Late Friday afternoon, I received a very interesting email.  It was from someone who works with someone who knows someone I worked with in the past (Let’s leave it at that for now) who, apparently, had positive things to say about me (Go figure).  As a result, the individual sending the email wanted to inquire about my interest in writing for an upcoming project.  Now, to be fair, I have fielded similar offers in the past but have turned them down for several reasons, the chiefest being timing – not just so far as I was concerned but as regarded the property as well.  Initially, I was going to politely decline the offer but, as I began to mull things over, I started to realize what a great opportunity this could be.   And then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this opportunity wouldn’t merely be great.  It would be downright fantastic – and not just for yours truly.  Alas, I can’t say anymore as things are very hush-hush, but if my conversation with this individual goes well on Monday, he gets on board with my idea, and the rest of the pieces fall into place, we could look forward to an awesome announcement before year’s end.

Pretty cryptic, no?

But trust me.  You’re gonna love it!

To those of you who don’t read the comments section of this blog (for shame!) and may have missed it…

I’m not sure if my lower back pain is actually better or if it’s simply a matter of my getting fed up and choosing to ignore it, but I haven’t given it much thought lately. It’s still there to a certain degree but I’ve elected to ignore it, chiefly because I had a hip x-ray done last week and I assumed that, if there was a problem, the doctor would have contacted me when she received the results.  I mean, if the situation was dire, someone would have gotten back to me, right?  Well, that was my thinking and I had all but put it out of my mind when – I received a phone call last night.  It was the local clinic.  The doctor wanted me to go in and discuss the results of my x-ray.  They could make room for me immediately.

Immediately?  Holy shit!

I threw on a sweater, jumped into my car, and drove over.  I checked in and the receptionist informed me the doctor would be right with me.  I didn’t have to wait long.  Within five minutes, I was directed into the office where I sat and considered every worst-case scenario.  Finally, the doctor walked in, file in hand.  I was ready for the bad news.  What she said next was the last thing I expected to hear:

“What can I do for you?”she asked.

I stared back uncertainly.  “Uh, you asked me to come in.”  Then, off her blank look: “For my x-ray results?”

She seemed genuinely surprised and immediately consulted my file.  A quick perusal and she informed me: “Oh, these look great.  You’re fine.”

Far be it for me to complain about receiving good news but COME ON!  Imagine if they weren’t able to squeeze me in and, instead, scheduled me to come in sometime next week!  Hell, by Monday most of you would have been the proud owners of all of my worldly possessions.



34 thoughts on “October 26, 2013: An intriguing email! And an alarming phone call!

  1. Glad the physican’s office worked you in “immediately”. I often hear from another Canadian that the only way to get immediate care is to go to an emergency department or walk-in clinic.

  2. Good luck with everything on Monday Mr. Mallozzi.

    I hope that everything goes as well as you wish it all to go.
    …or something kind of like that.

    Thank you very much for all of the interesting blogging words and images.

  3. Wait just a gosh darn minute! When you say…“Hell, by Monday most of you would have been the proud owners of all of my worldly possessions.” What, exactly, do you mean by that?? Are you saying that you have a will and we are in it? “…most of you…” Hmmmm. Who is “most of you”?? Is it only your favorites like Das, Sparrow_hawk, JeffW, gforce? PBMom? Tam Dixon!!? Surely not Randomness? 😉 (just kidding Randomness) What do I get? Am I in it? Why do I think not? 🙁 Who is in your will and what do they get? Can I have Lulu?

  4. These kind of entries are why I read your blog. Well, that and the Superhero Movie of the Week Club. See, I’ve already chosen my career. It’s being an Electrician. And I love it. But I also find your job fascinating, and I love hearing about the ins and outs of your job, how things develop and turn out. It’s like being able to work in a second career vicariously. Please continue to keep us informed!

    Oh, and please add “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” to your Superhero Movie of the Week Club lineup. You won’t be disappointed. One of my favorite movies ever, even if it is just 42 minutes long.

  5. Good luck Monday Joe if you’re excited about this opportunity in ecstatic about it.

  6. Alas, I can’t say anymore as things are very hush-hush, but if my conversation with this individual goes well on Monday, he gets on board with my idea, and the rest of the pieces fall into place, we could look forward to an awesome announcement before year’s end.

    sound interesting.

    and i don’t get why a doctor, or a nurse, can’t tell you good results over the phone. i get they have like 157 other patients (and maybe a golf game) to deal with, but there has to be an easier way to do these things. and if you call a lot to ask how things are going they label you a “problem patient” and don’t want to deal with you anymore. that label follows you around from doctor to doctor via your records too. end of mini rant.

