You know what I hate?  When someone doesn’t get back to you. Especially when that someone is an individual who has, in the past, been very quick about returning messages…possibly owing to the fact that they actually needed something from you at the time.  So, I’m going to try a little experiment.  It’s been approximately one week since I emailed this person regarding a looming issue, expecting to hear back from them.  Now that said issue has been addressed and it’s all smoooooth sailing again, I’m going to see how they mind MY not returning THEIR messages – through the remainder of this month.

It’s interesting that this situation came up only a week after my “I hold a wicked grudge” blog entry.  Hell, I had the Arya Stark List thing going well before Arya Stark.  For those of you who haven’t read/seen Game of Thrones/Ice and Fire series, Arya Stark is a character who keeps a running list of enemies she plans to exact revenge on.  Every night before going to sleep, she’ll recite the list, occasionally adding names: “Joffrey.  Cersei.  Ilyn Payne.  The Hound.  Polliver.  The Mountain.”  My list is somewhat lengthier and goes: “The Witch.  The German.  The Hobbit.  The Gangster.  The Whiner.  The Rager.  The Bitch.  The Promoter.  The Chef.  The Opportunist.  His wife.” Understand, I’m a pretty easy guy to get along with.   But if you cross me – and by “cross” I’m not referring to innocent mistakes or oversights but “with malicious intent” – you can be pretty damn sure you’ll be making the list.

This coming Monday, our Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes. Cookie Monster will be reviewing the recently released Despicable Me 2.

The following Monday?  Well, that’s up to you!  Which movie should Cookie Monster review next?  Cast your vote…

This via my buddy Ivon:  An LA restaurant creates the first ever water menu.  Highlights include Danish Iskilde, Hildon from the U.K. and, if you really feel like splurging, a $42 glass of Walakea.

A couple of Akemi’s latest culinary creations:

Bruschetta (see video below for recipe)
Somewhat heart-shaped salmon burger
Somewhat heart-shaped salmon burger
Stuffed zucchini flowers
Stuffed zucchini flowers
And a little something from Ivon: chocolate macarons!
And a little something from Ivon: chocolate macaroons!

And to cap off today’s entry – my gal’s all about fashion and food…


29 thoughts on “August 8, 2013: Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Pane, The Hound, Polliver, The Mountain…plus a few additions of my own! Vote for our next movie! Let’s skip lunch and just have water instead! Akemi

  1. Wrote a nice post and it disappeared. 🙁

    Great food, Joe. Akemi, we love your fashion and food videos. Keep making them! Tam, my mom makes sauerkraut with brown sugar and caraway seed. Also the German variety, with vinegar and bacon, served hot. Das, Loki won’t be appearing in Avengers 2. Aw! Great villain. But will play a good role in Thor 2 out this fall. For everybody, saw a terrific dog video this afternoon.

  2. Oooh, Galaxy Quest. Goblin Valley is here in Utah, I’ve been a few times. Amazing place. Rock rock rock! The rangers all ask the password when you pay the entry fee…”never give up, never surrender”. Almost every visitor knows it.

    I don’t hold grudges, I just move on. Waste of my limited energy. And long ago, someone I hated with a passion who had done Bad Things to me, committed suicide and nearly took his wife along. That put me off wishing people were dead. Now I just hope they are on the receiving end of their own stupidity.

  3. Your “gal” is very beautiful and extremely talented. You are a lucky man she is in your life.

    Glad to see Ivon doesn’t hold a grudge with people who leave him biking up mountains for miles and walking hours at festivals alone because someone couldn’t find up close parking. 😉

    Joe, I’d just like to say, and please write this down for future reference, that I would do anything for you. I would go out of my way to help you with any project you are working on. I would never say “that’s not my job” when you are involved. I would make it my mission to keep to a minimum innocent mistakes or oversights, even though you would be okay with that. Nothing is too petty, too big, or too stupid when the request comes from you. I’m here for ya babe. 😀 Friends forever (or until I finally tire of this blog).

  4. Darn that food makes me hungry…

    Galaxy Quest .. Quite entertaining, but I fear Cookie will rip it to shreds … Enjoy it Cookie! Enjoy it!

  5. Akemi’s food looks amazing! The music was snappy too. One question, how do you eat all those yummy looking tomatoes without making a huge mess? “Cherry bombs”, you know. Thanks for the video. I may try this recipe when my cherry tomatoes get ripe. Those Zucchini flowers look pretty good too. Her food is like eatable works of art. Have you thought about going to culinary school Akemi?

    Did Ivon make those macroons himself? Impressive! Lulu is one lucky girl 😉 .

    for the love of Beckett: I used to help my Aunt make it when I was little. It was like making a mysterious, magical concoction because she used to bury it in a clay pot in the yard for a while. Her Sauerkraut was good but the Salt Kraut was divine. As kids, we would sit with a fork and dig into the jar. The salt kraut lacked the sourness but had a salty, tangy, crunchiness to it. Yum! Although, it’s strange that kraut was a big thing in my family. I was always told we were mostly French and Irish but now I wonder if we have a little German mingled in as well. American mutts we are.

