It was an up and down day for my Snow Monkeys in fantasy football league play today (thanks for asking).  On the one hand, my Snow Monkeys #2 fell to a record of 2-6 in Stargate league play, meaning they’ll have to sweep their final five games to have any hope of making the playoffs.  On the other hand, my Snow Monkeys #1 won handily in my original league, climbing to 5-3 and looking very good for post-season play.  And while I was busy coaching my teams to a weekend split, Akemi was equally busy baking cookies.  And not just any cookies.  Check ’em out. Stargate cookies!

She also baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
She also baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Earlier in the day, Rob Cooper hosted our Sunday afternoon football gathering.  In honor of this season’s Top Chef New Orleans, he served up home made gumbo:

1Meanwhile, all I did was show up.  And eat of course.

1A little something from the folks at Deadspin: The Great American Menu: Foods Of The States, Ranked And Mapped.  What is your fair state’s signature dish? Everything from Illinois’ Chicago style deep-dish pizza to Ohio’s “horrifying diarrhea sludge” Cincinnati chili.

Two big calls tomorrow to discuss two different projects!

38 thoughts on “October 27, 2013: Just like Zelenka used to bake!

  1. That food reviewer is trolling or just talking out his ass because he’s never even tried Cincinnati chili. Skyline Chili and other servings of Cincinnati chili is awesome.

  2. *are – sorry, I’ve been successfully trolled by a troll of a food reviewer and thus lost my head.

  3. Mmm those Stargate cookies look awesome Akemi!

    Hey Joe – Have you seen this film review of The Counsellor? I think it’s hilarious, the review reminded me of you and Ivon. Do you dare watch it?

    Cheers Chev

  4. Great looking cookies, Akemi. Of course you show up to eat! You might be interested in the fine looking fungus that Das has somewhere in her back 40… 😉

  5. Excellent cookies! I bet they taste as good as they look, too.Applause for Akemi!

    I’m glad the reviewed likes deep-dish pizza. But I think they were kind of unfair with many of their other food reviews. I agree with you DP; trolling.

  6. Fingers crossed for your calls tomorrow! Overwhelm them with the awesomeness that is you. 😉


  7. The cookies and gumbo look great.

    On the foods of the states, I agree with DP and Sparrow_hawk; it seems many of the comments were just trying to be snarky without really being fair to the foods involved.

    Good luck on your calls tomorrow!

  8. Good luck Monday! The cookies look incredible. I would love a bowl of that gumbo.

  9. Meanwhile, all I did was show up. And eat of course.

    that’s pretty much what i’d do if i came over. maybe i’d bring some chips or soda pop or something, nothing like those cookies though.

  10. I love the Stargate cookies, and the chocolate chip cookies look yummy. Akemi should publish her own cookbook. I’d buy it!

    I thought your x-ray was of your back? And I know how scary waiting for results can be. I had an x-ray on my lower back, and had to see to the orthopedic doctor a week later only to be told that I needed an MRI. A few days after the MRI, I came back to his office and was told I needed to see a spine surgeon, since he didn’t do spine surgery. I was terrified. I’m trying now to just do exercises to strengthen my back, so hopefully I won’t need the surgery.

    But if you’re still having pain, then there’s obviously still a problem, although nothing critical that you’d have to deal with before your trip. But honestly, if you can, I would suggest getting a lumbar spine MRI after you get back, to confirm whether or not you have any structural problems in your back.

    Good luck tomorrow on both of your calls! Hoping to hear good news.

  11. Those cookies look delicious. And adorable!

    In regards to that map…I say hell yeah to Minnesota as the king of hot dish, but how do bull testicles outrank not only said hot dish but corn dogs and maple syrup? Also, burgoo?? Sounds terrifying.

  12. Beautiful cookies! Are the chocolate chip cookies just small cookies, or are the chips very large?

    Well, green jello is the state dish of Utah, I even have a 2002 Olympics pin featuring green jello. With carrots. But one might also argue for 3.2% beer and funeral potatoes as a state dish. Yes, I have pins for those also.

  13. “Aside from the smoky tastiness of all barbeque” “It’s big” excuse me? Barbequed brisket takes a careful hand. It’s all to easy to turn it into a dry rock instead of juicy, flavorful, bark-crusted, slices of heaven. I have to agree with others here – food troll.

  14. The chocolate chips are my favorite, and loads of chips. Akemi has lots of patience with decorating cookies, how cute. Zelenka baked, I forgot. SO you have 2 Snow Monkeys teams,, double your chances of winning or uh um,,losing. Better odds. Like a back up plan. like more than one script at the ready. Good wishes for the calls today!. Have a good one!

  15. @fsmn36Burgoo isn’t going to involve ingredients the families don’t already eat. If you don’t normally get out early enough to beat the communes to the roadkill, it won’t have that. It’s more about being laid back about what you put in and when. You concentrate the flavors of the foods you’re using for flavor, which makes sense considering you probably don’t have a lot of spices and you wouldn’t want to invite multiple cooks to all do that anyway. And if it weren’t for the spice profile of the sancocho, I’d say there’s something about that that reminds me of burgoo.

  16. On The Great American Menu, #25 sounds like it’s right up your alley,Joey! This one really cracked me up – at 3 a.m. 🙂 Loved the whole Tampa sucks/Cuban sandwich (or rather, Cuban sanguich) thing.

  17. Stargate cookies! How cool, I wish I could decorate like that. That gumbo looks crazy good too. I’m catching up on House of Cards, I wasn’t keen to see it until I realized it had the amazing Corey Stoll in it. I’m trying to watch just one at a time; Netflix is killing me. I’m also getting back into Alias; I don’t know how they did those huge complicated cliffhangers week after week.

