Oh, and I just remembered another thing that bothered me about the penultimate episode of Downton Abbey’s third season.  Ethel decides to take a job close to the estate where her son now resides.  In the event they run into each other, her cover story will be that she was his nanny.  And that would work – if he were a baby.  But the kid is about a year old.  Surely he knows she’s his mother , no?!  In the words of Cookie Monster: “How it be possible?”.

Speaking of Cookie Monster, he’ll be by tomorrow for his weekly review as part of our Supermovie of the Week Club.  If you haven’t already forced yourself to sit through Chronicle, please do so before Cookie Monster spoils it for you tomorrow.

Anyhoo, travel day today, so I’ll leave you with a rundown of some of the culinary highlights of the last two nights:

The night before last, Akemi and I headed over to Campagnolo with our friend Gary who was passing through town on the way to get his ass frozen off somewhere northerly…

Leek risotto with crispy pork belly
Leek risotto with crispy pork belly
Beef cheek gnocci
Beef cheek gnocci
Cured foie gras, caramelized onions, and matchstick apple pizza.
Cured foie gras, caramelized onions, and matchstick apple pizza.
Giovanni, our genial server.  Make sure to get his hot ginger syrup and lemon as a digestif.
Chef Ted
Chef Ted – nihonjin at heart.
Chef Rob
The man behind the curtain: Chef Rob
Akemi and Gary
Akemi and Gary

Then, last night, we got together with Ivon and Rob’s family for a trip to the night market.  Alas, instead of hitting the Richmond night market with its 50+ food vendors (including that place that sells those monster takoyaki bombs!) we ended up at the far less impressive Chinatown night market where the pickins were slim.  Akemi was still hungry when we returned.  I probably could have eaten too if my indigestion wasn’t so bad.

Still, there was one highlight –

Ivon and his Hurricane Fries
Ivon.  Oh, and the Hurricane Potato

L.A.-bound today.  Get in tonight, then have four days full of meeting – and I DO mean full: 16 in all not including casual drinks and dinner with golden boy Martin Gero!

Finally, my sister alerted me to the following story about The National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado.  According to sis: “The founder goes to puppy mill auctions or to puppy mills directly and BUYS the dogs they plan on killing because they are no longer useful or too sick. They clean them up and adopt them out. Well, the founder just lost her house in the Colorado fires as did some volunteers. They are set up in RVS and trailers temporarily with something like 40 misplaced dogs.”

Head on over here for the full story and let’s do what we can do to help out: http://www.prlog.org/12157557-dog-rescuer-lost-her-home-in-colorado-springs-fire.html

19 thoughts on “June 16, 2013: Travel Day! Look at the pretty (delicious) pictures! Helping out The National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado!

  1. Donation made!

    Re: Campagnolo, the food, the service and of course, the company were all exceptional! I will say that hurricane potato looks very interesting.

    Off to Inuvik tonight for a couple of days and then down to Whitehorse for a few days. Should be fun!

  2. Have a safe flight & a productive trip, Joe!

    Per yesterday’s topic:

    2 Great US State Laws-
    In Illinois it is illegal for monsters to climb into a house by using a window
    In Kentucky it is illegal to put an ice cream cone in your pocket

    Both laws actually exist ..I’m trying to imagine what kind of State Legislatures back in the day actually got together to vote on these laws???

  3. 1. Gary looks smitten. 🙂

    2. Ivon looks like every Philly guy on the Wildwood boardwalk in the summertime.

    3. Speaking of Philly guys, saw this and thought you might enjoy (and yeah, we really do sound like that, though our accents are a bit mellowed here in Jersey).


    If you get a chance, check out the ‘Philly guy at the waterpark’ because that’s EXACTLY how I say wooder…I mean, water. And coffee is cawfee. I do not, however, say ‘youze’. Thank goodness. There’s a couple Philly accent vids out there with greater or lesser degrees of accuracy. The one I posted sound just like a guy who works for us…ya know…obnoxious. People laugh at my accent all the time, especially my buddy from Michigan. She thinks I sound hilarious. 😛 (That’s okay – I get her right back by telling her she sounds Canadian. 😀 )

    4. And speaking of Wildwood, just watching an old movie from the 50s (The Burglar) and this guy says to this girl that she should go away for awhile, some place that’s good for her health, and he suggests NYC. She says that’s not good for her health, so he says she should go to the seashore for some salt air, someplace like Wildwood or Atlantic City. Just really weird hearing what I consider to be a relatively obscure town mentioned in a movie from the 50s.

    5. @ Sparrow & Jeff – Joey and I have the same nose. 😉

    6. You know what tonight is??! It’s Inspector Lewis night!! Woo!! The first of what will be the last series of the show. 🙁 I will really miss my dear Sergeant Hathaway, but at least I have a few more to look forward to, and hopefully a movie now and then in the future. Hathaway is the last tv character I’ve really been able to fall ‘in love’ with, and I really don’t think there’s anyone out there to take his place. Somebody better hurry up and create another show just for me!!!