    Yay Galaxy Quest! Has Cookie seen this film before? The first time we watched it was the evening after my FIL’s funeral. Hubby and I were really stressed out from…, all of it. Galaxy Quest was a much needed laugh at the time. We’ve watched it nearly 10 times since then.

    Good luck with the hit list! There are a few people/family members I have cut out of my life. You probably don’t have that option if you’re working with them though. Sorry.

  6. *double checks email*


    Anyway, re: the water restaurant, it appears pretension has a new home (for now.) That bruschetta looks great!

    I actually voted for “12 Monkeys”, but it looks like Galaxy Quest is running away with it. I thought I had seen it GQ before, but the more I think of it maybe I haven’t so it’s just as well.

  7. Thanks Akemi for the video, I love it when I can see things actually made, I seem to remember how to do it better and all the food looks great. Does Akemi make her dresses also?, they look as pretty as she is.
    Ivon and chocolate, what a nice picture!

  8. Wow, that bruschetta looks amazing!!! I may have to try that (and I don’t cook, so that should tell you something).

    If Cookie reviews Galaxy Quest and it doesn’t get ALL THE COOKIES, I will forever view his reviews with a very skeptical eye. Well, you know, more so than usual.

  9. Sucks that some people are like that Joe, I usually make it a matter of principle to answer pretty much everything when I have the time to do so, I don’t like the thought of ignoring people, I’m too polite there lol

    Go with Galaxy Quest, it’s a corny but fun movie, though slightly offtopic, radio waves from the Earth do travel through space, somewhere out there someone’s probably watching old TV from many years ago. Just the same I wonder how long it’ll be till we’re picking up signals, like TV shows from other solar systems? Crazy thought…

  10. You know what I hate? When someone doesn’t get back to you.
    i hate that too. especially when they actually tell you that you will hear from them in X amount of days.

    i voted for galaxy quest, since it’s the only one i’ve seen of those listed.

  11. Akemi’s creations look delicious! I hold a grudge a long time. I’ve come to realize it’s more destructive to me to do so than it is to the the person/thing I’m holding a grudge against but I still do it.. Now if I want someone to go away or get out of my life I wish them success enough that they have to move on. Better karma that way. Have to find a way to curse someone with positivity, it’s better for the soul and the spirit.

  12. Galaxy Quest is one of my faves! “I hadn’t even gotten to the relevant conundrum” is my all time favorite movie line. I still have a crush on Enrico C.

    I have been trying to overcome grudges and put that energy into achieving my goals. Now I just put people on the back burner if they keep leaving me hanging; I am friendly if I see them, but I no longer having to feel obligated to hang out with them or return their calls.

    People show us who they are in how they treat us, but it is only when the slights start to add up that do we finally admit they kinda suck.

  13. Hmmmm, WordPress seems intent on swallowing comments today.

    I’m currently simultaneously reading and watching Game Of Thrones. I’m half way through the book and two thirds through the first season. I’m impressed with how well they’ve translated the book onto TV. They haven’t left much stuff out. Maybe moved the timing of a few events around so that each episode can end on a cliffhanger but it’s very true to the book so far. I’m also trying to avoid any spoilers so I was wary about reading this post. Thankfully there wasn’t anything I hadn’t figured out for myself!

    Life is too short to hold grudges . . . get revenge immediately!!!! 🙂

    It looks like I’ve found my new favourite YouTube cooking channel!

  14. Haven’t seen Galaxy Quest in years! Yeah, do that!

    Alternatively, there’s the Ashens movie which was released (Free on YouTube) yesterday 😀

    I find it odd when people don’t immediately get back to you. People can’t possibly be so busy, that they can’t even muster the effort to send a quick “I’ll get back to you later” response, can they?
    I always reply. And I tend to waffle a lot, too, so when I DO reply, the reply is a great big rambling mess of text that they probably can’t be bothered to read. ..

    .. …That’s probably why they don’t reply!

  15. The water menu puts me in mind of Penn and Teller;s Bullsh%t episode where the restaurant gives samples of fancy waters. The diners rave about the differences. It is all tapwater from a garden hose.

    Relevant section begins at 5:09

  16. Whew! I’m glad I’m not on Joe’s naughty list.

    The bruschetta (and everything else) looks good! I never thought about making it with cherry tomatoes, but will definitely try that variation as I have lots of them right now in the garden. And Akemi looks gorgeous as usual

    Stuffed zucchini blossoms! I went out to dinner on Tuesday and had them for the first time: stuffed with goat cheese and corn

    Actually I haven’t seen any of those movies – maybe bits and pieces of Galaxy Quest???? Maybe I’ll vote for that one just to read Cookie’s review.

  17. Looks like Galaxy Quest is winning. I loathe that movie.

    We haven’t emailed in years so I doubt it’s me.

