Yep, it was quite a night!  We rang in the New Year in typical Mallozzi family fashion: eating an enormous dinner and then fighting to stay awake just long enough to catch the countdown before turning in for the night.

Some of the highlights:

Sis breaks out the mead.  I was the only one who drank it, and only because I was feeling all Games of Throne-ish on account of the goblets.
The family gathers – and waits impatiently for me to snap a pic.
Mom’s eggplant parmesan.
Mom’s baked musssels.
Mom’s biscotti.
Roxy hogs the couch.
Mom’s dogs.  And sis.

We toasted the New Year, I knocked over an open champagne bottle (actually, Asti Spumanti) which is apparently considered good luck by some and, soon after, I was in bed.

I made the most of the first day of 2013 by lounging about, perusing the internet, and grazing on leftovers.  I also partook in a Greek New Year’s tradition compliments of my sister’s friend, Daisy, who brought over…

Vasilopita, a (slightly) sweet egg bread.  Baked inside is a lucky coin.
The sign of the cross is made on the underside.
After which the bread is sliced, each slice representing a member of the family, the house, the poor, and the New Year.
My slice was, sadly, devoid of lucky coins. 🙁

As is custom in our household, the festivities continued through lunch as the family gathered to continue our hard partying ways…

Mom, resting her eyes.

So, do tell.  What are some of the traditions you follow to ring in the New Year?  Was your New Year’s Eve as exciting as mine?  Really?  I find that hard to believe.

Best in 2013 to all you regulars, semi-regulars, sometimes blog readers, and first-timers!

[Oopsy.  Forgot to mention that I’ll be joining Barbara Barnett on her Blog Talk Radio show tomorrow (Wednesday, January 2nd) night for the second part of our Stargate: Universe discussion.  Again, I will be taking calls on the Stargate franchise so if you have one, phone in. And tune in at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 p.m. Central, and 6:00 p.m. Pacific: (718) 305-6982.  Let’s Talk Stargate Universe Season 2 w/Joe Mallozzi ].

51 thoughts on “January 1, 2013: Ringing in the New Year, “my family” style!

  1. All the best in 2013 to you, Akemi and all the followers of your blog! Kai Tou Hronou

  2. With two little toddlers going to bed well before midnight, we just stayed at home and watched a little TV. We re-watched the Doctor Who special “The End of Time” (it seemed appropriate) and for the first time saw a ball drop in NYC without Dick Clark.

  3. As a child in New Jersey, it was the big thing to watch Dick Clark’s Times Square Event, at midnight go out and bang on pots and pans. We would have another Thanksgiving/Christmas like meal on New Year’s Day (usually a ham), and I would inevitably (as did we all) get grounded to our rooms. Jeff and I usually head to the mall when they first open on New Year’s Day when there are a lot of 75-90% mark-offs, when no one is there yet. Patrick decided he did not want to sleep last night. I don’t know if it was all the fireworks being set off or exactly what. He didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 a.m.. Then apparently he was up from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. according to my husband, during which time I intermittently slept, occasionally waking up to Patrick throwing things on me to get my attention. It wasn’t that he was just awake–he was in full-blown meltdown mode. I hope another seizure is not forthcoming. Sometimes he gets like this before a big one. I woke up at 6:30 to go take care of a client’s fur-kid, and then back home by 7:30 and back to sleep by 8:30. Patrick apparently woke up at 10 a.m. and I have been so exhausted by the last few days that I slept until 1 p.m. So much for the mall. Probably crowded by then. I had to go back over to the client’s at 2 and I’m about headed back there now for the evening routine. I did kiss my husband at midnight (we were watching season 3 marathon of 24 on DirecTV. But as long as we’ve known each other, we’ve never done a big meal on New Year’s Day. I’m allergic to alcohol so no drinks. I think I had a cup of hot cocoa, but I do that every night, even in the 100-degree heat in the summer.

    So Game of Thrones, huh? Here’s a fun idea — if you watch Game of Thrones, which character do you think you are? I’m a bit worried that my husband has an affection for King Joffrey. (LOL). I bet there is a quiz on line about it. I think I’ll take it. What character do you think you fit, Joe?

  4. BTW, that Greek tradition is just beautiful, rich in symbolism, rich in prayers for those less fortunate. I love it.

  5. Exciting, well….we did go to the church we’ve been attending and got to hear a youth band perform. That was pretty cool! As far as the actual countdown, hubby and I were in bed before midnight while our teen boys rang it in. It’s been raining here all day today. We did our annual New Year’s tradition of taking down the decorations and cleaning, all in preparation for hubby’s birthday in five days. Back in our regular routines tomorrow which include starting the countdown to baseball season. Forty-one days until pitchers and catchers report and forty-five days until the boys start practicing with their teams. And then for three months, I will be living at the ball park. I can’t wait!!!

