This is what I've bee reduced to: whiling away the afternoons in my hotel room eating $3 bananas.
This is what I’ve bee reduced to: whiling away the afternoons in my hotel room eating $3 bananas.

The old adage is true.  You never truly appreciate something until it’s gone.  Like, say, your appetite.  Or even the ability to eat something without having it transform your stomach in a raging maelstrom.  At the beginning of this trip, I was on the top of the world, assuming I’d get to try anything and everything.  The bechamel-laced gratin croquette from Tokyo McDonalds.  The ice cream waffle sandwich from Ginza’s Manneken.  A casual lunch-time visit to Pizza Seirinkan in Naka-Meguro.  I figured there’d be time.  But there wasn’t.  Instead, there was a banana and sliced bread and a manuka honey throat lozenge Akemi picked up at Mitsukoshi department store the other day.

Not even a final drink at Star Bar or a return visit to Butagumi for their delicious braised pork appetizer.

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  I don’t fly out until 6:05 p.m. tomorrow evening.  Maybe there’s still hope?

We started our Tokyo trip with lunch at Sawada sushi and ended it with a dinner there.  As always, excellent.  On last night’s visit, we ended up befriending some of our fellow diners and retiring to Star Bar for a nightcap – cocktails for them and a medicinal stomach-settling amaro for me.

New friends!
New friends!

So, we fly back to Vancouver today.  By the time you read this blog entry, Akemi and I will already be thinking about eventually heading to the airport to catch our flight back to Canada.  Unless, of course, you read it much later in which case we’ll already be in the air.

Random shots:

Me in happier, hungrier, more hopeful times at the beginning of my journey.
Me in happier, hungrier, more hopeful times at the beginning of my journey.
The zen garden outside the hotel.  I'm tempted to crawl in and attain some inner peace.  Especially so far as my stomach is concerned.
The zen garden outside the hotel. I’m tempted to crawl in and attain some inner peace by quelling the inner turmoil. In my stomach.
A beautiful day in Ginza
A beautiful day in Ginza
My awesome new t-shirt from that NHK show I don't watch but should.  It look awesome.
My awesome new t-shirt from that NHK show I don’t watch but should. It look awesome.
A pre-wedding snap
A pre-wedding snap
Akemi all dressed up
Akemi all dressed up
The green "health juice" Akemi made me drink.
The green “health juice” Akemi made me drink.
Avoid swimming in this without a certified lifeguard present.
Avoid swimming in this without a certified lifeguard present.
Fresh orange jelly.
Fresh orange jelly.
Tokyo is the worldwide home of individually-wrapped items.  Like, for instance, bananas!
Tokyo is the worldwide home of individually-wrapped items. Like, for instance, bananas!
Warrior woman at the Robot Restaurant
Warrior woman at the Robot Restaurant

Thanks for coming along!

P.S.  I am NOT looking forward to that 90 minute shuttle bus ride to the airport.

37 thoughts on “November 20, 2013: Tokyo Day #15!

  1. I’m so sorry you got sick Joe. 🙁 Thank you and Akemi for taking us along on another Japanese experience. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Awww….Joey. 🙁 Feel better! Be sure to note where all the barf bags are on the plane! Tip: Don’t sit next to a baby with a poopie diaper!

    Seriously, though…you’re tummy troubles remind me of how things started with my gluten intolerance – terrible indigestion, especially after eating really starchy things, like…noodles, and pastries. It may not be gluten with you, but something used in food preparation there that’s not so common back home.

    I truly hope whatever is bugging you passes without incident and you’re back to your foodie ways! {{{hugs}}} Sicky Joey makes me feel almost as bad as angsty Loki does! I’m a softy for male suffering!

    As long as it doesn’t happen in MY house. 😉


  3. Oh noooooooooes so sorry to hear about your stomach bug. Feel better soon…. and by soon I mean before the flight…. I’ve always wondered about the men who wear suits on international flights – are you comfortable? I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl. With a comfy hoodie for snuggling in at night.

    Hope the dogs give you a suitable homecoming…

    I’m at home watching A Good Day to Die Hard – don’t know what the F is going on but the stunts are cool.

