1Vancouver is beautiful in the summer and, given the choice, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  Of course, a couple of months down the line, and things change.  Mainly, the weather.  September kicks off “the rainy season” here that runs through, well, most of the year, ending sometime in May, April if you’re lucky.  Yes, May to August are great times to be in Vancouver.  September to April are great time to be anywhere –

Like, say, Tokyo!  Now my favorite time to travel to Tokyo is right around Christmas because NOBODY does Christmas like the Japanese: the streets festive lights lining the streets, the trees and decorations adorning the the storefronts bedecked with trees, the endless sidewalk serenade of festive tunes.  It puts us all, on this side of the pacific, to shame.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be there in December.  Unless Akemi’s sister changes her wedding date (which Akemi informs me is highly unlikely).  Nope, we’ll be in Tokyo for the middle of November.  I booked our flight and hotel the other day and we have already started our restaurant research.  More importantly, we have also started our dog-sitter research.  Seriously, who knew it would be this hard to pay someone to live in your house, drink your booze, and watch your library of dvd’s on your big screen home theater!

Okay, pending one more phoner, Paul and I begin narrowing down our choices for a potential producing partner.  First Paul and I will discuss between the two of us, then we’ll dial in our Canadian agent who will offer his take on the pros and cons of various candidates, then we’ll dial in our American agent who will do the same, then we’ll decide on who we’d like to work with (including an alternate, like in the grand tradition of the Miss America Pageant), we’ll discuss with the broadcaster and hopefully come to an agreement, and then we turn things over to lawyers who will no doubt wrap up the deal in no time so we can actually begin work on a series bible and second episode script.

The nice thing about waiting around for things to happen is that it gives you more time flesh out some of the creative – while you’re having dinner or showering or lying in bed.  But, truthfully, I do my best writing when I’m driving.  I figured out the solution to an issue that had been plaguing me for days while I was driving my dogs back from doggy daycare on Friday.  If the broadcasters require anything more beyond what they’re asking for now, I might just take a road trip to Seattle.  By the time I get back, I’m confident I’ll have episodes 3, 4, and 5 broken as well.

15 thoughts on “July 28, 2013: Summer in Vancouver; Christmas in Tokyo!

  1. How is Vancouver in the first two weeks of July? I’m checking out locations for next year’s vacation and Vancouver is on our list of possibilities. Tokyo does sound cool though – is it still so spectacular the week after Christmas? Also a possibility of a vacation during that time too.

  2. Funny…I do my best ‘writing’ while house cleaning, but I never write it down (because, ya know, I’m like, house cleaning). It just stays in my head until I turn off the vacuum, and then POOF!, all my clever ideas disappear just as if a fairy tapped my noggin with a magic wand. In the car I don’t dare daydream about stories or I’ll fall right to sleep. Nopers…in the car I have to listen to some screaming madman shouting into my ear, otherwise I’ll…ya know…fall right to sleep. 😛


  3. I forgot to add this one in on my last comment but I really have been wanting to ask this question for some time. You keep referencing the series bible. I am a newbie when it comes to television production and the entire business so I was wondering if you would be so kind as to explain to me what the series bible for a show is.

  4. Now my favorite time to travel to Tokyo is right around Christmas because NOBODY does Christmas like the Japanese: the streets festive lights lining the streets, the trees and decorations adorning the the storefronts bedecked with trees, the endless sidewalk serenade of festive tunes.

    i hear it’s a big secular holiday over there. not sure why. maybe because it’s a big american thing & most japanese like all things american. i also hear that some how kentucky fried chicken convinced the public there that the thing to have on christmas is KFC.

  5. I usually get my best ideas just before I drop off. Then of course I’m awake all night!

    Good luck finding the right partner. As for the dog sitting, I’d have been happy to drink your booze. Pity the commute is such a killer…

  6. Yikes I hope you’re not a believer in instant gratification cuz you are in the wrong biz if you are!

    Given the choice between Van rain or 6 feet of snow with blinding sunlight… I gotta go with the sunny snow… you notice I’m saying this in the middle of our three month summer ask me again in February…


  7. @jcckeith… a week after Christmas is New Years in Japan. Huge holiday for them, but not i the same way as we do it. The shrines at midnight are wall to wall people, and it is worth doing once, but really, that’s when flights are priciest. I found all the best hole in the wall places were closed then. Tokyo, maybe not so much.

  8. You make me want to visit Japan. I hope you find a dog sitter. You have a great life! You know that Spider, don’t you?

    Those food pictures yesterday were so yummy looking. The bread pudding, the pie and the croissants were my favorite. I love bread. A few of my friends have gone gluten free and are trying to get me to try the diet. Gluten and I have a long satisfying history. I think our future is meant to be.

    Mike from Canada: I’m a big fan of Karin Slaughter too. Haven’t read Unseen yet but just finished Criminal.

    Line Noise: What is the difference between chips, crisps and French fries?

    for the Love of Beckett: I loved you comment yesterday That’s Grace. One day we all may need it. I know I’ve needed it a time or two! . I wish I could put down thoughts so elegantly. You nailed what I have been thinking about.

    I’m glad it’s Monday because I need a break from the weekend. Hubby is building a shed and doing a great job. He is so exact and slow. He put the roof on yesterday and had to measure each shingle before he placed it. It took him all day long and it’s only an 8 by 10 shed. I’ll be so glad when it’s finished. Next he wants to put vinyl siding on it. Between the three of us, we got a lot of work done.

    One of the neighbors is 80ish and has one kidney. Her son lives with her and usually keeps the yard looking decent. Lately, he has a girlfriend and the yard hasn’t been mowed in a month! I sent my son over to mow ( I trimmed) for her because I know it bothers her to see the yard in such bad shape. The only problem is she gives him a wad of twenty dollar bills and I know she can’t afford to pay anyone. She is such a sweet heart. We are so lucky that she lives next door. I’ll have to find some way to funnel the mula back to her.

    My 17 year old turns 18 on Friday. He has already started applying for colleges. Time flies. Hubby wants me to go with him on a business trip to Chattanooga next week. It’s only for three days but I’ve never left our son alone for that long. I probably should go and let him be on his own. What do you think? I’m being silly right? The good thing is my son can take care of the critters while I’m gone. The bad thing is school registration is on one of the days we would be gone.

    Sorry for the booklet.

  9. Be sure to stop off at Namja Town for your Ice cream session Joe lol

    Assuming you and Akemi have the time.

  10. @Tam: I think you know your son better than anybody, and if you feel he is trustworthy, then go and have a good time! Meanwhile, Anakin refuses to nap today. 🙂

    Yoyo, if you move closer to me, I’ll dog-sit any time you need it. 🙂

  11. Joe, You are so right. The couple of days I spent in Vancouver were just wonderful. The sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, the soft breeze were a far cry from the the rain and clouds one might have normally expected. If I had not brought a cap with me I would have been in serious trouble. I will have to get new shoes as I put on many miles looking at sites and traversing your fair city. It was warmer and sunnier then Chicago. The views enjoyable. Looking across the bay at North Vancouver reminded me of Hong Kong. I guess this was the time of year in which Changeling by Chris Judge was shot as the grass looked in a similar dormant state. I have a great deal of respect for the actors and crews that endure(d) the normal rains that are typical of the Pacific Northwest. Best luck for the projects. May these weeks prep you for upcoming adventures.

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