25 thoughts on “October 4, 2013: The Be All My Sins Remember’d Art Department Package!

  1. Amazing detail. So cool that they even planned down to the exact gate addresses.

    Just a little update about my step-mom for those wondering – she is doing pretty well, but still in the hospital waiting for her nursing home placement about which there’s no word so far. For better or worse, it’s waiting for others to “move on” to make space. But, her spirits are pretty good and she’s adjusted pretty well to living in the transitional care unit at the hospital.

  2. Whoa…somebody must have a hot date tonight! Careful, Mr. Monkey. 😉

    Speaking of bad backs…

    How’s yours, Joe? Mine is much better. The aspirin and muscle relaxant seemed to make me worse, so I took the advice of another back ache sufferer and did gentle stretches, including light housework. It seems to have done the trick! I still have some stiffness and once in a while I get that ‘ketch’, but at least I can function and drive my car and pick stuff up off the floor without using my grandmom’s ‘grabby claw’ tool.

    So, to celebrate my improving back situation, I promptly smashed my baby toe into the leg of a chair, breaking it. 😛 Or, at least the swollen, purple thing on the side of my foot looks and feels broken, but – honestly – it’s not nearly as painful as my backache, so I’ll deal. I would take a picture of the beauty and share it here with you all, but everyone knows a baby toe – regardless of how beautiful the rest of the body is – looks something like a mutant cashew nut – now a purple, swollen mutant cashew nut – so I” spare you all the sight of it and let your imaginations fill in the blanks.

    Have a good night, Joe! I’m off to watch some British mysteries, eat dinner (meatloaf, butternut squash – squished and topped with cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar – and succotash made with Jersey corn and pole limas (sooo much better than bush limas!). And wine…lots and lots of wine. 😀


  3. *I’ll spare you…

    Seems I was trying to let your imaginations fill in the two els I forgotsies to type. 😛


  4. @ Sparrowhawk – LOL! It does look like a teapot! And I still say that those gate address symbols look like Kama Sutra stick figures. 😛


  5. @ gforce – Love the autumnal pictures!! The misty lake, the leaves, the crisp blue sky and moon sliver – all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing those diagrams/art! Always amazes me the level of detail and the work that goes into producing each episode. Makes me very nostalgic for Atlantis too! Have a great weekend!

  7. Someone has asked before but I can’t remember the answer. What is a “piano” again? I study those drawings and can just see the episode. So detailed!

    @ gforce – Wow, those pictures were beautiful! You have a great eye and camera. Love the one nightime picture. Sure would be nice to have a big new house sitting out there. So soothing. Glad your step mom is doing good.

  8. @ Sparrowhawk – I’d LOVE a cook automaton!! 🙂

    As far as having a dirty mind, I prefer to think of it as a playful albeit slightly skewed mind. A dirty mind, to me, is someone who actually thinks about sex while joking about sex. Me? I’m thinking about utter nonsense while joking about sex. Not to be confused, however, with udder nonsense:


    Though…I sometimes think about that, too. 😛


  9. Sparrow_hawk: I thought it was a teapot too.

    gforce: Those pictures you posted were so beautiful! I’m glad your stepmom is doing well.

    Das: Very cool automaton! Also, stretches help me with my back (Sciatica). I tired medication but it seemed to take forever to recover. With the stretches, sometimes I can shake a bad bout in a day. Sorry about your toe. I have to wear house shoes to prevent broken toe syndrome. 😉 I was getting one bad toe break a year. I’m a klutz.

    Mr. M.: Thank you for sharing the plans with us. It’s always amazing to see how much work goes into an episode. The show seems so seamless once it airs.

    I caught Ironside and liked it. Not my favorite but not bad.

  10. @das: Sorry to hear about your toe. When I broke mine, the doctor told me to keep a shoe (like a gym shoe) on all of the time to give it support. It worked great, but at the end of the day when I took the shoe off, it hurt like heck!

  11. @gforce: Great pictures! I especially like the early morning ones with the mist on the lake. The one with the pier is exceptional! Dawn is my favorite time to take pictures, especially when I’m travelling.

  12. @ Das & Ponytail – Thanks! If you think those pictures are nice, you should have been there! 🙂

    That cover page does look like a little teapot. Short and stout.

  13. @ Tam Dixon – I think I may have overdone it today, back is hurting a bit. The toe? I can’t do as Sparrow suggested with the shoe because the shoe hurts, and barefeetsies don’t! My toe is really swollen, and now sort of red, and I’m supposed to go somewhere tomorrow that requires dressy shoes…soooo…between the back and the toe, I sure as hell better get a handicapped parking spot! 😀

    And Sparrow? I prefer the cook automaton…especially if it’s designed after Akemi! 😀

    @ gforce – Don’t rub it in! 😉

    Joe – Has Akemi made the chickpea vid yet?


  14. Such meticulous detail, it showed each week in the end product-good times. Thanks Joe, even though talk is cheap, much appreciation for your time and effort!


  15. Das: elevate your foot. That’s what the dr told me when my toe was swollen last time. Good luck tomorrow!

  16. @Joe,
    Such meticulous detail, it showed each week in the end product-good times. Thanks Joe, even though talk is cheap, much appreciation for your time and effort!


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