    Cheers, Chev

  4. Well, you gave it a good run for the money. Looks like your cast iron stomach ain’t what it use to be. “I am NOT looking forward to that 90 minute shuttle bus ride to the airport.” I am not thinking barf bag. I’m thinking poopy pants. Hopefully they will have a bathroom on that bus, just in case… This may cement my chance of winning the Guess Joe’s Weight game, with a no gainer prediction. I hope you get to feeling better. I hope this does not taint your memory of possibly the best Tokyo trip EVER. I think the meeting Akemi trip is number one, and this trip is number two. At least it is for me. Sleep on the plane and see you when you get there.

  5. Ya know, Joe, your face in that ‘pre-wedding snap’ looks like it could be your face, pre your wedding! 😉


  6. So, the stomach ailment? Did you catch a bug or are the ramen noodles from the other night coming back to haunt you?

    Das may be right on the pre-wedding picture. My thought was you looked like the proverbial deer in headlights.

  7. Sorry to hear about your continuing stomach troubles. I hope it doesn’t dampen the rest of your stay.

    Safe travels home!

  8. Poor Joey. I hope you are like new very soon with the good care Akemi Mallozzi (you looks pretty good in traditional kimono) gives to you. 😆
    If I had eaten half you ate in Japan. I already would be dead ( happy but dead).

    Any way to see your pack heal anyone when you arrives to home.

  9. Damn Joe, that’s no way to end a trip. Feel better man. And you kids have a safe trip home.

  10. Aww, Joe. So sorry to hear that your still having stomach problems. By the time you read this you’ll probably be home or on the way home so hopefully you’re feeling better by now. There’s nothing worse than travelling while sick.

    I have to admit, I didn’t think I’d ever see it that something you ate would finally bring you down. I figured your stomach must be made of cast iron!

    Is Akemi still feeling okay? At least I figure seeing the pups again will immediately make you feel at least some better.

  11. Poor sad Joe. I hope the return trip flies by. You’ll feel better when you see your pupperbabies.

  12. 1. Zen garden needs sand angels.

    2. You wear a lot of t-shirts. They make you look really thin. What size are you? A medium? You just seem so wee in tees!

    3. Orange jelly sounds yummy! Love the presentation!

    4. *refrains from asking about your individually wrapped ‘naner*

    5. Green stuff? Yeah…NO. That will NOT help a dodgy tummy.

    6. That pic of you on the plane? You look like Gilbert Gottfried. Hubby concurs.

    7. Joe, all joking aside, please let us know when you get in so we can rest easy!


  13. Yay!! Hope you get to feelin’ better as soon as you’re back in your homey digs!


  14. At least you broke your belly at the end of the trip, not the beginning. Enjoy your dog reunion.

  15. Not a good time for stomach troubles. If you haven’t left yet, get yourself some Peptobismal – worked wonders for me on a long trip. Have a safe trip home.

  16. Good to hear you are home…..Hope you are feeling a bit better.
    Hope Akemi is doing ok and not having any problems.

  17. Hydrate lots and hit the doc when you get home. Sick a day is one thing, but sick in the tummy that long is worrisome.

    Your belly is vital to this blog, we need you well. Feel better, when you get back you can convalesce with AHS Coven and Walking Dead.

  18. Hope you’re feeling better now! We saved some of the awesome sunny weather for your welcome home. :o)

  19. Welcome home, Glad you all made it safely,, now rest up, I am sure smooth sailing is in the future…. DOgs probably knocked you over as you tried to get in the door. and I hope the green drink had alcohol in it, might be the only way I could drink it….Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!
    I have been watching Dr Who for a couple days now, in prep for the 50th Anniversary special.

  20. I got behind a few days and while the food looks interesting (ugh, the desserts!! so pretty), I am sorry you finished out on a less than great stomach feeling. There’s nothing worse in the world for me, and I can only imagine for a foodie who has a short timespan, it must be worse. Here’s to hoping your flight back and cab ride didn’t make it worse and you recover quick.

  21. Doggies happy? Sis happy? Akemi…happy or sad rabbit? And Joey…tummy better? Hope so! 🙂


  22. Just reading this now so it seems like you made good time home. LOL. I hope this finds you feeling better. I know just seeing the dogs made you feel happier at the very least. Or perhaps Andria took such great care of them they were like, “Oh, it’s you. Does she HAVE TO GO HOME????”

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