    7. Have a good trip Joe!


  4. Safe travels, Joe, and good luck in your meetings.

    I’m traveling to Dallas tomorrow and then Vancouver on Tuesday, so I’ll be checking in while on the road myself.

  5. Go get ’em Joe!! You tell them your fans are demanding a new sci-fi series…Dark Matter!! Good luck! Happy eating while you’re there! 🙂

    @ gforce – Be sure and get some pictures of your frozen rear-end wherever you are going. 😉 I’m sure the country will be gorgeous.

    @ Tam Dixon – I like to eat frozen cheesecake. I love it cold and that makes it ice cream like. I’m glad it worked out for you and your friends enjoyed it. I thought it would be okay. Good idea…

  6. Gosh gforce! One of the trips that I would love to take…the other is whatle watching on the St. Laurence. Hope you have/had a good trip.

    I’m just coming down from a week’s worth of a norovirus. This was really nasty and I have a healthy respect for the people who caught on the cruise ships with this illness – really nasty, I tell you. WASH YOUR HANDS PEOPLE!! I can’t stress that enough… as well as using a napkin or a part of your clothing to open any public doors.

    Joe, I really hope that your meetings are totally productive and that you are faced with the problem of too much work. I would love to see any Stargate actors on the screen again… but then, I would love to see the Stargate series again – but that’s another story… 😉

  7. I was pleasantly surprised by Chronicle. But are they superheroes tho? A mysterious cosmic event gives them superpowers…okay yep, they qualify. Enjoy LA, I recommend the Pig ‘n Whistle and I love the buns at Famima.

    I’m eating carrot sticks while enjoying the pics of that delicious beef cheek gnocci. I’m still trying to digest the garbanzo and coconut low carb sugar-free scones I made yesterday. I’m eating vicariously through you guys, so keep those tasty pictures coming.

  8. I wish I could donate. I’m getting slammed with bills lately. My son is starting his senior year this fall and he has to get most of his class pictures now. I don’t remember doing this when I was a senior. Plus, we are looking at colleges. Did you know you need to register July or August the year BEFORE you enter college to get the good dorm rooms (at least here)? Senior year is starting to add up, financially and it hasn’t even begun yet.

    One good thing, I got stopped for speeding today and the officer just gave me a warning. He saw my Doctor Who bumper sticker and said “This isn’t the Tardis, you need to slow it down”. I’m so thankful I don’t have to pay too. Thank God for Doctor Who fans!

    JeffW & Ponytail: Yes, it’s good to know I can freeze the cheesecake. Thanks so much for giving me recipe Jeff! I’m not scared to make them anymore. Ponytail: Frozen cheesecake? Sounds good to me!

    Das: What channel are you getting Inspector Lewis on? I love that show!

    gforce: Inuvik looks beautiful! Have a great time!

    I’m catching up on the previous posts Mr. M.. Your family looked great! I loved all your mom’s food pictures and the pictures of the pups too. I’m so glad you got a family visit. Those Oreos looked pretty yummy! I’m not sure how you eat all that delicious food and not be huge. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

    I hope your L.A. trip is fun and successful!

    Safe travels everyone!

  9. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I want to remind you because it’s been so long ago. Make sure you try and get to Slater’s 50/50:


    I’ve been there a few times now, and their burgers are fantastic. I saw them on a Food Network show a couple years ago and have made it a point to go there every time I’m in LA. They’re known for their signature patty, the 50/50, that’s made from 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon. Yes, bacon. I highly recommend this place and furthermore, I recommend getting the fried egg on whatever concoction you choose. I personally get it over medium to avoid unnecessary spillage of undercooked egg white and yolk. I don’t normally consider the words “gourmet” and “burger” as belonging in the same sentence, but this place sure fits the bill. Plus they make a lot of their own sauces and condiments. Bacon infused ketchup, chipotle mayo, both of which are amazing! They also have a great pumpkin sauce they serve with the sweet potato fries that is a must-order.

    I’m sure you have tons of restaurants you’ll end up going to for these meetings, but if you can squeeze this one in, you won’t be disappointed. The only one I’ve been to is the Huntington Beach location, and I don’t know which one will be closer to where you’re going to be, but with the reputation and following they’ve built, I’d imagine they’ve made sure that the experience is the same at all of their locations.

    Good luck on the meetings! Hopefully everything will be smooo….. ah forget it.

    -Mike A.

  10. Hmmm … most one year olds don’t have long term memories yet, which is why no one can remember being one. So it is entirely plausible. Unless the babe has Anton’s key.

  11. @ Tam D – I’m getting it on PBS stations: WHYY out of Philly, and I also think on WLVT out of Allentown/Bethlehem, PA later in the week/month. It may also find its way to WNJN out of Trenton, NJ but probably not until a bit later in the year, if at all. They’ve been light on the Brit programming of late.

    Check all your local PBS stations! If that fails, you sometimes can watch them on the main PBS Materpiece/Mystery page, but not 100% sure about it this year. Also, if you have a cable ‘on demand’ feature you can probably watch it through that no matter when it airs on the PBS channels.

    Hope that helps! 🙂


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