So, how’s everyone doing?  Good, good.  Enjoying the long weekend? Great.  Here in Vancouver, it looks like we’ve finally put winter behind us.  The sun is out, the temperature has risen, and my french bulldog, Lulu, is in full spring mode –

Ready to hit the park - little buddy in tow
Ready to hit the park – little buddy in tow
Out and about
Out and about

As for me – well, I’m taking the long weekend off.  I plan to hit a couple of farmers markets, do a little dim sum, sit in my backyard with the dogs and read – maybe even get around to trying that bottle of Absinthe if I remember to pick up the sugar cubes.  Oh, and, of course, update this blog.  There are a few subjects I want to hit, some thoughts on the ill-fated Atlantis movie I’d like to post, a Supermovie of the Week review I need to remind Cookie Monster about, and those Art Department packages I’d like to upload.  But, for today, let’s just concentrate on one –

Unfortunately, I don’t have the entire Spoils of War package but, or the wraithly inclined, I did come across these pink tech pack revisions…

Wraith facility - cloning chamber & corridor chamber
Wraith facility – cloning chamber & corridor chamber

Ah, this takes me back.  In addition to our standing stages at The Bridge Studios, we would also make use of the stage at Norco which housed, among other things: various wraith facilities, hive, Earth, and goa’uld ships.  Eventually, we consolidated production so that, in the final few years of the franchise, all of our standing sets were at the Bridge.

Wraith facility - corridors
Wraith facility – corridors

Why did we refer to them as chicken legs and mushroom consoles?

Mmmmmm.  Tasty-looking chicken legs.
The HERO mushroom console
The HERO mushroom console
Wraith facility - Queen's lair & corridors
Wraith facility – Queen’s lair & corridors

“Projector to be hidden behind chair riser”.  Well, ideally.  I remember watching dailies of one episode where the projectors were exposed for all to see.  They were so cool and techy looking that the director (not one of our regulars) assumed it was actually part of the wraithy set dec.  Also those “umbilicals strewn across floor in Queen’s lair” and other wraith ships and facilities were the perfect cover for wires and electrical cords.

Wraith facility - entrance
Wraith facility – entrance

Greens: “Dense mixed forest green set outside North entrance”.  Yep, one of the many talented departments that made up the production was “Greens” who were tasked with creating believable vegetative backdrops.  In this case, just a touch of forest greens give a hint of an exterior beyond the entrance way.

Puddle Jumper
Puddle Jumper

From the comfy confines of Stage 1, the puddle jumper would travel throughout the Pegasus Galaxy and back through the magic of that greenscreen out its front window.

Wraith dart
Wraith dart

I always liked the design of the wraith darts, alternately organic, techy, creepy, and comfy-looking.

24 thoughts on “March 29, 2013: Build your own wraith facility! Here’s how!

  1. How wise is it to let Das see those blueprints???

    If she has any Legos laying around we could all be in trouble!

  2. Das-

    Went and saw the GI Joe movie at an IMAX theater today and they showed a promo for the upcoming WOLVERINE movie …Wolvy on an Imax screen about HUGE!

  3. I always liked the look of the wraith darts too. The wraith sets were always so awesome. And it was always fun to watch one blow up. The wraith storyline really made SGA great!

    If summer is coming, why are you out walking Lulu with your Mafia long leather coat on? You look like a Mafia hitman out walking his dog. Or maybe it’s Mafia Lulu out with her right hand man and bodyguard. Loooove her shirt that holds a stuffed animal. My beagle wants one!

  4. Working on that wraith set at Norco was one of the first things I did on Stargate. It takes me back too.

    I recall at the time, there was that in the first set, the goauld ship and hallway in the second, and the ori ship in the third.

    also, I’d never heard them called mushroom consoles, even with repairing them a few times. huh.
    it fits tho.

  5. I too worry about the sanity of @das – the rest of us will have to be supportive.

  6. 💜LOVE💜 the long leather jacket. Very dapper! The pup pictures are always a treat. Can’t wait to hear about your out and about journeys this weekend.

  7. oh…I remember the first time I ever saw the Wraith darts…I actually had the hairs on my neck and arms stand on end…

  8. Lulu and Pop alone time, sweet! Don’t the other pups get jealous?

    Thanks for posting the plans! Very cool 😀

  9. Ooooh, nice dart. I think I can make one in my backyard out of paper mache…. yeah. Uh huh.

  10. I can picture you with your leather coat along with Lulu and her Akemi-made leather coat…. held on by belts but hanging on the sides – button holes on one side and buttons on the other, man and dog looking cool. Akemi?

  11. Hmm. I AM thinking of doing the basement office over…

    Really, those prints are excellent – so interesting how the same space can get reconfigured for different uses and look so completely different. I agree about the Wraith tech, it was so “organic” and technical at the same time. Very well done (although I’d expect nothing less!)

    Indeed, you’re looking sharp in that leather coat, like you just stepped out of the Matrix or something. Or as a main character out of a detective novel. One with a telepathic French bulldog…

    Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend, Joe!

    Also, nice to hear from you again, confracto!

  12. … and don’t forget the collar. A visit to the Sally Ann should get you the necessities… 😀

  13. Ah, Wrath darts. I always loved the organic look of Wraith tech. It spawned endless discussions about Wraith history, culture, etc. Good times. Thanks for sharing, Joe! It makes me happy.

    But chicken legs? Really? You must have some really nasty chickens in your part of the world if those remind you of chicken legs..

    @Tim G: YES! Woohoo! Dr, Who returns!

  14. looks to be a good weekend. I have a number of bottles of wine, many of which I plan to gift out, but I’ll have to decide on which one to indulge in. Then I need to plan what food or snacks to accompany it. Decisions, decisions. At least my workouts are going well. Eating garbage so weight isn’t going anywhere, but with the warming weather I think I can work up the motivation to modify my habits enough to get the weight loss to go with the increasing fitness. Hope your weekend goes well.

  15. Yum, always the food stuff in your posts, one way or another, chicken legs mushrooms, yes! and looking forward to Dr Who tonight!! So many talented people working on the shows, such great stuff!, thanks for sharing. Lulu is raring to go, dad keep up.

  16. Why do the Wraith floor plans look like a lab frog laid out on a dissecting table?

    Also, contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly safe to show these to me…

    now…where did I put that chicken leg??

    @ Lewis – I’ve seen screen shots from the movie, no trailers (to avoid spoilers). I am holding my breath on this one.

    @ Joe – That picture…that leather coat…it makes you look very svelte…tall, even. Errrmmm…have you ever considered wearing a long, white wig…with or without green make-up…ya know, just for shiggles?



  17. Yeah when the Wraith darts were first introduced, they were very menacing, certainly if you were an inhabitant of a planet the wraith intended on harvesting humans from, seeing the Stargate activating and a dozen darts flying through it, or from a hive ship would be very imposing. You’d want to run in the other direction or find someplace quiet to go hide.

    But as the series went along they became less threatening as team Atlantis knew how to deal with them lol

  18. Why don’t people have to go to the bathroom in space? I mean some of those puddle jumper trips were pretty long…



  19. The wraith dart is very cool. It looks like an insect cocoon. Comfy? I’d have to ask the actors.

    @Deni: Cute!

    Happy Easter to all!

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