  7. Ah, I want something! Das and…you know…all those awesomely non-lurking blog followers can’t take most of it, surely…? :S Not that I’m planning on your demise, in any way. *blink* Yeah, I’m going back to lurking now.

    As always, fangirling from afar!

  8. That sounds very very exciting!!! Echoes?

    I will have to add what others are saying that since you followed the rules and had the X-ray will they let you get the MRI now?

    @pomytail. You’re so funny. Thank you for the chuckle. If that is true, it is kind of nice to be someone’s favorite. As much as I loved Maddie and how much she loved me back, Patrick was her rock star. I am certainly not Patrick’s favorite at the moment–dad is. I don’t think I was Jeff’s favorite person the last few years as he worked through his midlife crisis. I know it may be corny but there is nothing I need. Stargate stuff would be cool but I have a lot of nice things and maybe it would be nice for someone who didn’t to have something. I am not into cooking so none of the fancy gadgets would be any good. I don’t seem to have time to read anything more than the blog so books are out, I am allergic to alcohol so the impressive alcohol collection wouldn’t work. Not into the Simpsons. I have a decent car. And Patrick can’t handle more than 1 dog so the dogs can’t live here either, and I would think they would come as a boxed gift set. I am just glad to be here and share friendship. For me that is priceless. Sorry–I am feeling very sentimental. You guys have been a wonderful support system for me.

  9. Wow, that’s intense. And so not good for anyone with anxiety. Which, who doesn’t get some anxiety regarding doctors? Glad the were ultimately good, though. Maybe it really was just a pulled muscle!

  10. Joe I would like to add to my earlier post I hope this possible new job will be you taking over as show runner on marvels agents of shield because the show should be rocking the ratings system but the show is so badly put together is going to be cancelled unless a miracle happens. Anyways I can’t wait for the announcement of this super secret project.and we haven’t heard anything on dark matter in a long time is is dead or is there still hope.

  11. I have no interest in you die…..but in case can you send us a copy of Stargate: extinction and a resume of SGU supposed real end.
    Just as clear preacaucion. Off Course. 😆

  12. @ Ponytail – If I’m in line for any Mallozzi booty (out of the gutter!), all I really want is Todd’s gate addy…and Joey’s single malt collection. 🙂

    Gotta make this quick – been quite busy – but hubby discovered this little morsel growing out of our swamp maple:

    Lion’s mane or bearded mushroom, or for the intellectually inclined, a lovely specimen of Hericium erinaceus. Supposedly it’s quite edible, but as I’ve often said regarding fungus – I don’t eat anything that can grow between my toes. 😉

    Have a great day, Joey & Co.!


    1. Wow, Das!! Maybe if you could remove it and package it to send to Joe…. He’s been known to make culinary delights with just about anything.

  13. Wow. PBMom brings up a lot of crap of Joe’s I didn’t even think about. I was thinking Stargate stuff, but she is right. There are cooking utensils, books, movie collections, liquor, car, computers, brand new stove, not to mention all the stuff just lying around his house. Surely there is enough to go around to all of us blog followers. Right Joe?

  14. Ponytail: I love you! I treasure the way your mind works. P.S. I’d want Bubba. 😉 PBmom is right though, they need to be a set. You could move here or I there?

    PBmom: {hugs} Is it too soon for a new puppy? Or maybe a rescue dog? When I lost my favorite kitty to cancer, I found myself slipping into a depression. I needpets! I know you get a critter fix with work but…..

    Good luck on the back Mr. M,! Is it still bothering you? Can’t wait to hear about the project!!!!!! Any hints?

    JeffW & Bella&Kasper, you make me soooo glad I don’t have to fly often! I’d need a football helmet and rain gear.

    Yesterday my son’s high school band had a competition. I thought they did great, the best I’d seen so far! That shows I have NO musical skills because I was told later there was a malfunction with the sound equipment and half the kids were out of step. They lost the comp but my son’s solo went great. One more comp (it’s the big one) next week. Thank God he’s graduating this year! High school is exhausting for parents.

    I went old school and made Chocolate gravy w/biscuits this morning. Yum!

    I hope all of you have a great Sunday!

  15. Joe, you’re quite the tease. I’m going to pretend for now that it’s the Stargate SG1/Atlantis/SGU mega-movie that I’ve always dreamed about. But it would be cool if it was Echoes, though! Whatever it is, I can’t wait to hear more.

    Looks like there was just a miscommunication between the doctor and their admin assistants about your x-rays. One that you had to pay for in anguish, unfortunately. You sound a lot like me, a worrier that runs through every possible combination and permutation of events, no matter how unlikely.

