home Alone.

  7. Hubby got them all in 30 secs, including Doctor Fate.

    He’s such a nerd. 😀


  8. Hey Joe, I noticed the final Gintama movie is out subtitled, I know you’ve mentioned before that you’ve been watching. I assume its the final, it says its the final chapter. Not sure if you’ve seen but just a heads up if you haven’t lol

  9. Well, I don’t know the ones between Green Lantern and the Flash. Knew the others, though. Not overly familiar with all of them, but enough to name them, anyway.

  10. Joker and also Joker was a literal lol.
    I’m a long-time comics fan, but some of them (from DC I suspect) had me puzzled.

  11. Good job, Akemi, I would have only got a few of them as well.

    Also, thanks for the reply, Joe. Hopefully we are going to Japan around the same time… At the moment, my lil sis and I are thinking of going sometime around late March, early April – if we can book early. We’re guessing that flights might get a little expensive around that time because of the school holidays in Japan if we don’t book quickly and because it’s spring (sakura! yay!). I hope it’s not too cold when we go, I’m not good with cold weather. Lil sis wants to go to Hong Kong and Korea as well, but I’m insisting on visiting one overseas country at a time, otherwise it’s all rush-rush-tiring to get to the next place and you can’t really enjoy yourself.

    Since I am not on the internet everyday (although I do catch up eventually) and in case I am unable to get on again at New Years, Merry belated Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

    I spent Christmas day with my family and we watched My Neighbour Totoro to pass the time. I’ve only seen bits and pieces before and not the whole movie. So cute, but that tune really gets stuck in your head, doesn’t it? Totoro, to-to-ro… and then last night, my bro and i watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, after I watched the old movie Red Cliff (again) – you know, the one directed by John Woo. I like those old style sentence structures, they’re so cool.

    Today I’ve been writing a story that’s been growing on me, but will likely be shelved after today, because I have other things I’m working on… like writing an MMORPG story – as in I’m helping to develop a new game and it’s exciting, but a bit nerve wracking, because I’ve never done anything like it before.

    Anyway… Totoro, to-to-ro, totoro, to-to-ro…

  12. I scored the same as @baterista9. Thought I was doing great until those three after Green Lantern. Then recovered for the last two. If they aren’t in a movie, I have no idea. The only comics I’ve ever read are Archie and Dark Matter.

  13. Merry Christmas Joe and blog peeps. I guessed 8. How’d I do? Joe I stumbled on this video of weird restaurants around the world and thought of you. Seriously who would eat out of fake toilets? I did like the robot and I’ve always wanted to try an ice bar.

    Hope all are well. I had a lovely Christmas with family, got spoilt and am now about to tackle my ongoing knitting project….aaaaaaaargh! How does one keep up with two patterns at once?

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Except for Mr Pointer and Kawabura, Which, For all I know, Actually are the correct names.. I can name all of them. Looks like I’m not as much a nerd as I thought I was 😛

  15. Close enough! Although I tend to call the Flash “Bazinga”! now. Thank you, Dr. Cooper.

  16. I recognized most of them, but I think I like Akemi’s names better.
    1. Thor
    2. Hulk
    3. Iron Man
    4. Captain America
    5. Not sure but I am guessing Arrow?
    6. Robin
    7. Green Lantern
    8. No Clue
    9. No Clue
    10. Flash
    11. Aqua Man?

  17. Oh and Joe, this Sword Art Online Extra Edition trailer was posted recently.

    There’s a small story in there around Suguha(Kiritos sister) and Yui in there too. Also a hint that Kirito learns about the events surrounding Gun Gale Online which should lead to Season 2.

  18. Well, we all know that #1 is Loki’s less attractive, sour-pussed, stick-up-the-arse brother, Thor. 😉


  19. Poor Ken, he doesn’t get any respect, and yet when I was six I was all about Aqua Ken and his underwater adventures.

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