    Have a great night!!

  6. My New Year’s Eve was definitely more exciting than yours. Brownies, bubbly, in bed by 11:30, hoping to get some sleep (not). Then the fireworks started and the dogs went nuts. The end.

    My poor kid’s in the hospital and still nothing’s happening. Her doctor was in a while ago and said we’d come up with a plan later tonight, so we’ll see. I’m past nervous, but faking it pretty well! My son’s here and has been a huge help (Mr. Deni decided to go in to work seeing how nothing’s going on), so I’m good. Everybody else on the floor that came in for an induction this morning already delivered their babies, so Lauren’s getting a bit frustrated now. I’m home taking care of dogs and cats now, will head back out to the hospital in an hour or so. xoxo

  7. Okay, I found one, apparently on a more reliable web site:

    Apparently I’m Ned Stark. I guess I need to watch who wants to behead me, huh? It says, “You are an honorable person who values tradition. (Tradition? I don’t have traditions). While you come across as cold, you are actually kind and forgiving (except for about 5 people who have been in my life). You believe in second chances (yes, but forget the third or fourth chance–I’m not a glutton for punishment or have time to waste on people who are complete assholes and/or take advantage of others–no second chances at all for those people). However, your compassion is also your biggest weakness (yeppers, but return to comment about # of chances I’m willing to give people).

  8. Mine was even more exciting. We flew home from Europe last night, got home at about 7:30, kicked out my friend/house sitter, cuddled the cat and were in bed and fast asleep by 9. But the new year came anyways.

    How many kisses do you have to endure from the mature ladies in your family? My Italian half of the family insists on kissing me and my boyfriend with their slight stubbly faces about 327 times a visit.

  9. Glad to know you like mead! I make it myself as we’ll. my husband and I stay at home and take it easy. A glass of bubbly at midnight and maybe play tomb raider, that’s about it.

  10. We watched Once Upon a Time on the couch and eventually heard what we assumed were firecrackers.

    This afternoon, despite the half-Greekness and South Dayton location of my husband’s family, we did more of the Old North Dayton traditions (sans firearms). It involves cabbage rolls from a certain deli, mashed potatoes, some kind of bread, and much sighing from the matriarch over participants’ dietary restrictions.

    In my family of origin, New Year’s traditions involve wondering if we’ll feel like staying up and resolving to try hard to use the correct year when writing the date.

  11. Love your interviews, Joe. However, January 2nd is Wednesday. Just an FYI.

    I got to sleep in until 2 PM today. I love having grown up kids. They can actually take care of themselves now. YAY! The cats, on the other hand, see me as the waiter who feeds them at specific times and I’d better not forget it. Why did I trade one open mouth for another? I need my head looked at.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone else here. Good luck with your son, PB MOM. I’ve been there with mine, so you have my sympathy. It will get better in time.


  12. New Year’s Eve was not exactly exciting around here. I pondered going into the city to watch the midnight fireworks, but – too cold. So, I got some take out (KFC mini-tenders. Let the good times roll!) and then rewatched my DVD of Stargate: Continuum. It still being only 10:30 pm, I then just watched the festivities from Halifax on CTV until midnight, then went to bed. Exciting!

    Anyway, I was just thinking today how New Year’s Day used to be such a big deal when I was a kid. It was really almost like Christmas Day over again (minus the presents), but it usually involved taking the tree down but then having yet another huge dinner. I think back to my poor mom and how much work she had to do over Christmas. Two huge meals in one week along with all the other Christmas stuff. Anyway, today I did take my tree down but because we have a huge amount of snow and the weather was pretty good, I went snowshoeing in Rockwood Park here in Saint John. Rockwood is actually one of the largest municipal parks in Canada (890 hectares).

    Then I came home, had a turkey sandwich, went to visit my step-mom and then did some laundry.

    I’m exhausted from the excitement.

  13. Double ooops. Thanks for the catch, Patricia.

    Gforce – I’m more of a hot wings guy myself.

  14. @Joe:

    It’s good to spend the holidays with family (as we did here).

    On New Year’s:

    Pretty boring New Year’s traditions here…taking down Christmas decorations and lights, eating leftovers, and watching a bowl game (Georgia vs Northwestern…go Dawgs!). No big celebrations or meals…just a calm day before I head of to a short work week and then Vegas on Sunday for the Consumer Electronics Show.

