Lulu enjoys some banana.  And so does Bubba.


fsmn36 writes: “Did you naturally just like the Batman villains more (for their writing or whatever) or were the villain issues released heavily skewed to Batman villains?”

Answer: My selections were based on the writing.  I wasn’t all that familiar with the likes of Ocean Master, Zod, Clayface, or Count Vertigo prior to picking up their books but was mightily impressed by their respective stories.

fsmn36 also writes: “These reviews are interesting to me as I’m not a fan of (most of) Batman’s villains. They tend to seem ridiculous and like they shouldn’t be a challenge (well, ok, I give Clayface his transformation power).”

Answer: Well, it really depends on the villain.  The Penguin is a crime lord and has the resources of his criminal empire to draw from.  The Riddler is brilliant.  The Joker is psychotic and completely unpredictable.  The Scarecrow can trigger one’s innermost fears.  Mr. Freeze – well, he can freeze people.

fsmn36 also writes: “Also, why can’t Gotham Police ever keep them in jail/Arkham for more than a day?”

Answer: True.  You’d think that after the fiftieth breakout, they might want to consider yanking its license and moving the prisoners to more secure locations like Belle Reve or Hypermax…which haven’t fared any better this month.

Mike from Canada writes: “I finished watching Suisei No Gargantia, which I enjoyed, and am now watching Bakemonogatari, which I’m not sure what to think of.”

Answer: Akemi and I just completed the first season of Attack on Titan.  Overall, I found the lack of answers incredibly frustrating.  It’s been a long while since I actually watched an anime series I thoroughly enjoyed.  Steins Gate was fine.  The first two-thirds of the first season of Sword Art Online was also fine.  Would love to find something great.

PBMom writes: “Promise to catch up, but I have the first news of pilots renewed. Sleepy Hollow is a YES.”

Answer: Yep.  Congratulations to everyone (and myself) who predicted it would get a second season pick-up.  Now let’s wait and see how the other shows fare.  The Blacklist and Agents of SHIELD are looking good.  Lucky 7 and Ironside, not so much.

arcticgoddess writes: “Are you going to tell us about the making of the SGU episodes? I, for one, would like the backstory.”

Answer: Hey, you’re right.  Thanks for reminding me.  I’ve got to get around to doing a Days of Stargate Universe Past!

20 thoughts on “October 3, 2013: Dogs! Banana! Mailbag!

  1. Dang, I wish I knew it was mailbag time. I wanted to ask for Akemi’s chickpea salad recipe. So…I’m asking! 🙂


    1. Akemi is going to honor your request with a special instructional video.

  2. WOOO!! Akemi is the best!! 🙂

    Joey, on the other hand, is a slacker. 😀


  3. The Blacklist and Agents of SHIELD are looking good. Lucky 7 and Ironside, not so much.

    i think i had lucky 7 & ironside as a no in the pool. pretty sure i had SHIELD as a yes. can’t recall about the blacklist.

  4. Personally of the recent anime shows that have just ended in Japan, I watched Railgun S, Genshiken Nidaime, Dangan Ronpa, Kimi no Iru Machi. And did look at Attack on Titan. Different tastes in anime lol

    Will be looking at Kyoukai no Kanata, Coppelion, and Kill la Kill of the stuff starting recently in Japan. Might look at something else. Always good to see from the first episode if something is worth watching.

    Quite a few new anime shows have started in Japan(Autumn season), more even are starting towards the end of the year. Including the Sword Art Online special that MAY be a sign the producers want to do a second season.

    Btw, can’t believe they did an anime, that got a sequel no less called Bottom Biting Bug lol.

    @Would love to find something great

    Macross Frontier.

  5. Oh and speaking of Genshiken, I’ve always been fond of the series in general, which was why I loved the fact the author continued the story and at the same time added some new characters into the mix, it just seemed like the kind of show that deserved to exist longer.

    And oh, I forgot to add. Will also be looking at Little Busters Refrain. I loved the first season, it’ll be another 24-26 episodes, making it pretty much the same length as Clannad. They’re all Key produced stories that have been adapted into anime, stuff like Clannad, Angel Beats, Kanon 2006 etc.