    @Ponytail – Don’t worry, we’d share! I’ll take the Q7, though. 😉

  16. Yeah, it’s pretty scary when the doctor wants to see you right away about test results. And just because the back pain has abated for now, it might not be “cured”. It might be distraction keeping your mind off of it. Or the change in routine easing whatever what causing it in the first place.

    I hope all goes well on Monday. Good luck!

    Now I have to go do my chores, ’cause yesterday I was out playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. Yep. Still playing after all these years. 😉

  17. Another thought about your back…
    I almost feel like there’s some kind of mixup. Either the call was meant for somebody else with serious problems (maybe Johnathan Mozello?), and they’re still waiting at home in excruciating pain.

    Or else when you got to the hospital they pulled Jonathan Mozello’s chart, and he’s fine, but they’re still waiting for you to come in so they can tell you that there’s a tiny troll living in your back. Stabbing you with a cocktail sword.

  18. @ Tam Dixon – I would spoil Lulu so bad, within a week she would be saying…”Joe who?”. She’d say “Bu..,bu..,bu..,bu..? What was that guy’s name again?” She would beg me for a bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and say “jelly?, hmmm, that rings a bell.”

    @ gforce – I think whoever has the oldest car should get Joe’s Q7. My car is 9. How old is your’s? But then, if it’s too big and you have to crawl up into it, I don’t want it. I aint’ climbing into any cars. Bad knees and I wear too many dresses…

  19. Ya know, I’d have blown a freaking gasket. Such nonsense for GOOD NEWS is simply uncalled for crap. Glad it was good news, but seems the US and Canada need to buck up. Though generally here, you do get news news on the phone or email or letter.

    Not that I think you are going to die any time soon… but you do need to decide should some fiasco happen, who takes the dogs.

    Hope you can share the good news soon!

  20. I’ll be praying for it to be Stargate Atlantis Extinction you’re talking about, even though I’m very, very, VERY un-religious.


    If it’s not Stargate related, can you just tell us that? Just coldly shatter our expectations before they’re sky high:

  21. while everyone wonders what to do with your stuff, what will happen to Akemi? will she take the dogs & move back to japan? or stay on and become the martha stewart of canada with homemade dog outfits & decorated bento box lunches?

  22. You guys hear about the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog that is out. Here is a “Roughing it” experience close to $2 million dollars:,a,b,c,z&r=cat24050744&rdesc=The%20Christmas%20Book&rparams=xpage%3D42&icid=pdp_cb13diamond_fb

    How about a trip to New Canaan, CT (Jeff’s sister & family used to live there):

    How about the ultimately outdoor entertainment experience for a mere $2 million:

    Just a riot.

  23. Well, I’m hoping for ANYTHING Stargate related about that Monday news.

    Tomorrow is the big reveal at work. As part of “team building” my company has each dept/team conspire, um, collaborate, um, oh heck… Compete against each other for a Halloween theme of choice. Those with creativity and imagination go all out (like my team) and include cast costumes, scripted verse, set decorations (of our cubicles) and music. A small amount is permitted to be spent from the “team building budget” and the rest of needed stuff we bring in from home. Some folks just get a rubber mask and walk about like zombies or whatever.
    The senior leadership team walks about judging our efforts and the winners get bragging rights & a write up in the company newsletter.
    Wish us luck!


  24. G’day

    @ gforce – I LOVE those sort of places. Just getting back to nature and enjoying all the fresh air. Hope there are lots of views along the trail. Although stairs sometimes get me with my bad knees, so I just take my time, even if it takes me twice as long as most people.

    Joe, glad the x-rays were clear. My daughter had a sore side for a few months. Had x-rays and ultra-sounds, but nothing showed up. She just gradually got better. We believe it was just muscle. When she broke her arms and not able to do ANY kind of sport for two months after her casts came off (which bugged her as she loves sport) her muscles became weaker. When Vicky was able to do sport again is when the problems started. No problems now though, all better.

    @ PBMom – read your tribute to Maddie, was sobbing at the end, and all through. Clearly Maddie was very well loved and loved in return. How is Patrick doing with the loss of Maddie?

  25. Glad at least that you know your xray results before leaving for Japan and all is ok. Good luck with Monday. Looking forward to hearing about your new job (fingers crossed). And when do give away your stuff, I want to put my name in for your recipe file and bento box lessons from Akemi. In the meantime, will make do with your wonderful descriptions and pictures of meals during your trip.

  26. Glad you got good news on your results. It’s hard to take strain off the back long enough to rest it up so it can heal, everything we do ties into the back.

    The project sounds interesting!

    @sparrow_hawk Omg love the cat in the hat babies and lord of the ring pugs!

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