I advised Akemi that the best way to avoid jet lag and get back on your regular schedule is to sleep through the flight back to the west coast.  Leave Japan at 6:05 p.m. local time, sleep for 8 hours, then land in Vancouver at 9:45 local time.  You’ll be well-rested, have enough energy to last you to 9:00, maybe 10:00 p.m. and after that, it’s smooooooooooth sailing.  So, Akemi took my advice, falling asleep the instant she settled into her seat.  I, on the other hand, sat awake, frustrated and tired, counting down the few precious hours of sleep time I had left as the flight wore on.  First seven, then six, then five, then four, then three, then two…And, finally,  fell asleep.  Only to be awakened some twenty minutes later when the cabin lights were turned on for the breakfast service.

We arrived home to a long anticipated reunion with our dogs who were positively CRAZY-happy to see us.  And then, after seeing our dog-sitter off, I went against my own advice and joined Akemi – and the dogs – upstairs for a little nap.  “Five minutes,”she said.  It was actually more like three hours.  Alas, not exactly restful between my stomach issues and a neighbor using some annoying motorized gardening tool for almost an hour straight.  I mean, come on!  It’s 11:45 a.m.!   People are trying to sleep!

Okie-doke.  Still not feeling great and I promised Akemi that if I hadn’t recovered after three days, I’d go see a doctor.  Sigh.  So off to the hospital tomorrow!  In the meantime, I’ve done some online research and discovered some hopefully helpful home remedies.  Right now, I’m sucking on cloves.  My mouth tastes like a Christmas tree.

I’m exhausted and not at my best.  So, let me turn things over to a blog guest who is at her adorable best not being her best…

Bloopers from Akemi’s food channel:

20 thoughts on “November 20, 2013: Back on the home front! Akemi bloopers!

  1. Have you tried ginger tea for you digestive upset? Double bag it and drink it as quickly as you can.

  2. Bubba is DELICIOUS. 🙂

    It took me a couple of weeks to get over my Miami eating fiasco, so hang in there, Joecito! My daughter got some sort of stomach thing in Chicago when she went a few weeks ago, and it took her about the same amount of time to get better. GInger will work wonders for nausea, but if you’re vomiting, it’s best to see someone soon. Otherwise (and by “otherwise” , I mean…well, you know), have plenty of Gatorade on hand, Try to get some sleep, maybe you’ll feel all better in the morning. 🙂

  3. Agree with the ginger tea.

    “Don’t fart.” The dogs love her. (So do we).

    I hope you feel better. Get some rest if you can. I hope Andria had a safe flight back and her dogs were missing her like crazy too.

  4. Try some Pedialyte if you’re vomiting. It will replenish vital nutrients and water without all the added sugar of Gatorade

  5. i have acid reflux, and ‘probably’ an ulcer. when things start getting bad, i drink that aloe vera juice and after a day or so, i’m back to normal. the juice has healing properties, which is just what the doctor-if-id-actually-seen-one ordered!


  6. Got da poops??! 😀

    My mom-in-law had da poops (she’d kill me if she knew I posted that!) for nearly two months! Really bad. She feared the worst, and was afraid to go to the doc. Finally she had no choice because she was getting so weak, and turns out she had a bad case of salmonella. She was able to trace it back to a bbq/potluck thing she went to a couple days before the symptoms showed.

    Anyhoo…we all know by now how to treat a digestive illness: Clear liquids for two days, followed by bland foods, until you can handle your normal diet. So, break out the cherry jello and chicken broth! (You’ll lose that vaca weight, too!) Rice, with a sprinkle of ground nutmeg, can help when you start back on solids. Give that belly o’ yers a rest! And get checked for worms!


  7. Welcome back Joe and Akemi! Have a good flight home Andria. Give our best to mom. Thanks for the giggles with the bloopers. Hope jet lag gives you a break and you are better soon.

  8. Oh, almost forgot – LOVE the bloopers!! 😆 I saw that on my youtube page and didn’t realize it was Akemi’s! I must learn to pay better attention. 😛


  9. I’ll echo the ginger comments – that stuff is fantastic for upset stomach. You can even get it in pill form. If you go to the doctor, are you going to tell them that you’ve had various things to eat like eel guts and heavy cream buns, or are you going to keep your culinary adventurism on the down low? Seriously though, I really hope you’re feeling better soon and also catch up on some rest. I know from experience how hard coming west to east is for jet lag. It usually takes me about a full week to completely recover!

    Akemi’s video is great!

  10. Still not feeling great and I promised Akemi that if I hadn’t recovered after three days, I’d go see a doctor. Sigh. So off to the hospital tomorrow!

    hope it’s nothing serious. if nothing else, maybe they can give you something for it.

    when i had my bout with a stomach virus several years ago i got this wonderful prescription, but i gave me serious dry-mouth. so, i ended up just having a small piece of a pill which worked. still had plenty left when i got better so kept using it whenever i got nauseous until it was all gone. really miss that stuff.

  11. Yay! You made it back safe, except for your stomach. Sounds like your tummy has a mind of it’s own. Glad you’re getting it checked out. Hope you’re not dining on jello and chicken soup for too long.

    Akemi’s bloopers were hysterical. She’s so much fun to watch!

    Hope you get better soon. Puppy love will help!

  12. I take ginger daily in pills, plus drink the tea… but for aches and pains. The tummy wellness is a bonus. If you’re drinking sports drinks to stay hydrated, dilute them. You don’t need the sugar load.

  13. When you see the doc, you need to be totally upfront about all the nonsense food you’ve eaten, including the RAW CHICKEN (!), not just the ramen that you suspect was the cause. I think it’d be a good idea to make a written list of anything raw, undercooked, or otherwise sketchy that you ate in the last few days of your trip, so you can give it to your doc and be assured that you haven’t forgotten anything important that she/he needs to know.

    Really hope you’re back to yourself soon. It’d be a shame to miss out on all the lovely sun we’re having! (Even if it IS horribly cold.)

    I’m going to the Nine Inch Nails concert tonight. I wouldn’t normally choose this form of entertainment (just not much of a fan of theirs), but I’m going to keep my husband company, as he’s a huge fan. He got us general admission floor tickets, which means there’s no sitting down the entire time. I asked him, “There aren’t going to be people slamming into me, are there?” And his response was, “I don’t PLAN on being that close to the mosh pit…,” which wasn’t exactly reassuring. I’d appreciate if y’all could send me karmic good thoughts for my bodily safety tonight, and the mental strength to endure several hours of loud music that I’m not enthusiastic to hear.

  14. I’m very glad you are going to the doctor, it is a must. Try broth, bananas, rice, gatorade and lots of tea instead of cloves.

    I love Akemi’s bloopers! It’s amazing to see how relatively well behaved the pugs are on film!

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