Whenever I pay a return visit to my hometown of Montreal, I always find time to catch up with old friends.  Last week, it was my former co-worker Anne-Marie and the former host of our weekly Hong Kong Movie Nite, Supa-Nige.  This week, I managed to connect with a few more familiar faces in advance of tomorrow’s departure.

Battling over the leftovers.
Battling over the leftovers.

My oldest friend (and I mean “oldest” in terms of length of our friendship as well as the fact that he possesses the sense of humor of somebody’s grandfather), Lawrence, joined us for sushi the other night. Aka “Buddy” also brought along his lovely wife, Mel (aka Budette). They’re back in Montreal after spending three years in London. Surprisingly, they returned with no trace of an accent, or affinity for bowlers and umbrellas, but have admitted to lingering Coronation Street habit.

Just the sake, please.
Just the sake, please.

Another old high school friend, Nigel, put it an appearance with his wife – but only long enough to have a little sake before moving on to the next party.  They made the trip from Columbus, Ohio, home of James Thurber and purportedly not-so-good sushi restaurants.

Today, we braved the cold to visit another old friend Montreal’s greatest comic book store: 1 000 000 Comix!

Akemi enjoys the crisp Montreal air.
Akemi enjoys the crisp Montreal air.
I'll do an Uncanny X-Force.  And make it a double.
I’ll do an Uncanny X-Force. And make it a double.

Alex and I also go way back.  He’s largely responsible for a crawlspace packed with comics, toys, and supervillain statues.  The sole proprietor of my favorite comic store in Montreal, he is also a lead organizer of the Montreal and Ottawa Comic Cons.

Dealer's choice.
Dealer’s choice.

Rob, a 1 000 000 Comix mainstay, is a voracious reader.  “What do you read?”I asked him.  “Everything,”was his response.  Well, I figured he was the expert so I picked up a few titles on his recommendation: the trippy looking Mind the Gap, Revival (which he described as The Waking Dead), and Driver for the Dead which looks a lot like The Transporter (The film series of course.  What else would I be talking about?) with a supernatural twist.

Akemi, regretting those rain boots.
Akemi, regretting those rain boots.

And then we were off, braving the elements once again to head down to the Eaton Center where we met up with another former co-worker and freelance writer, Gerard.

aka Gerry
aka Gerry

We had a lot of catching up to do but, unfortunately, not all that much time to do it in.  Gerry and I have a lot in common, particularly with regard to our personal lives over the past – oh, four years or so – and it was nice to get another perspective on things.  He’s artistic, soft-spoken, thoughtful – and terribly out of place in Montreal.  The guy belongs in Vancouver.

Well, that’s it for Montreal.  One final dinner at home with mom, sis, and Akemi tonight, an early breakfast tomorrow and then we’re off – back to the dogs, the rain, and those two very important scripts…

What are you up to tonight?  Have plans?  Well, break ’em.  And tune into Blog Talk Radio for the second part of my Stargate: Universe discussion with Barbara Barnettt.  I’ll be answering questions on SGU and Stargate in general so, if you’d like to chat, tune in (9:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 p.m. Central, and 6:00 p.m. Pacific) and call: (718) 305-6982.  Let’s Talk Stargate Universe Season 2 w/Joe Mallozzi ].

34 thoughts on “January 2, 2013: Catching up! Blog Talk Radio interview – Part II!

  1. I might just call, Joe, so be prepared to answer where y’all got the name for the “Ursini” aliens in SGU.

  2. That fight over left overs looks pretty friendly. “I insist. You MUST take it”.

    It sounds like you’re having a great time. I’m glad things are going well. Say hi to everyone and if your mom wants to post any recipes….I wouldn’t complain. You owe her for that picture yesterday 😉 .

    Das: You out there? Starting to get worried about you.

    Not feeling great this evening. My plans are with an electric blanket on high and two or three cats blocking any leg movements. Maybe a book or a good TV show to accessorize. Hubby’s on his own. Probably Xbox with the son. Schools back in tomorrow and son is mopey.

    Have a good/safe flight back. I hope Montreal has a good airport.

  3. It’s great that you’re catching up with some old friends! Good, long time friends are a treasure beyond any value.

    It looks as cold there as it is here today. -31C with the wind chill, -20C without. I guess it’s Winter! Re: those boots, poor Akemi – that would SO cold. Akemi, you’ll need better boots than that up North!!

    These look nice – http://www.mec.ca/AST/ShopMEC/Footwear/WinterBoots/PRD~5022-757/merrell-thermo-arc-8-wtpf-winter-boots-womens.jsp

    Or these! http://www.mec.ca/AST/ShopMEC/Footwear/WinterBoots/PRD~5016-987/baffin-chloe-winter-boots-womens.jsp

    Anyway, of course I’ll be tuning in tonight!