  15. Happy New Year, Joe!

    For New Year’s I was in bed and asleep by 10pm. The meal for the day in PA Dutch country has to be pork and sauerkraut. Our local volunteer fire company always serves it for a fundraiser so it’s gotten to be a tradition to be there by 10:30 to avoid the crowds.

  16. Hope everyone had a safe and happy one. We went to our favorite restaurant/bar, and ate well, steak and lobster, they hand out noisemakers, hats, and flashing glasses(for your eyes), stylish,,haha. But truthfully we were home by 7. We listened to all the neighbors fireworks, not a bad display. And today, tradition has us eating pork chops and sauerkraut and tomato juice, brown the chops first, them put kraut and juice on , and bake in oven til falls off the bone. Supposed to be good luck, and we can always use more of that.
    Thanks for sharing the family photos.

  17. I had an exciting New Year’s Eve watching Firefly with my daughter. We were so engrossed in it that we almost forgot to switch back to the TV for the midnight countdown so we could toast the New Year with our Japanese Mito no Kairakuen Plum Liqueur. We don’t have any specific traditions, but II once heard that you should spend New Year’s Day doing things you would like to do for the rest of the year. So I baked! A new recipe; Maple Glazed Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies. Mmmmm. Gut mit bier!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    @Deni – I hope the grandbaby arrives soon. I was induced in the morning for my second baby (my now 19 year old daughter) and she was finally born at 11 p.m. She was born in December (a week late) and we swore that she just didn’t want to come out because it was too darn cold! Best of luck to you and your daughter!

  18. New Year’s eve I watched a Macgyver marathon. RDA is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, soooooooooooo handsome! I was in love back when it aired originally and I still am. Macgyver never gets old, but it sure is dated with the hair and clothes style back then. I was wondering if he was glad to move on to SG-1 and leave the Macgyver character behind…

    I’m also in love with your Mom’s dog Felix. He’s so cute!

  19. I’m with Michael Burnstein. Watched the Doctor, and stayed online long enough to wish my Winnipeg friend a Happy New years. nothing as exciting as the Mallozzi traditions. Truth be told, never developed any traditions of my own anyways. But now that the new year is here, time to start prepping for the April 1 10K walk/run. Then I’ll look to decide on doing a half marathon later in the year. The date of the 10K was my father’ birthday, so figure it would be a good memorial. Do hope the New Year goes well for everyone.

  20. Gotta have corned beef and cabbage (well, today it was sauerkraut. Close enough). Never got around to eating black-eyed peas, though

  21. Happy New Year Joe! 😀 Hope 2013 is good to you! Here’s to many blessings for you, Akemi, your mom and family….and the doggies of course. 😉

    Joe! I don’t know how you do it. I couldn’t eat like that. Too much food. I would hafta run around the block 20 times. :p

    My New Year’s Eve was at home in my PJs watching the ball drop. Then I went to bed. 🙂 Happy 2013!!! 😀

  22. My 5 yo said, “the old Spiderman is the most awful thing I’ve ever seen. I like Spiderman and His Amazing Friends.” She may have been quoting me, but I know the sentiment is sincere.

    Can I talk you out of watching it? Whatever you’ve done, you can forgive yourself. I can’t help but notice…
    …Resolution #1: Punish self
    …Resolution #5: Deal with what’s in the crawlspace

  23. A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

    I’ve been busy dashing off to friends giving out Christmas gifts. Then celebrating with my poor neighbors. I’ve known them for decades, and they are like family to me. One suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and I’m so worried that this may have been our last Christmas and New Year’s together. I’m hoping this year that they’ll find a good neurologist that can guide them to an answer and help.

    Back to work tomorrow. I’m just not ready to start the grind all over again. But on the other hand, I’m really happy to have a job. And to get away from my refrigerator. I’ve been packing on the pounds these past couple of weeks.

    And I’m so sorry to hear about Aspen. My thoughts are with Sis for the loss of her sweet boy.

  24. @Sparrow: Well, she’s finally in labor, so hoping the baby will be born before my doctor leaves in the morning. The doctor taking over tomorrow is not Lauren’s favorite (or mine)! Pitocin, from what I can see, is like being thrown under a truck! Thanks so much for your kind words! xo

  25. We’re boring… had spumante (our usual) and watched the ball drop. Sad not to have Dick Clark. 🙁 Bed before 2 am. Today we had our usual seafood (king crab with garlic butter), and blackeyed peas cause I need all the good luck I can get. Yeah, life in the fast lane.