  6. My vet told me not to feed my dog bananas, which was a shame because Nugget really loved them. He was having fur problems, chewing at his paws and scratching non stop. She told me that he couldn’t have human food, and most especially no tropical human foods.

  7. Randomness: please keep giving anime suggestions, I appreciate it.
    You too Joseph!

  8. Sigh. Sorry for the multiple comments. I meant to write this comment with the first. The memory is the first to go, right after my knees, back and six pack.

    I’m beginning to think that the anime Bakemonogatari is the Japanese equivalent of Sesame Street, except its written for a nation that excels in school rather then it’s slower western cousins.

    And of course it appears that much of it is over my head.

  9. @ Mike From Canada – Don’t be sorry, because you will never be as obnoxious as me with the multiple comments. Sometimes I just remember stuff right after I post…then I post again, and immediately remember something else…and…oy.

    Heh. Now I sound like Deni. 😉

    @ Joey – Every time I watch the banana video it reminds me of this time I saw a mom semi-chew a banana before giving it to her baby (which, personally, I think is gross). Maybe that’s what Lulu was doing – tenderizing it. 😉


  10. @Mike from Canada

    Lol I wasn’t really giving suggestions, more just saying what I was watching at the moment and what I plan to look at, of course you’re welcome to look into what I mention on here. Just obviously we all have different tastes in anime lol

    Regardless, stuff like Tamako Market, Kokoro Connect, K-On!, Haruhi etc are decent and are pretty harmless. Baka to Test(Baka and Test in the US), Another, Higurashi, Accel World, Sword Art Online, Umineko Naku Koro Ni, Kannagi, Blood +, Fate/Zero, Angel Beats, Toradora, Spice and Wofl, are worth watching.

    Have you heard of Death Note? The author/artist did Bakuman, there are 3 seasons and its worth checking out.

    Btw, this is the Tamako Market OP(It’s basically a very light hearted show..)

  11. And on the prediction thing going on, Lucky 7 was cancelled by ABC after 2 episodes lol. I think this is our first new show cancellation of the season I believe.

  12. @das, well it could be worse and actually regurgitated! Just as well we didn’t see a video like that.

  13. Rats! I missed a Q & A day. Maybe next time.

    Mike from Canada: With all the scratching/chewing…sounds like an allergy. Was the dog allergic to bananas? Just curious.

    Hey look Robin Williams loves pugs too:
    Anyone that raises money/awareness for an animal shelter is alright with me!

    I’m not really an anime fan but my son loves them. Last night, I could hear Japanese music from his room. I’m guessing it’s some kind of anime theme song. He’s an unusual kid.

    So far he’s been accepted at two colleges close by; Ole Miss and Mississippi State (MSU). Ole Miss is only an hour away but I think he’s leaning toward MSU (2 hrs). There are a lot of Ole Miss fans around here and they just shake their head with disgust when I mention his preference. His ACT math score was nearly perfect but he didn’t apply to any out of state colleges. We are such different people. When I was his age, I couldn’t wait to leave home.

    Everyone feeling ok? Have a great weekend all!

  14. Tam Dixon: That’s what the vet thought, we never found out what the food problem was, we cut him off almost all human food except all meat, and even that was small amounts. He eventually stopped scratching and chewing.
    Good for your son. Does he know what he wants to take?is career path is going to be?

    dasndanger: thanks.

    Randomness: I know you weren’t strictly giving recommendations, by I like to hear about what others are watching, if I have the same tastes or not. But thanks for the actual recommendations!


  15. Well, it really depends on the villain. The Penguin is a crime lord and has the resources of his criminal empire to draw from. The Riddler is brilliant. The Joker is psychotic and completely unpredictable. The Scarecrow can trigger one’s innermost fears. Mr. Freeze – well, he can freeze people.

    You somehow make them seem so much more worthy. Admittedly, most of them are incredibly smart, but they tend to annoy me with their gimmicks. This could also be due to most of my knowledge being through cartoons and movies than comics. I’ve now read many, many issues of Marvel, but I’m still only getting into (non-Vertigo) DC comic books. Constantine – now he has good villains. 😉

    And yes, why do they never go to the federal penitentiary or something? Not saying that’s a perfect solution, as you pointed out, but it does seem to me the feds would have more influence in Gotham than they (It also doesn’t help when half of Arkham’s staff is as crazy as the inmates!)

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