    I only have one person that I have a unending grudge against, but I take solace in the fact that when they thought they won the ‘prize’ the joke was on them.

    Akemi is gorgeous and can cook. She is worth hanging onto Joe.

  18. How does that saying go? Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity. And simple mistakes. I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten to get back to people simply because I was being run off my feet and it slipped my mind. Or something happened, like the roof started leaking, I got a flat tire. My wife used an office chair as a step stool and broke her leg. Twice. The second time was after I bought two step stools.

    What really annoys me is when people are consistently late.

    The Bruschetta looks good, and easy to make which is always nice. I love basil, this year I grew a 4×8 plot of basil which I trim every week, chop in a food processor with olive oil then press into muffin tins and ice cube trays then freeze. Then I pop them out and put in bags and containers. I did the same with oregano, but that requires much more careful destemming because the leaves are so small and can be very frustrating. I get about 2kg of basil a week, (a 20 liter bucket full) and I only trim the tops, so I’m going to have a lot to do when I process the rest of the plants in a few weeks.

    I use fresh frozen basil in lots of my cooking, mixed in with spinach in lasagna, in tomato sauces and soups. I usually cover my couch, sit with the bucket and watch a movie while I process it.

    I have to do more today. I guess I might as well watch 12 Monkeys and see if I can hunt up a copy of Galaxy Quest.

  19. I love Akemi’s little black dress! She really is the complete package Joe. The woman is beautiful, cooks, likes dogs – loves you. Okay, I’m not going to say it, but you know what I’m thinking…

    I’ve make my selection for Cookie’s next movie review, but have to say I was massively disappointed in Skyfall. I like Daniel Craig as an actor, but am not sold on him as Bond, however as hubby wanted to see the movie I bought the DVD. Seriously, in my view the best thing was the theme tune! Having said that I didn’t comment on the film and waited for his opinion…I was amazed when he said he didn’t know what the hype was all about! Anyway…I’m sure a lot of folk will have a different opinion.

  20. I love 12 Monkeys but it would be funny to have Cookie Monster review Galaxy Request…perhaps a double feature with SG1 “200” episode??

    Water menus are ridiculous but it reminded me of this video from Bullshit with Penn & Teller:
    So at least there’s that!

  21. Whoops, clearly should’ve scrolled through the comments more before linking. Ah well, double the fun?? Sorry folks.

  22. @Maggiemayday: That video, oh shit, I’m in tears laughing here. The Agua de Culo did it. Thanks for the laugh, MUCH needed today. 🙂

  23. I voted for Skyfall simply because it’s the most patently idiotic of those movies (I’ve seen all three, surprisingly, so I know whereof I speak), and it’s always more entertaining to read a review of something Cookie hates.

    Anyway, about your passive aggressive tactic in dealing with this non-communicative frenemy of yours… I found myself thinking about your post as I was driving down 4th on my way to UBC this morning. I don’t know why, but it was gnawing at me. (It could be because SiriusXM mistakenly cut off my satellite radio service, which was supposed to switch over from a free trial to my subscription plan, and I had nothing to listen to on the long drive.) I agree with Mike from Canada, in that it may be this person is just clueless.

    I’ve found that people (and I include myself in this) tend to be far less aware of how their behaviour affects others than we assume them to be. You might get more satisfaction with a different strategy here. Try just calling (or emailing, if you must, but an actual conversation is always better because it can convey the correct, i.e. inoffensive, tone of voice) and basically saying to this person, “Hey, what gives? Whenever you need something from me, I’m there for you, and quickly. But now I when I need something, you’re AWOL. That’s not cool. Is there something else going on in your life that’s distracting you from this?” That last part gives the person an ‘out’. If he’s smart, he grasps onto it like a drowning man to a life preserver and proceeds to tell you how he’s been really swamped recently but now that you’ve reminded him how neglectful he’s been of your friendship, he’ll be more communicative from here on out.

    Also, it’s summer, and if this person is anything like me, he’s gone on vacation a couple times already this season and his email inbox has become an endless morass of unread Facebook notifications, Groupon and LivingSocial offers, Dear Prudence columns, consumer surveys, Gap and Dove coupons, Twitter and LinkedIn appeals for attention, and oh yeah, your email somewhere in that mess. That’s why calling is always better if it’s something important and time-sensitive.

    Okay, back to studying for my Stats final, which is Tuesday. Wish me luck!

  24. If I ever make your shit list, please email me and let me know. Considering I have 1004 unread emails in just 3 email accounts and 2500 in my junk email account, and 2500 in my old AOL email address that I don’t use anymore, I’m sure I’ll be able to get back to you right away. Right now, I only have 1 person on my shit list. I’m a forgiving person. Ask my husband. Ask my family. Ask my friends. It takes something pretty terrible for a person to even get on a list and usually it is because they are taking advantage of others and I reach a breaking point.

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