  26. Loved the cat pictures and I can so relate.

    Very boring NYE. I fell asleep watching Leverage and missed the New Year excitement. However, I did get to eat pizza and red velvet cake/pie for dinner and dessert so it was not a total loss. 😀

  27. Happy New Year Joe! I hope it brings health and happiness to you and yours, and everything you wish for yourself!

    Every Hogmannay we go out for something to eat in our favourite restaurant, then afterwards come home and watch the telly until after the bells. On New Years Day we have a tradition that a dark-haired man should be the first foot over the door as soon into the New Year as poss. If you don’t, its considered unlucky. Funny enough, its called First Footing. So hubby went to ‘do’ mum’s, then came back to do ours. So bear that in mind when you go back to your own house!

    BTW, your family look lovely, and its clear you take your love of cooking from you mum. Her food looks delicious!

  28. A little late, but…Happy New Year Joe, Akemi and doggies!

    No traditions here. I had to get up at 5 a.m. for work, so I watched some of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (sadly without Dick Clark on it) and went to bed at 10 p.m. I would have watched Doctor Who if I had thought of it. Oh well, saw part of End of Time in the morning while getting ready for work. Woo hoo! Exciting stuff. *g*

  29. Not many traditions, other than watching Nebraska Cornhuskers get clobbered in their bowl game. This year, thanks for the memories, Georgia! We also discovered nits in the littlest one’s hair. Hopefully that one will not become an annual tradition.

  30. Sword Art Online is a fantastic anime series Joe. Basically about a Virtual Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying game in the year 2012. Main character who played the game as a Beta tester returns to the retail edition as only 10,000 were made available. Starts off like any typical fantasy series, he meets people, and helps someone. About 10 minutes into the first episode the guy who he was chatting too who he helped prior tries to log off but can’t, they discuss this. Not long after they’re force warped to another area and are told by the games creator that they will not be able to log out, and if anyone attempts to remove their headset in the real world, their brains will be fried by microwave radiation from the headset.

    Basically the players in the game can’t leave, and if they die in the game they die in the real world, and of course if someone removes their headset they die too. The guy who made the game broadcasted his threat worldwide(Well in the anime), and not long after tells the people that 226 odd people have died so far.

    Creator gives them an item, a mirror which transforms their character to how they look in the real world(Their headset scanned their physical apperance or something dunno)..

    I thought the story for this series was really well done from what I can see anyway, as the part I mentioned above occurs in the first episode alone, regardless there’s quite a tragic tone to this series when people start dying, knowing that they will die in the real world too.

    Pretty much the entire series takes place over several years of them being trapped inside. I know my explanation is probably a bit poor but I found the concept quite unique, there’s quite a bit of drama and emotion in this series, especially the whole relationship stuff and death.

    Certainly if you love fantasy type stuff and want something that isn’t childish to watch, this is well worth checking out.

  31. Oh and this is the opening to the anime Joe. Sword Art Online has fantastic reviews from people and is very highly rated, the show has quite a lot of fans and it rates really well worldwide.

    Couldn’t find anywhere with the opening subbed in English but this is good enough lol

  32. I’m finally a grandma! Michael Blake was born at 5:58! He’s gorgeous, 7 lb 15 oz, 21 inches long and he’s alert and hungry! Thanks everyone for all your kind words; this is simply the best thing ever!

  33. Spent the day taking down the Christmas decor with hubby, then we watched Enchanted (I swear, I’m married to a chick flick guy) while a single glass of sparkling wine upset my tummy… sure enough I have a nasty cold.

    I have a pair of those stainless steel goblets, they are our Burning Man drinking cups. Lots of bars and booze sharing in the desert, but you have to being your own cup.

  34. Happy New Year!! Peace and Good Health in 2013!!

    Christmas Day/Boxing Day were sublime. Managed to spend time reading “The Snow Child”. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thoroughly great read.

    New Year’s Eve:

    Ended up having to change our plans due to toilet troubles! No, it wasn’t due to a dodgy stomach … more like a pain-in-the-ass, constantly blocking decrepit loo, which we normally deal with ourselves, except it chose New Year’s Eve to finally stop behaving. Didn’t want to risk flooding, so we stayed home, waited what felt like hours for a plumber ( bless his heart for working during the holidays) to deal with the initial blockage before failing to resolve source of problem – work needs to be done on the S-Bend. Lovely! I know what we’ll be having done in the next few days! It’s probably for the best since keeping fingers crossed and whistling a happy tune hoping a few pieces of … well, let’s go with toilet roll, will flush into the great yonder, is becoming tiresome every time anyone visits the bathroom. Shouldn’t I be using a bucket and spade at the seaside? 🙂

    It did get better …

    London Eye/Big Ben Fireworks and Music were spectacular this year! Most impressive. Cacophony of light and sound both outside and on TV.