  18. Pretty cryptic, no?

    But trust me. You’re gonna love it!
    You said about a new project ”
    Pretty cryptic, no?

    But trust me. You’re gonna love it!

    Hopefully a good sc-fi series ? or a film?

  19. I’m living just over the TN line in Mississippi now. According to the web, Mississippi’s signature dish is Ambrosia (A dessert made from fruits, sugar and grated coconut), hushpuppies, sweet potato & pecan pie. I’ve noticed though, people here eat anything fried, or cooked with tons of sugar/fat. There are reasons Mississippi is one of the fattest states in the U.S. I took my mom to a football game here and she couldn’t believe all the crap people were eating. BBQ Nachos, BBQ fries and such. All were covered with that orange cheese with BBQ meat on top. I could eat one or two bites but the whole thing would make me sick.

    Everything from Illinois’ Chicago style deep-dish pizza to Ohio’s “horrifying diarrhea sludge” Cincinnati chili. Is anyone on the blog from Ohio? I hope not! Although, my hubby has been traveling a lot to Cincinnati and loves the chili.

    Most times he goes out with work buds they take him to a BBQ place. We live close to Memphis, TN and we’ve had GOOD BBQ. People get very protective of their region’s BBQ though. He’s learned to praise the BBQ dishes where ever he goes but he says Memphis has the best so far.

    Ponytail: I don’t know. I doubt Lulu would forget everyone. What about Ivon? That’s true love!

    Das: Congrats on the new addition! I hope you aren’t too attached to your breakables. 😉

    Akemi: Those cookies look fantastic! You are a food artist.

    That gumbo looked good too! Wish we had smellvision and tastevision too!

  20. @Tam Dixon – Yeah, I live in Ohio. I once lived in a neighborhood so close to Cincinnati that there would be a traffic cop outside the Skyline at lunch rush, but we eat the Cincinnati chili all over Ohio. I have some in my pantry.

    My Columbus brother-in-law affectionately calls it Skilini’s, because of the pasta. And his kids call it the “little hot dog place”.

  21. Oh, I clicked on the food link again. Last time, it was just the map (the rest didn’t load before). They did have snarky comments on state foods. I like snark but they ventured into mean.

  22. DP: Yes, my hubby tries to hit Skyline for lunch every trip. Cincinnati is one of his favorite stops.

  23. Today’s been a bit of a downer. Just learned that one of our customers – only 42 – was killed in a car accident last night. He owned two hotels, one that brought Johnny Winter here last year – an intimate concert I won’t soon forget. Just very sad, and quite a shocker for us, too. I only knew him on a business level, but that doesn’t stop me from caring.

    Also, I re-injured my back last night and for the most part have stayed in bed today with an ice pack and a good, cozy murder mystery….and a kitty. Julien is a fantastic snuggle-kitty, and that’s quite comforting when you’re feeling like shite. I know exactly how I hurt it, too – I fell asleep on the sofa last night, sitting up, with my head falling backward and my butt scootched a bit forward to accommodate the kitty sleeping in my lap (Boo, this time), so I had absolutely no lumbar support. I’m hoping lots of rest today will help get things back to normal quickly because I just cannot afford another two weeks of back pain. This really sucks. 🙁

    @ Tam Dixon – You know what stops Team Boolien from barrelling through the house like a herd of buffalo? This:


    Works every time! 😀


  24. I was just thinking – why the hell did I number my previous comments? It’s been a long day (so far) I guess.

  25. Update – our customer was actually killed on Friday – we just learned about it today because it happened in North Jersey and the funeral was held there the next day (due to religious beliefs), so very few down here got to learn about it until today. He was a good and fair businessman, and he will be missed.


  26. @ gforce – I often number my comments here to keep my thoughts straight, and to prevent me from going into a long prose-ish ramble. It’s especially effective if I have a lot of different things to comment on, or if I’m in a hurry.


  27. Awesome cookies. I’m going to have to try my hand at making some. Perhaps Akemi has started a whole new thing. Stargate cookies. Stargate cupcakes. Stargate pies? Sure, why not.

  28. Das: That doesn’t work at our house. I have one cat that goes crazy is she smells a strange cat. Crazy and in, throw a quilt over her and throw her in the garage to calm down. The vet suggested that we keep the windows closed or get her a lobotomy. The other cats are voting for the surgery.

  29. @das: Awesome! If I was going to emulate someone’s commenting, I’d want it to be yours! 🙂

    Also, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend/associate. It’s always weird when someone is suddenly missing from your life.

  30. Jambalaya! Geeze, I’ve been trying since last night to think of the other Louisiana dish you could force, err…ah, ask Rob to make. I bet that would be even better than the gumbo! Mmmm!

  31. LOVE the Stargate cookies. I am sorry but I couldn’t help but notice the food from California on the menu….sorry but my mind is SO in the gutter right now.

    @Das Sorry to hear about your customer and terribly sorry to hear about your back. Be careful.

    I’m only 3-1/2 hours away from Austin and someone who lives in Canada has to share about something invented in Texas. Geez. I’m so out of the loop. That is a better gift than anything in that silly Neiman Marcus Christmas book. There was a designer on Project Runway who used a 3-D printer. Said it took a day or a day and a half (? if my memory is okay) to produce 1 product. Let me see if I can find a picture of it. It was pretty inventive.

  32. I only recently discovered this blog and there’s so much content about Stargate that I don’t even know where to start besides the beginning. I’m just wondering why there isn’t any continuation of Stargate Universe in book form. Atlantis got its return to Pegasus but is Destiny’s fate going to remain unknown?

    By the way, was there any Branding Guide made for Ori-series SG-1, Atlantis or SGU?

    Anyway, Joseph, thank you so much for all the work you put into my favorite scifi series. One day I’d love to do something in return.

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