10. We need more action before the tease.

9. P.37 – This episode really starts hitting its stride here.

8. Her line: “Oh my god, fire!” is a bit on the nose.

7. Funnier?

6. The final scene of the episode is a little cliff-hangery.  Was this intentional?

5. We need a few more, and more succinct, George Kennedy moments

4. Is this Earth’s moon? (Note on a third season script for a series set in another galaxy).

3. Would Mrs. Garson use the term “missiles”?  Sounds too professional.

2. Let’s find an alternative to “doggy-style”.  It’s all we see these days.

1. Maybe is she refers to her bitch later on, they assume she is talking about her dog but she is in fact talking about her mother who she has a bad relationship with.

14 thoughts on “October 5, 2013: My Top 10 Funniest/Strangest/Most Annoying Script Notes!

  1. Oh, these are great! I bet they weren’t so entertaining at the time.

    What do you think was your most creative response for any of these?

  2. 5. We need a few more, and more succinct, George Kennedy moments.

    Would this be the Naked Gun, Airport, or Cool Hand Luke moments of George Kennedy, or was that the cryptic part? I did a “face-palm” on #6.

    Sorry if my posting has been low; Jackie and I have been double-timing on the Corvette project. The transmission rebuild is done and now we’re on to rebuilding the engine (cylinder head reassembly this week).

    And I did go to see Gravity, and enjoyed it (maybe 7 or 8 Corvette burn-outs 😉 ). There were only a couple of minor physics-gaffs, which possibly only a pedantic engineer like me would catch, but the rest was so visually rich and suspenseful that it was easy to overlook the couple of flaws.

  3. How about if we create fake script notes and post them here? For example: Dr. Willie refers to plaid on page 14 yet mentions argyle on page 46. Change argyle to plaid? OR Be sure to mention that the Lapastrani people don’t incorporate the idea of making chage in their culture, so be sure to have Lt. Notatington haggle for a price that can be covered by the Lapastrani currency as is. OR. Did you mean your? Because is should have been you’re. The audience will be able to distinguish.

    Please continue.

  4. I don’t know if you read last night’s post Das but the doc told me to elevate my foot. It was my toe that was broken but I had a lot of bruising and swelling. One day of elevation and I could wear a shoe again. Hope your better today.

    JeffW: Yes, I want to see Gravity. Hubby is leery because he doesn’t think watching her trapped in space for 2 hours is going to be interesting.

    I got giggles out of your script notes. 😆 Thanks for sharing some of the crazy.

    It’s rainy and the temp dropped. It should be a good nap day. Hope everyone has a great day!

  5. Those are hilarious. Who was making those remarks? They seem to have “network” written all over them. Either that or someone was being funny.

    Question for Cookie – Is “Bullitt” still the movie of the week for Monday? It was there but now all I see is “xxx”. Of course there IS a movie called “XXX”, but… anyway.

  6. It’s ALWAYS been my position that “We need more action before the tease.” and “Let’s find an alternative to “doggy-style”. It’s all we see these days.”

    What more does a man need to guide his life?

  7. This is a little too cryptic for me. Especially when it could be one of how many episodes?…300+? You could give us one script note, then give us multiple choices of 6 or 8 possible episodes it was referring to. That would be a fun game! 🙂

  8. 9. P.37 – This episode really starts hitting its stride here.

    P.39 – The End. 😆 😉

    Okay, sorry. I’m making fun now. Definately NOT an Atlantis episode. They all rocked all the way through!

  9. Don’t forget the kind that tells you to just change this one part and you can consider it approved, in this “I’m finally done, don’t talk to me about this again” tone, but changing that one part causes something else to not make sense.

  10. So I take it #4 was referring to “The Ark”?

    And it really feels like most of these are not “Stargate” notes. Perhaps most (maybe the top 3 + others?) could have been from a certain Toronto filmed series a few years back? Unless the “doggy style” comment was from a script from The Busy World of Richard Scary. In which case I’m sure you would have replied with “But they are dogs!”

  11. Popping in real quick. I do need to catch up. I’ve got some breathing room in the next few days: Alert for a cancellation I missed on this week: Lucky 7 dropped 46% from its terrible premiere and was promptly canceled.

  12. More action BEFORE the tease? Like, in the commercial before the show even starts?

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