    I’m usually too knackered to stay up late these days … broke the mould this New Year’s Eve. Stayed up ’til almost 5am and slept in the next day!

    Watched Supernatural episodes, having viewed series 1 to 5 but only owning series 4 and 5, we finally added the first three DVD’s to our collection. Re-watching from the start and managing to scare myself with shadowy reflections whilst avoiding looking in the mirror repeating Bloody Mary.

    @Deni: I hope the birth will eventually prove speedy!!! I went a week overdue back in 1993. Hot, hot summer with induced labour to look forward to … I didn’t mind, I just wanted air conditioning, a baby in my arms and a good night’s sleep! At least I got the air conditioning! I wish Lauren the very best and make sure you get plenty of rest 🙂

    Here’s hoping 2013 won’t be an ‘Omni-Shambles.’

  35. OY! Just realised how my last paragraph sounded! I didn’t JUST get the air conditioning – I also got the baby! 🙂 My wonderful 19year old son who makes me proud every single day!

  36. Deni: Congratulations!

    PBmom: I hope Patrick is ok today.

    Mr. M.: Your mom’s food looks so good. I could easily eat her leftovers for a week or two. However, does she know you posted that picture of her asleep? Is she the kind of mom that would smack you upside your head?

    Nothing special for our New Year’s Eve. The boys played X-box (Borderlands, I think) and later, hubby and I snuggled in bed and watched TV. It was nice and quiet.

  37. I went to a game night, and taught somebody how to play euchre. Fireworks were exploding outside as we left. Pretty cool. On New Year’s Day, made a quick stop at JoAnn’s, saw Parental Guidance with a friend, and then went out to Claddagh for dinner. Yum! The best part was the bread pudding. Oh, and had some of Mom’s corned beef and cabbage. Also de-rish!

    My resolutions are kinda like everyone else’s: stay the course and keep working on the same goals. Progress is good. You only fail when you quit.

    Hey, JeffW… The Indianapolis Colts will be in the Baltimore Ravens’ backyard this Sunday in the first round of the play-offs. Good luck to both our teams! It was so good to see the Colts win their last regular season game with coach Pagano back on the field. Both the standing ovation the stadium gave him and the video of him dancing with the players in the locker room were priceless.

  38. Since my work usually involves working on holiday, one day is almost like the next. I did fly back home and spent the evening at my favorite Irish Pub and watched the crystal ball drop.

    Mead? Wish I could have joined you. I have not bought commercially made mead. So I am not sure if I would enjoy it. I make it myself. I have over 2 gal. of wild raspberries I plan add to make a sparkling mead. My father used to harvest honey and I have all that to use. The way honey ferments out it should be ready by next Fall. So, who got the lucky coin, and what did (do)they get?
    Your Mom’s dog seems to be the camera hog. But his is a cute fella.

    In the interview last week you mentioned Firefly. It was an interesting show. Did it have any influence on you in your work on SG? I was watching the out takes on the dvd. Boy, Jewel had a “rich” vocabulary. Was she like that on SGA set as well? She must have been fun to work with as her characters do not portray that “other” side. Hope to hear part 2 tonight.
    Happy new year to you and Yours.

  39. G’day Joe

    Saw the early fireworks from home, but it was way to cold outside for me. So I went to bed around 10pm. Did enjoy a beer with hubby before bedtime. 2013 was there when I woke up in the morning. Yep I am a big party girl. NOT…

    @Deni – Hope something happens soon. Hugs and prayers to Lauren.

  40. I love looking at the food pictures on your blog. As much as I want to, I won’t be able to make a call to shoot you a question about the Stargate franchise.

    I have two questions now:
    1. Will there ever be an official soundtrack release for stargate (Sg1, sga, SGU)?
    2. Will you ever write a comic series for Stargate?

  41. We don’t do that much. My mother makes a punch with orange sherbert, vanilla ice-cream,and ginger ale. We cook a little cabbage and each of us toss in a quarter while it cooks. Then, we all atleast take a bite. It’s suppose to bring good luck. …….never does for me. ha! I love that sweet egg bread idea. That is very interesting. I love the whole idea of it. Best Wishes for You and Yours this New Year Joe.

  42. For the first day of the New Year my family rocks dinner Southern-style. We have fried chicken, black-eyed peas, cornbread, mashed potatoes and gravy, sauteed spinach with diced bacon and minced garlic (in lieu of collard greens), and we finish off the meal with red velvet cake for dessert. And we only thought the holiday weight gain ended with New Year’s Eve.

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