This morning, I came across this interesting article that offers up a list of 11 t.v. characters originally slated for death who were granted a reprieve by the show’s producers:,101147/

Some surprising names on the list including The X-Files‘ Melvin Frohike (the bespectacled member of the Lone Gunmen), Battlestar Galactica’s Karl “Helo” Agathon, Jack Shephard from Lost and, topping the list: Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Pinkman.  It makes for interesting reason as we are offered a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes creative reconsiderations, often owing to the actor’s fabulous performance and the audience response.

It reminds me of a similar situation in Stargate: Universe’s first season when we planned to kill off one of the Destiny crew in heroic self-sacrifice but, after seeing the dailies, watching the character grow and, most important of all, being mightily impressed with the actor’s performance, the character was granted an indefinite stay of execution.

Which SGU character am I talking about?  Check out the end of this blog entry for the (possibly) surprising answer.

1Blog regular, Deni, sent me the following link to a countdown of the 50 Greatest Sandwiches Ever Known To Man:

These are the 50 greatest sandwiches ever known to man www.thrillist.comIn honor of National Sandwich Day, Thrillist decided to do the impossible: crown the best sandwich of all time. With a Dagwood’s…

It’s an interesting list offering a wide variety for every taste, from the simple Egg Salad Sandwich (a Martin Gero favorite during our days on Stargate) to the roast beefy French Dip (Exec. Producer Brad Wright’s go-to sandwich) to the Porchetta (which tops my list).  Go check out the various offerings and let us know your fave!

My take on the humble grilled cheese sandwich:

A little presumptuous – and a lot stupid:  The 6 Most Ridiculous Things People Claimed to Legally Own

The Ramen Burger is the new cronut  Maybe, but I’d still prefer a cronut.

A kickstarter project sake-loving-yours-truly can get behind:

And, oh yeah, that Stargate: Universe character who survived almost certain death?

1None other than Dale Volker, played by Patrick Gilmore, who we decided was just to good a character to kill off at the time…

20 thoughts on “August 7, 2013: Marked for death! Select your sandwich! News of note!

  1. So glad that Volker got the reprieve – he was an interesting character and I would have loved to see him more developed as time went by.

    I love a good beef dip too, but your mention of the grilled cheese made me immediately think of one that I had when I was in Nepal near the end of our trek to Everest base camp. Our trip was almost done and we were longing by that time for some North American style comfort food, and lo and behold there was grilled cheese and chips (fries) on the menu of the guesthouse we were staying at in Lukla. We thought, “awesome!”, but as they were delivered to our table we realized (and remembered) that they use yak cheese there in the mountains. They were “pungent” to say the least, but they also have a relatively high re-solidification temperature, so by the time we started eating them the cheese was already pretty rubbery. One of my friends said he was sure that there was a string of cheese that he had swallowed where the other end was still attached to the sandwich! It’s interesting that other yak cheese that we had there was very mild, almost like mozzarella, but this was really strong.

  2. You’ve explained that about Volker a couple of times. Patrick Gilmore is awesome. He made a lot of character out of a few lines.

    I suspect the hot brown makes sandwich lists on its cool name and authors’ reluctance to leave it out lest someone remember that cool name and call them on it. It’s something for Kentucky visitors to seek out to cross that off their list. Having lived there, I’ve never had one.

  3. Depending on my mood, I’d usually go for the Reuben, a pastrami on rye, a roast beef on rye (with a ton of Russian on the side) or a Cuban. Then again, there’s nothing like a good breakfast sandwich. And yeah, a ham sandwich on some crusty bread with some mustard (and for me, some butter) can’t be beat sometimes. 🙂 Damn, I am now seriously wanting…

  4. I’d have to say I stick to the classics when it comes to sandwiches – I love a good BLT with some fresh homegrown tomato and lettuce and good crispy bacon. The caprese would come in a close second

  5. I hate it when shows kill off my favorite characters! Just hate it!
    I’ve found I watch television series more for the characters than the story so I suppose that’s why it impacts me so negatively.

  6. Okay I couldn’t find a pic of them TOGETHER, but both at same event… I suggest Portman and Hathaway are NOT the same person, lol.

    I love your sandwich, but that is a grilled sandwich, not a grilled CHEESE. You do a disservice to the cheese. A grilled cheese makes the CHEESE the main event. I’d say your avocado and meat trump it. Now.. I have to make one. Yum. I’ll tell friends it is a “mallozzi-not-really-grilled-cheese” sandwich.

  7. Interesting – that’s a bit of BTS stuff about The X-Files I didn’t know. Given they ended up killing ALL The Lone Gunmen though…I think it came out in the wash. *still bitter*

    I’m glad they didn’t kill Helo, though. He was indeed one of my favorites!

    Those sandwiches look AWESOME.