  4. @baterista9
    The Ursini are by far my favorite non-human race in the Stargate Franchise. Maybe its because they don’t look human and we know relativly litte about their society and yet they play such a major role in season two. You only see Ursini ships in two episodes and you see the Ursini themselves in two episodes. But, the Ursini on the seed ship who were presumably the last of their kind go down fighting to give the Destiny a chance in an act of self-sacrifice. A noble act indeed.

  5. Hello? Hello? — That was pretty funny during the first radio broadcast… 🙂

    Hopefully you will go into detail about the planet were they got food and part of the crew ended up dying in the shuttle…

  6. @ Grandma Deni – well congratulations finally! Good things come to those that wait… Michael looks so sweet and precious. I’m sure he will have no trouble getting someone to hold him all the time.

  7. Joe did you call Barbara Barnettt and tell her you can’t make the interview . . . since you’re busy “…sitting here watching Murder She Wrote with mom.” 🙂

  8. Rats. I didn’t get home from work in time to call. Shall I start watching American Horror Story: Asylum off the dvr or watch Food Network until Supernatural comes on? Decisions, decisions.

  9. Part 2 was great! You two were just getting warmed up, so YES! to doing it again after she has watched one of the other Stargate shows, preferably SGA. She would fall in love with that one!

  10. Thank You very much Joe 4 You’re acceptable 4 fans and give just incredible interviews, especially online on LIVE mode 4 different podcasts now and again!
    You’re rock!
    Admiring of You russian Stargate fans.

  11. Hey Joes mom, I love Murder She Wrote!!, great choice. Those rain boots of Akemis will be good back home in Van. I listened to the radio show, maybe it was just my audio that was messed up, kept cutting out and loud at some points, but a great job Joe.!! Safe journey Joe and Akemi., get the dog’s presents ready.
    ~~Congratulations to grandma Deni!!
    ~(and p.s. joe is a time traveler)

  12. @Joe:

    I’ve enjoyed the last two BTR shows; good interviews. I hope Barbara takes you up on your offer to watch SG-1 and Atlantis and then follow up with more interviews…that would be a fun set of shows.

    @For the love of Beckett:

    The Indianapolis Colts will be in the Baltimore Ravens’ backyard this Sunday in the first round of the play-offs. Good luck to both our teams!

    Yes, it promises to be a good game; and I’m wishing good luck to both teams. Unfortunately, I’ll be missing at least the first half of the game since I’m flying to Vegas for a conference on Sunday. I’m hoping to catch the second half at the hotel when I get in.

    And then there’s the Redskins-Seahawks game at 4:30pm EST. Hopefully my demo setup will go smoothly and I can catch most of that game as well.

  13. @Deni:

    Congratulations on being a grandmom! My oldest is taking her time (she wants to earn her doctorate first so it may be awhile).

    @gforce and Ponytail:

    Yep that was me. I’m still looking for the entry Joe referenced in August 2011 (or was it 2010?)…Joe’s got a lot of info here (2200+?) 😉

  14. I just spent a few days with family in Boise, Idaho. It was a bit below freezing the whole time, and I never felt warm enough, even indoors. I was beyond happy to get back to my bay area, and I can’t imagine being in Montreal right now! Poor Akemi! It wears on your soul after a while. I think she deserves a nice long Honolulu weekend asap!

  15. Columbus is the land of consistently passable restaurants. The acceptable kind of passable, not the keep driving kind, unless you’re making good time, then keep driving because the next will be passable, too. Unless it’s Flying Pizza which is unpassable, the don’t keep walking past kind.

    @Deni- congrats on the grandson!

  16. Wow I totally missed your blog radio thing Joe LOL

    Did suggest a totally awesome anime series that you should watch though so all is forgiven. Sword Art Online is just so ridiculously popular at the moment, it adapts the first 4 light novels, with the remaining 7 still left in the air, as they’re 2 new story arcs which appear to be much longer.

    The psychological aspect of death in the series is actually quite well done, as the characters are literally playing a game of death. Totally a fantasy story done right Joe.

  17. @Deni: Congratulations to you and the family! Michael Blake is adorable. He doesn’t look a bit like Winston Churchill!

    I hope Joe’s interviews are available as podcasts. I’ll have to catch them that way.

  18. G’day Joe

    @ Deni – Congratulations on Michael Blake. Very cute. Life will never be the same again.

  19. Does 1000,000 comix have a website??? I saw something i would like to try and purchase

  20. Happy New Year to Joe and my other blog followers! 🙂 I’m in a new state with a new business! Hope everyone else is doing just as well.

    @ Joe: Safe travels!

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