  8. #21: The Soft Shell Crab Sandwich! I just wish I could get a decent one in Chicagoland. I do have some hard shelled blue crabs arriving on Friday, so seafood cookout on Saturday! Yeah!

  9. I am a sandwich lover! In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had a tuna salad sandwich (today), bologna, pull BBQ pork, Italian Hero, PB & J, boiled egg on toast (yesterday), and turkey and cheese sandwich. But they are missing my personal favorite, a liverwurst sandwich. And a regular size hamburger instead of a submarine hamburger is just as good. I guess just put anything on bread and I’m good. Your grilled cheese looks awesome.

    I guessed Volker. You’ve told us before. We listen to you, believe it or not.

  10. I know this will sound harsh but I don’t think Volkers death would of had a negative effect on the story, he wasn’t hugely important to the narrative of the story.

    One death that would of surprised me majorly, although it never would happen is Colonel Young, I would argue he is pretty much vital to the operation of the Destiny. I don’t think anyone would conclusively be able to take over realistically.

    I’m not a fan of death in stories but there’s a place in every story for it, and with the situation the Icarus personal found themselves in, I think it’s only realistic that a few people would be lost along the way. There’s a million and 1 things that could kill any of the Destiny crew out there in the Universe. Certainly they are out of their depth and have no immediate support from the SGC to rely on.

    I would argue that had Riley been found in the situation he was in, in the Milky Way Galaxy, he would of survived. Had Rush been more forthcoming about him locating the bridge they could of recharged the Destiny and flew back to pick up Telford from the seed ship.

    This is one of the great things about SGU, there is no backup from Earth, The crew have to rely on each other to survive.

  11. Having met Patrick so glad you did keep him…he is such a lovely guy! He came to a con with Michael Shanks and didn’t reveal who is father is right until the end panel… you should have seen Michael’s face ‘You are telling me this now!!!!’ bless him…

    Kriss 🙂

  12. And don’t forget those who came back from the dead!

    Carson Beckett for one. Having said that, he was a great character and the series brought him back in a realistic way. Others however…like Bobby Ewing in Dallas…are another matter. Maybe that’s something for another blog? Craziest ways dead characters have been brought back!

  13. G’day

    For a sandwich, well being Aussie, cannot go past butter with vegemite.

    Volker was a great character.

  14. No Monte Cristo? Although that is pretty knife and fork for a sandwich, and good ones are near impossible to find. Had a terrific torta once, only black beans and Oaxaca cheese, but dang delicious.

    At home, it is PBJ on whole grain. Out and about, I like patty melts, but that’s a treat.

  15. I have to agree with JCCKeith, a decent BLT is a beautiful thing. Even better, a BLT with a still runny yolk fried egg. Messy, but good.

    I’ve been considering the nominations for Cookie’s review after the next review. It’s a hard decision, unlike the sandwich conundrum, do we go for a really great movie, or a show that Cookie can really tear into? Perhaps both, but that’s hard to find. Plus his distaste for Bruce Willis really cuts into a lot of movies that I like.

    I have to suggest, in the ‘should be fun for Cookie to review’ category, Lost In Space with Joey “How you doing” Tribbiani. I mean Matt LeBlanc.

    I’d also like to suggest 12 Monkeys. Yes, it has Bruce Willis, Cookie’s nemesis, but it also a great performance by Brad Pitt. It keeps you guessing, Willis also did a bang up performance as did Madeline Stowe as the shrink. This movie has time travel, dystopian future, a lion, and an army of 12 monkeys. And Brad pit raving like an actual lunatic. What more could a person ask for?

    According to IMDb, ‘Terry Gilliam gave Bruce Willis a list of “Willis acting clichés” not to be used during the film, including the “steely blue eyes look”.’

  16. Mmm, those sandwiches look so good. I’m a Reuben fan myself. All that delicious kraut. My Aunt used to make the best kraut. She would make a traditional sour version but she would also do a salt kraut that we would eat out of the jar. I haven’t seen anyone else make/sell salt kraut but it’s delicious!

    I’m glad you saved Volker!

    What about Galaxy Quest for Cookie to review?

  17. Following up my other point, in terms of importance on the Destiny I would say.

    1. Young(Leader)
    2. Rush(Keeps everyone alive, tech guy)
    3. Eli(Plan B if Rush screws everyone)
    4. Everyone else

  18. I can’t imagine Lost In Space without Dr. Smith. Or Farscape without Chiana, Or Lost without Jack, or BSG without Helo, or SGU without Volker. Or a lot of the rest of them on that list.

  19. THANK YOU for not killing Dale. He was my Most favorite charactor. And BTW I was at the récent Creation Stargate convention in Chicago (the second last one they are ever doing). And Dale was a trivia question doing during round one of their trivia compétition. About what He did for his job.

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